Toys Nostalgia: Repurpose Childhood Toys! Reuse Old Lego Pieces, Plastic Soldiers and More!

Toys Nostalgia: Repurpose Childhood Toys! Reuse Old Lego Pieces, Plastic Soldiers and More!

Madison took quite a while to set up her
dominoes ride. And by the looks of it and by the looks of it, she’s about to break a wall. *chuckle* It’s funny how a small piece like that can damage something so much bigger like a clock on a wall. Although we can’t reverse time, I think we might not even need it in this case. Firstly let’s remove the actual mechanisms out of the broken clock. Search the house for an old unused vinyl. You’ll want to stick 12 domino pieces
according to the number of dots. Insert the mechanisms through the back of the
vinyl and connect the dedicated arrows. Now just set up the clock and hang it
on the wall. Perfect, Madison! You managed to create a
truly vintage clock. *chuckle* Let’s keep those dominoes moving, shall we? We’re in math class and Emma is about to turn in her homework assignment. It all goes as planned until she has mixed up her exercise books for the gazillionth time. This is definitely not a good time to replace those numbers with the periodic tables. On the other hand, Noah has his materials all sorted out. An easy solution is to not have notebooks with the same covers. Grab your exercise book
and separate the front and back covers. Spray some hot glue and place two big base Lego plates on them. Depending on the book you might want to check the sizes first. Now feel free to add ground plate buttons around and personalize
your book with text or symbol. PI sign in this case will go perfectly with math. You might just want to add some glue to keep them intact though. Art class might
need an abstract touch. And a half filled vial will go well with chemistry. No more hassle with these creative Lego exercise books. Jacob is watching his favorite late night show while fidgeting with his Lego toy. As you can see it only took him a minute
to lose the cowboy’s hat which disappeared somewhere deep into the void. Maybe he can just take one of those raspberries as an alternative? There we
go, a red Afro man! *chuckle* I didn’t know you had this red wig
laying around. And what is the story behind the cotton moustache? *chuckle* What is this tip, you may ask? Honestly I’m just as confused as you are. But they do look alike though! *chuckle* Madison just can’t take her eyes away from this dazzling
fidgets spinner. What do you think about it, mrs. Dubey? I guess she’s not into
toys like this during class. Less playing, more studying, honey. Fiiine… Unfortunately the spinner hype keeps haunting her. Especially when looking at
those old and broken oil pastels. For starters, you will need some powdered
cornstarch. Put loads of silicone and mix it all up. It will get messy, so better
have your gloves on. Now you’ve got a white lump. Press the fidgets spinner deep
right into the soft bulk. Remove it carefully out and let the mold dry. Using a utility knife, disassemble the center gear of the spinner and keep it ready for later. Back to the mold, cut the inner fringe parts. You don’t really need those
holes in there. Now insert the gear where it’s supposed to be and get the crayons ready for some action. Choose whatever colors you like and put them inside a
small pot in order to melt them. This liquid will fill the mold. Watch that spinner forming up! Let it cool for a bit and remove it
carefully. There you have it – a functional spinny crayon. Use different color
combinations in order to fill up the whole color palette. Finally Madison can spin the wheel during class without the teacher’s bugging. Buenos Diaz, mrs. Dubie! Most likely those will be the only spanish words in Madison’s dictionary. *chuckle* Well, hello there! It’s that time of the month. Time for some deep housecleaning, Jacob. Who could have known that a fallen book would point out this box filled with nostalgic memories! Wow! These soldier figurines are just too cool. No way! Is that you, Jacob? That’s so cute! Jacob is going down memory lane, Back to when he would have a blast playing with these plastic soldiers. Those were the
good old days. I think we should go full Toy’s Story mode on this hack! Let’s start with a bunch of plastic soldier figurines. You’ll need to grab a frame,
take out the back and hot glue the plastic piece to it. Do it for Crafty Panda! Now go ahead and be generous with the rest of the pieces. Our soldiers need to stick together! Literally. Camouflage them with some
spray paint for some extra shine. Just redo an ancient photo and you’ll have
yourself a ten year challenge right there. Amazing job! You managed to bring those figurines back to life! This playful
frame does make the picture stand out. Oh wow, Emma your room looks like it was hit
by a hurricane! *chuckle* You’ve been postponing cleaning up,
haven’t you? Well you can’t make it any worse, right? Oops! Spoke too soon. Step one,
pick the mess up off the floor. Step two, get distracted by the spacey you looking
hand soap. Step three, come up with an idea to
postpone organizing even longer. This soap does look like space though. You’ll just need a bottle of liquid soap and a pair of tweezers to store your Lego pieces inside. The thick liquid will keep your pieces in place as if they’re floating in the air. The force is strong in this one. Now just screw the lid on and it’s ready! It looks like Emma is done with her
tours and it’s time to clean her dirty hands. This is our chance to try out our
new accessory for the first time. Perfect! Our customized hand soap is just what we
needed to add some color to the sink. Guys, just don’t let the Empire strike
again. I have a feeling here, our friend is munching on something he shouldn’t be munching on. And on the other side, Jess just finished doing her laundry. And the broken handle is preventing her from putting her clothes back in place. Hey, so
what is her dog up to at the moment? Give it back you little rascal! Oh wow,
he really tore up that dinosaur piece. Don’t be mad, Jess. He might have just
given you a great solution to fix your cupboard instead. Good boy!
We’ll be right back. Let’s start by cutting the dinosaur in half using a
utility knife. For now, let’s just focus on one half. Grab a bowl and rolled ball
of baking paper. Go ahead and squish it inside the bowl. We’ll use it to keep the
piece neatly in place. Fill the hole with some hot glue. Be generous and fill it
all the way up to the top. After a minute cooldown, lay down the piece on a sheet
of baking paper. And spray some paint on top. Just shine like a diamond~ Wait for the paint to dry out and go ahead and hook it up as a handle. That’s it! All the cupboard handles have been
redesigned. They look really playful! And even the
hangers look great. From now on you can pretty much handle anything, Jess. *chuckle* Emma is organizing a board game party. And the best way to destroy friendships is to
start with Star Wars themed Monopoly. Somehow the whole box is unorganized and
we’re missing the actual board. This is definitely not a good way to start the
game. BAM! The poster frame just fell off. This is totally not going as planned. Oh hey, look at that! Here’s our Monopoly
board. It looks like we’re back in business. Hmm, they kind of go quite well together, don’t you think? Let’s lay down the frame and remove the old picture. Take out the glass and place
the board game there instead. Put the glass cover back and flip it over. We’ll stick a couple velcro pieces on and set it aside for a minute. Meanwhile we fill
the zipper bags with all the figurines dices and cards. Zip it up and attach it
to the velcro pieces. Next time you feel like playing a game simply detach it from the wall and it’ll be ready to play in seconds. Not only is it fast to play
but it looks tidy as well. This board game party is bangin’, Emma! Jacob is spending some quality time with
his figurines. Aren’t you a bit too old to be playing with dinosaurs? I’m sure there
are more important thing you could be doing. Boys… They never grow up… Hmm… These two items
do go well together visually though. Come on, Emily, I’m sure you can prevent them
from going extinct. All right, let’s grab a precision knife and cut out the back
top of the dinosaur. Don’t worry most of them are just empty shells. Go ahead and
give it a new paint job. Make a paper funnel tube to securely slide some soil
inside. Just give it a little shake. Whoopsies…. Clean-up on aisle five! Now grab the plant pot and take out the tiny piece together with the root. It’s time for the little guy to get a new home. Voila! The dinosaur got a new lively
shell. You’ll just need to water it once in a while. I wonder how Jacob is going to react to this. Oh no, Emily, did use them all?! No worries, Jacob, she saved one just for you. Go ahead, we won’t judge. Amazing, Emily, thanks to you these dinosaurs will live another day. All of them look quite cute and playful. Hey, Crafty Pandas, I hope you enjoy these
recycling hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older
videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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