Tour of My Home Decor Store!

Tour of My Home Decor Store!

Hello, my name is Jennifer Davenport and
today’s video is going to be about JD’s, my store. I thought I would give you a tour
so let’s start walking through I want to show you some areas. At JD’s we try to
create different vignettes so that people when they come in can figure out
oh okay that’s how I would arrange that in my home and make it kind of easy for
them to kind of visualize different pieces in their room. Another thing I
like to do throughout the store is I like to put little designer tips in
these metal frames throughout the store to help everybody this one right here is
my number one design tip to de-clutter and organize your home you will fall in love
with a well-kept home. So, expanding JD’s allowed us to now carry custom
upholstery and bedding which this section over here is my favorite.
Check out the chandelier above the bed. I mean, that is just so romantic and here I
have another design tip that states “fluffy pillows are happy pillows”. So this
section over here is our custom design area it can be really overwhelming for
people to try to pull everything together so we try to help them pull
different fabrics for draperies, rugs, custom upholstery. It all layers on top
of every decision so we don’t want people to feel overwhelmed so we bring
them back here and we help get them totally situated. Now over here is my
office, we have another video where we showed all about my office, I’ll link
that below. Here we have a dining area. There’s a difference between
designing for clients and merchandising a retail store. It’s a little bit
different, you’ll notice these chairs don’t match but what we’re doing is
we’re showing customers different choices of different dining chairs that
can go with this table. This is a floral. I make all the florals for
JD’s, it’s kind of one of my favorite things to do and then the lighting I
know, oh, I just love cool lighting! It can be a
statement piece so all the lighting I choose in the store I try to make really
really unique. Over here we have kind of a desk area with another design tip
about hanging window treatments several inches above a window. We also did a
video about hanging drapery treatments and I’ll link that one below, as well. So
come on in here, this area I found an old mantel at the flea market and painted it
black. It’s wonderful at Christmastime because we just light this mantel
up, it’s the first thing you see when you come to the store. Another light fixture
that’s one of my favorites. Here’s another table setting set with some of my very
favorite dishes. They are oven safe, microwave, dishwasher,
and chip resistant so that falls into my line of check the box. Another important
thing is mirrors in any design and I like to choose mirrors that have
character if you look at these three mirrors they kind of have an antique
mirror in them and they’re arched at the top. I hung the middle one just a little
bit higher creating a beautiful vignette above this brown sideboard. So greenery
is a huge aspect of any design it can soften any room and I’m really picky
about the greenery. I like it to look real but this area we have for clients
to come in and just pick their own greenery and maybe make
their own arrangement. So here we have another table, this was a very light
table, it’s got kind of a beachy look to it and then again, another floral I
have made for that buffet. This next area is a really cool sitting area with a
leather couch, two comfortable chairs, and a round coffee table. Again, I’ve got
another design tip about paint. Paints difficult. One of the things I tell
people is when you’re choosing your paint, hold that color up against white
and you can see how dark that colors going to look. Now another important
aspect, smell. Get your house to smell great, we have candles, we have wax melts, we have laundry soap, bath bombs, air fresheners, anything to make your house
smell right. So this over here is where the girls check everybody out and we
have a lot of fun up here on this cash wrap. I’m going to show you a video later
how my husband and I created the look. This is wood that I distressed and this
top I mimicked granite except for hardly any moola at all.
JD’s opened in March of 2016, we’re a family-owned business. Bittersweet during
that time my father felt ill in just a few weeks after we opened the store he
passed away. He did get to come to the grand opening. One of my first days,
excuse me, in the store alone God sent me a little funny because while I was up
here I was lighting candles I sort of kind of set myself on fire and as I was
admitting this to my family, my husband realized the security cameras would
catch it so the whole family got to watch as I set myself on fire. Luckily
nobody was in the store at the time, but I got humbled and I got a great laugh at
the same time. I hope you enjoyed watching this video about the store
we’re going to have a lot more videos out later. I appreciate you for watching be
sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell at the bottom because that
will tell you when we have a new video out. Until next week, thank you!

96 thoughts on “Tour of My Home Decor Store!

  1. Great video Jennifer! Thank you for the tour…your store is fantastic and definitely sold us on wanting to have you do the design work for our new model home! We are so excited for that project to officially kick off! 🙂

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  10. Jennifer I just love watching your videos.. you are so sweet and kind! i can imagine sitting down with you having coffee or tea and sharing favorite stories about family and faith. God Bless and have a Happy Morthers Day! I dont know if Ill ever get to come to your store but if not I sure enjoyed your tour!! Its Beautiful, just like you! 🙂 Dawn W. 🙂

  11. c
    evening Jennifer what a beautiful store absolutely gorgeous and I'm sorry to hear about your passing of your dad God bless you and your family. I wish I can go to your store and purchase some items, in the future are you going to have a website where we can purchase some items, I saw so many gorgeous things I would love to purchase. Thank you and happy Mother's Day.

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