Tour This Lovely 2BHK Mumbai Flat Interior Design By Livspace!

(My) name is Amit Babulal Sanghvi. We are actually from Rajasthan. We actually settled here I think around, about
20 years back. We shifted here to Mumbai, maybe 12-13 years
before on this apartment — housing society. We basically had two flats over here — 2BHK
and 2 BHK — and around about Feb or Mar we started to thinking about this. We had consulted a lot of architects but then
we got in touch with Livspace and the idea which was given to us we just thought it was
nice enough. And the time frame was quite good because they
were able to complete the job within 4 months time. Like if you went to some other architects
they might been taken more than 6-8 months time. We had to stay and do the job. We were staying in the part of the house and
50% part of the house was under renovation. I got to know about Livspace through internet. Then I made a request on that and the designer
was assigned to us and we had a discussion on that. We wanted something new, something sober. We had sufficient space to play with. So, we had a concept but not a clear concept. The idea was given by the designer itself. When we met Vidhi the first time, on the first
instance only we cleared out the things and gave the order. The next day only we started on the work. Vidhi is quite friendly, very efficient on
time. Like whatever she commits she can do that. She was like able to justify us what to buy
what not . What to do and what not like certain times where many changes were done. She was always there to tell like whether
it will work or it won’t work. How is it going to look once it’s done. I think she is superb. My personal favourite spot is the living room. The entire living room. My favorite piece of the house is the temple. I like the temple. Earlier we had a very very small temple like
you can say a cupboard type. Here we found the space perfectly and that’s
the reason I like it the most. Friends, family everybody as soon as they
enter the home they are able to see the drastic change. What we’ve made like absolutely, everybody
loves it. The entire Livspace staff besides the designers,
the backhold team, the contractors, like the general, the site manager, of Livspace everything
they’re friendly. They just ready to do the work, alter the
changes, ready to cooperate, they make spot decisions. I believe Livspace is a great team. We love Livspace and everything turned out
to be amazing like beyond our expectations

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