Trader Joe’s Dumpster Diving At It’s Best !

Trader Joe’s  Dumpster Diving At It’s Best !

it all started with a phone call hello
yeah you’re kidding me the dumpsters full is
the food good and flowers too all right I’m on it you mean you want me
to come now right now okay I’ll be there bye wow what a rush
I can’t wait to show you what I just got done doing Oh from Trader Joe’s dumpster
Trader Joe’s dumpster the food waste is unreal the adrenaline rush is so much
fun I can’t wait I can’t wait to show you what it is
so what’s it really like to dumpster dive what’s it really like
so what’s it really like to dumpster dive what’s it really like to have food
that came from a dumpster well it’s pretty exciting I can see what all of
the fuss is about all of these dumpster videos we’re
getting so much food out of the dumpster it’s an adrenaline rush of your car
stepping up and getting all of the food for free and quickly getting back in
your car again it’s so much fun it’s something that you just don’t know what
it’s like until you experience it for yourself
so step inside my house and I’ll show you what I got today I’ll be the first
one to admit to you my heart is beating rather quickly yet it’s a little bit of
a rush you go in you grab a bunch of food you get out it’s a little bit
something different and so unique but let me tell you I can’t begin to explain
to you what it’s like to get free food Trader Joe’s everything came from Trader
Joe’s and their flowers beautiful flowers breads all kinds of breads
vegetables I’m going to blanch and freeze produce I’m so excited I hope
you’re half excited as I am to see this because it is amazing so let’s get
started with what I got putting everything on the table because
it’s so stuff so we got a plant and we’ve got
two gallons of milk we got all kinds of flowers we’ve got all of these flowers
and look how pretty they are I’m going to dehydrate these and make potpourri I got two big banana boxes full of stuff
for free this stuff doesn’t expire until today so the rules would be great so all
of these breads I got some cranberry and raisin pecan bread
I got a container of fruit that was sealed and I actually tried one of them
and it seems really good it doesn’t expire until tomorrow salads I got a
whole bunch of salads more breads then I got a whole bunch of broccoli some more
flowers some bananas a whole bunch of tomatoes so I’m going to get everything
out of here and then I’ll pay my cam and show you so this is box number one so what I was
doing was just grabbing grabbin drive it and putting everything in my banana box
so let’s go and show you what I got in banana box two box two more bread more
broccoli I’m going to work on it today right away all kinds of fruits and
vegetables in here in the box some cookies more breads some avocados
honestly don’t know how much this would cost me is it was new got some bagels so the breads I can easily put in the
freezer I got some bananas look at the beautiful roses $6.99 people
I got for free that came from a dumpster I’m going to dehydrate them so let me go
ahead put all the vegetables in a bowl and I’ll show you everything I got that
spread out on the table all out of a dumpster here we go everybody
this is free food that came out of a dumpster take a look at this times this
buy every single day look at all the food that is being wasted in the United
States of America absolutely intolerable bananas
tomatoes it’s just everywhere oh the bread this bread doesn’t expire – this
bread is inspired – February the 20th this expires tomorrow this expires
tomorrow look at this broccoli beautiful broccoli not a thing wrong with this
stuff the milk expired today so I’m going to open it up and then I’ll
try to freeze it the vegetables are going to be dehydrated it’s just really hard to imagine there’s
people that dumpster dive you know they go out every day and find free food you
know this is just such a rush to get all of this food this is food that I can use
this is food that was going to be thrown away
this is Trader Joe’s food which is a very highly sought-after
food all of this my friends would have been thrown away unbelievable the point
of all this food if I’m gonna let it go to waste so I’m going to share with you
what I’m gonna do with all this bread so the bread what you want to do is you
always want to have a double wrapped so we are gonna double wrap our bread and
we’re gonna freeze it the two packs of rolls expired today what I’m going to do
is I’m going to make cubes out of these and we’re going to make homemade
croutons so I took another bag and I’m double wrapping all of this bread
because we want to make sure we keep as much moisture in our bread and the
freezer as we can that way when we get it out of the freezer it’s just as fresh
as the day we put it in now some of this bread doesn’t even conspire
till next week so none of this bread is expired some of it expired today but
none of it is old but I want to take care of it right away but we’re not
gonna eat no Jewish bread and I was so blessed to get two of these right now I
have my water boiling because I’m blanching all of that broccoli my
flowers I chose flowers that can dehydrate very
pretty to make potpourri the cranberry raisin pecan bread it’s probably gonna
be my favorite so I’m gonna make one of these out to eat right away we have the
lucky seven grain seeded bread this is artesian bread that doesn’t even
expire until the 20th so we got quite a few days before that’s even expired but
the pressure your bread is when you freeze it
the fresher it’s gonna be when you get it out of the freezer so the water is
boiling now we’re going to go ahead and we’re gonna put our broccoli in it so
we’re gonna blanch this broccoli for three minutes I’m going to cut some of the stems as
well I’m not going to cut the real woody part
I’m just going to cut the more tender part in the cold water and now what we
do is I’m just taking them out and put it in this bag so this will give me two
more meals I’m just so thankful that I was able to find some vegetables and
some fruit as well now the fruit needs to be eaten today they want a melon and
the cantaloupe but I tried the Kiwi I tried some of it it was really good yet so I’m gonna put this in the vise and
then we’re going to cut up the peppers and I’m going to dehydrate the peppers
because they need to get used up as well bread box is full my freezer is full we
have enough of milk to last us at least a week hopefully it lasts longer I may
freeze some of it Oh from thrown away food

100 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Dumpster Diving At It’s Best !

  1. Amazing someone blessed me with their dd finds extras..I scored 20# potatoes…mandarin oranges..berries..froze. chicken. During our cold snap..2wholr chicken and blsl chx breast..woo hoo

  2. I agree so much waste in this Country it's a shame. Glad you were able to harvest some food! Please wear gloves to protect your hands. Also be sure to wash all foods & outter packages with part vinegar & parts water solution (you can find the info on youtube) . Scrub tough skin fruits and vegetables with the solution and a vegetable brush. You don't want to cut into a fruit or vegetable that have not been washed. Remember to use all your senses before eating. Also know the laws on dumpster diving in your state, County, and or city/township. I hope you can find some more good things! HaPpY Hunting!! Can't wait to see what you find next time!

  3. Awesome. These companies right it off as a loss and get paid for it anyway, then they throw it out to make way for another shipment. They do not care that people are starving or dont have the money to buy it. Keep dumpster diving girl. WELL DONE. Love it. It's a win win for everyone.

  4. No where to my knowledge is it illegal to dumpster dive. Look at the channel Freakin Frugal. They address this concern. I think it’s fabulous that you did this because the waste is great. 🦋💜

  5. So many people are doing this, I wonder when the fist fights are going to break out? I can just see someone saying this is my dumpster and then they will just lock it all up. It would be so much better if they had a law to allow this food to go to people who need it. I did see a lot of food going to food banks when I lived in New Hampshire, but the result was there were VERY FEW items on clearance or on reduced price. So the regular customer (seemed) to have less choice for saving money.

  6. I love this. I have also dehydrated water melon and kiwi. They turn out great like little candy treats. Great job. That would probably be well over $100.00 with the flowers and all, at least here in Colorao <3

  7. So happy for you today, and such an excellent choice, lots of shops here in the UK, give food to food banks and That's the way to go. There's too much waste it appears, glad you put it to good use:)

  8. I can't believe how much free food you've gotten lately! You got all that rice, the huge apple haul and now this. Your yearly food bill is so ridiculously low! Way to go Tessie!

  9. It's so very sad that all this food waste can't be given to the poor people throughout the country. Very disturbing. Glad you were able to save some of it. Is it actually a crime to forage some of this food? I don't know that much about it.

  10. You know it is so sad that all that good food gets thrown out. I am glad you got some and are using it! I just love how excited you get over your haul!! Great job Tessie!

  11. Dumpster diving is not illegal unless it is post….we do Aldi's and Save a Lot weekly. Also, do Hobby Lobby, have gotten lots of food

  12. I'm so happy you got this big score. it's just a shame they don't give to a food kitchen or homeless or churches someone who could use it instead of waisting landfill space

  13. I was a produce manager at Walmart. We had to open all packages of food and dump together in a locked dumpster so that no one could dumpster dive. Milk had to be dumped down the drain inside the store. They were afraid of someone saying they got sick and sueing. They did however donate to a local shelter twice a week. Damaged packages had to be dumped as well. They wouldn’t let us put in the lunchroom for people to take home because they were afraid people would damage boxes just to get to take them home. Probably some truth to that lol. Good haul Tessie!!!!💕✌️

  14. Just a tip…after blanching veggies put them in salad spinner to remove most of the water and that will eliminate a lot of the ice crystals. 💕✌️

  15. If it's legal in Pa. then no need to hurry. You should have taken your time and filled more boxes. Get your supply built up. Hit a couple of grocery stores and craft stores. Then you won't have to spend $5 on Thrifty Thursday. Would be nice if it were legal here. Not so.

  16. Didn't leave a comment yesterday. Logged in and said First. And Tessie I actually fell asleep watching your video. Not that you were boring… I was exhausted. But good video. I have watched other dumpster diving videos and can't believe all the food that is being wasted so you rescued some…Yea. Good job. Much love and many many prayers! Be blessed!

  17. Good stuff Tessie. I was reading about dumpster diving today in a really interesting book from Antifa! reviewing that soon much to the horror of most of my subs but it has interesting stuff in it!
    Oh it also suggested going to municipal centres that accept paint and get free paint. That shed of yours could do with some new white on the roof this Spring 🙂

  18. Oh my goodness Tessie! U racked up! Makes me want to go hang out at Trader Joe’s Dumpster! Wow! There’s no telling how much all of that cost that they just threw away! 👍🌅🌄😃🙏

  19. Wow good for you have you ever done dumpster Dive before ? here most places call a food bank and they pick up I have never seen anyone Dumpster Dive can’t wait for part two ☮️✌️✌️

  20. we used to go to a bakery to get old bread for our saved a lot of money on silage:D and the cows loved it and the bakery was FULL of crates of old bread and cakes. i used to get a full box of cakes still fresh and also bread. the waste is really big when it comes to food but i guess thats regulations:/

  21. Way to go Tessie.
    I scored "large" yesterday myself with chicken breast and hamburger dated for that day. 14 wide mouth pints of meat later, … 6 hamburger in onion soup broth. Hamburger cooked and drained then topped up with broth. And 8 boneless and skinless pints of chicken breast.
    Is it illegal to dumpster dive there?
    I don't think it is here, (Canaduh) illegal I mean, people just don't do it (the SHAME!) and wouldn't think too highly of me for diving the old dumpster either. Not that it matters or would stop me. What people think of me is none of my business eh?
    I got into the habit of "just seeing what they were tossing out", and of course began to score big time. Best yet? Two whole pork loins still wrapped in the heavy duty shipping plastic. I don't have the proper tools to butcher so it turned into 9 huge pork roasts and if it hadn't of already been a large day, I would have canned some of it as well.
    And the stuff I just leave because I'm not set up for it, or it's of no use to me, like the bags of milk, whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim, cream, chocolate, you name it, … I just don't drink the stuff and I use the powder skim for cooking.
    I don't score very often either, I just look a lot, and then there it is, something good like lots of perfectly good peppers or celery stalks for dehydrating.
    Today I canned my first mushrooms and they didn't come from the dumpster but were on sale so I decided to do the deed. Nine 1/2 pints for $8, …. not really a deal in my books. I can buy the store brand for just about what it cost me, … Oh yeah, and the bottles were free, recycled eh? I've been blessed with a large families lifetime supply of used mason jars. Mostly pints, but who's complaining? The freaking lids cost $2.79 a dozen though. And I can go through the lids. I "prep" lids too in my long term storage.
    May the abundance rain down upon you!

  22. SCORE Tessie !!!….Lol, you crack me up….GOOD FOR YOU.😊…it IS criminal how much this country wastes…Your head would spin to see the meds wasted in the medical industry , 1000s of dollars day after day…so sad…

  23. The amount of food waste from stores is extreme. Such good quality items too. I was thinking the fruit could make a nice smoothie or something. The bread would be tasty as French toast.

  24. The grocery stores in this country would rather throw food away than to feed the hungry children in this country. It is called GREED. Enjoyed the video. Love and Prayers.

  25. Tessie, you turned into a Freegan! LOL. My husband worked for a company that sabotaged dumpster divers. They slashed all the furniture. Slashed all the packages and made everything waste.

  26. Tessie——-you done good………..i have made bread crumbs from older bread……. Many years ago while in the Navy a Shipmates wife was night manager of a local McDonalds in SC……when she closed she would give food to homeless that would come at closing……well when the big bosses found out they went ballistic they made her throw the food in a locked dumpster….it was a shame

  27. Why doesn't trader Joe's give all that to a shelter or homeless on the streets? People are out there starving and they toss it like it's rotten trash. Unbelievable

  28. My trader Joe's dumpsters are behind closed fenced doors and right beside their back door so I'm a little nervous to try it during the day. Good for you though.

  29. Hello Tessie, I watched you remove frozen food from your freezer to make soup with the veggies…Did you see the frost on them? I have been cooking for decades and on my own I figure out that the frost, if not rinsed off, can ruin the true flavor of whatever was in your freezer. I learned to rinse everything with cool water which removes the frost. Every frozen food can have original fresh flavor with a quick rinse. it's a tasty "miracle"!

  30. In Chicagoland TJs donates "throw out" flowers. They go to Random Acts of Kindness. Curious what time you DD. Is the store open then?

  31. What a find! I wish more stores would bin these instead of dumpstering them. Lots of people could have a lot of nutrition and dignity by eating these still fresh foods. Sometimes when I have extra milk I'll either make yogurt or cheese. It's very easy and it will keep you from having to throw out your milk. Even as it's slightly less sweet, you can easily make excellent sour yogurt and mine is better than any store I've ever bought from!

  32. Well, I took the dive! Went by myself at 12 noon to Aldi's. Got 10 bags nacho cheese chips. There were oranges mushrooms and strawberries in the bottom. I had a grabber but couldn't get to them it wasn't strong enough. So it was a start! I may have to get a stool and use my stronger grabber

  33. Haha! This was great! My question would be… Would you try this again or did it scare you enough the first time? Hehehe 👍🏼😉
    I have wanted to give this a one time try myself. Lol 😂

  34. You're amazing. Good for you. Such a sin if all of that food was wasted. . . . Last November I was working as a security guard and told my manager (a retired cop) that I noticed dumpster diving was on the increase. He said yes, around that time of the year it does because people are looking for Holiday presents.

  35. I WAS DUMPSTER DIVING FOR THE FUN OF IT A COUPLE YRS AGO.I COULDNT BELIVE ALL I FOUND .tons of food .I haven't done it sents I had heard surgey and its killing me.its so fun.i want to again.but no one will go with get boxes and boxes of tomatoes id peel them chop them and freeze them same with pepper .just boxes full of them.its killing me to have to buy it now.

  36. did you know that after each holiday the stores throw tons of plants and food away?i had tons of plants I found .all that was wrong was they needed was ponsettias and easter is lillys.and roses for valentines.also that's the time of year they over stock for the customers and then whatever is not sold is thrown away.

  37. I just saw this video, and it led me to tell you about the YouTube channel invisible people, and it is about the homeless crisis in America. I urge you to watch this, because these are real people who live all over the US, and most are normal people who either lost a job, are disabled, and yes, even addicts, but many of them depend on this to eat, and even resell the things to buy soap, blankets, or even something as simple as a tooth brush. The employees can't take any of these items because it would be considered stealing. My sister and her husband and daughter had to dumpster dive because her husband was layed off, and they had to eat. Many of my family members laughed that she did this, until she admitted that they didn't have enough money to buy food for awhile. I cried, because she risked getting arrested to feed her family, and her child was 8, and my sister was 50, and her husband was 56, and because of his age had a hard time getting another job. I thank the Lord that he found work, and wished that she had told me that they had no food, because I would have helped her buy food. I am in no way judging you Tessie, but there are people well hidden who need that food. Please watch invisible people, and watch the video of the red haired young man living homeless in wales, it will show you how serious the homeless crisis world wide is. Many people tell their stories, and many work and are homeless due to the lack of affordable housing. I am lucky I own my home and land that i purchased in 2011, right after i became disabled, and the help of my family to fix it up has given me affordable housing, because it was a distressed property that needed work. I don't pay a rent or mortgage payment, and I thank God for lending me what i do have, because we only have what He gives us to use, because everything in this world is His. I love you, as you are my brethren, but don't risk getting arrested, and leave the food for the homeless, because most of them are in great need.

  38. OMGOSH! they don't do that here. I work in store where they give food/product samples, and the left overs are thrown away at the end if the day (sealed whole bars, etc.) We can't take leftovers home. So sad. We are a wasteful nation. God help us.

  39. Expiration dates are meaningless, just ask the FDA…
    Use-by dates are contributing to millions of pounds of wasted food each year.
    A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic says Americans are prematurely throwing out food, largely because of confusion over what expiration dates actually mean.
    Most consumers 
    mistakenly believe that expiration dates on food indicate how safe the food is to consume, when these dates actually aren’t related to the risk of food poisoning or foodborne illness. Food dating emerged in the 1970s, prompted by consumer demand as Americans produced less of their own food but still demanded information about how it was made. The dates solely indicate freshness, and are used by manufacturers to convey when the product is at its peak. That means the food does not expire in the sense of becoming inedible. For un-refrigerated foods, there may be no difference in taste or quality, and expired foods won’t necessarily make people sick.
    But according to the new analysis, words like “use by” and “sell by” are used so inconsistently that they contribute to widespread misinterpretation — and waste — by consumers. More than 90% of Americans throw out food prematurely, and 40% of the U.S. food supply is tossed–unused–every year because of food dating.
    Eggs, for example, can be consumed three to five weeks after purchase, even though the “use by” date is much earlier. A box of mac-and-cheese stamped with a ‘use by’ date of March 2013 can still be enjoyed on March 2015, most likely with no noticeable changes in quality.
    “We are fine with there being quality or freshness dates as long as it is clearly communicated to consumers, and they are educated about what that means,” says study co- author Emily Broad Leib, the director of Harvard Food Law & Policy Clinic. “There should be a standard date and wording that is used. This is about quality, not safety. You can make your own decision about whether a food still has an edible quality that’s acceptable to you.”
    Because food dating was never about public health, there is no national regulation over the use of the dates, although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) technically have regulatory power over the misbranding of products. The only federally required and regulated food dating involves infant formula, since the nutrients in formula lose their potency as time goes on.
    What regulation does exist occurs at the state level — and all but nine states in the U.S. have food dating rules but these vary widely. “What’s resulted from [the FDA letting states come up with regulation] is really a patchwork of all sorts of different rules for different products and regulations around them,” says study co-author Dana Gunders, a staff scientist with the NRDC’s food and agriculture program. “Sometimes a product needs a date, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a product cannot be sold after a different date. Or there is no requirement at all. Even with different categories  there is so much variability.” The result is a confused public — and tons of waste.
    Correcting these entrenched misconceptions, however, won’t be easy. The report authors say the re-education could start with a clearer understanding of what the dates mean.

    “Use by” and “Best by”: These dates are intended for consumer use, but are typically the date the manufacturer deems the product reaches peak freshness. It’s not a date to indicate spoilage, nor does it necessarily signal that the food is no longer safe to eat.

    “Sell by”: This date is only intended to help manufacturers and retailers, not consumers. It’s a stocking and marketing tool provided by food makers to ensure proper turnover of the products in the store so they still have a long shelf life after consumers buy them. Consumers, however, are misinterpreting it as a date to guide their buying decisions. The report authors say that “sell by” dates should be made invisible to the consumer..

  40. Tessie I am playing catchup with past vlogs. I watch this and yess it is such a waste, but the real crime is that not many are like you and I and know what to do, in making crumbs, canning and such. In this day and age being a homemaker is looked upon as a sin. But let the SHTF and let's see whose still standing. Blessings!!

  41. I just love your grateful heart!! It is ashamed all this waste when there are so many Americans starving here in the USA!!

  42. I can just imagine the adrenaline rush, Tessie! I haven't done any dumpster diving yet, but I love going into my farmers market store and other stores, and coming home with a bunch of fresh produce that's been marked down that I can blanch and freeze, or pickle, or eat that night for dinner or my chickens get it 🙂 I used to buy store bought frozen veges but even they are becoming too expensive now. I can buy 2 or 3 times the amount of fresh veges for the same price as a bag of frozen ones! I'd rather by them fresh and so what if it takes a little more work to prepare them for whatever use. It's a great feeling knowing that you've done a good days work and saved a lot of money, and saved a bunch of good food from going into the rubbish tip ! 🙂 Well done Tessie! 🙂

  43. Hey Tessie, The older I get the less I understand about the waste in this Country (amongst many other injustices). I’m a “SC” and often feel that the Middle Class & Below are “non-essential”, invisible! So glad that you were able to “rescue” the food & flowers😀. It would be nice to have a neighbor like you! Thanks for the time you give to us – I try hard to remember that there are THOUGHTFUL, KIND people still out there. Sincerely M🍀

  44. One rule don't say the name of the place u are diving at these stores watch these video's but keep saying that food from the dumpster

  45. I was wondering about the yellow bags that you put the bread in. Do you have more info on those. I would love to get some.

  46. Who or what changed your mind about dumpster diving? I remember seeing that you thought it wasn't safe to eat that food. Looks fine to me. Just curious. 💜

  47. What a darn shame. It's probably better for them financially to throw it away and write it off then to sell it at a reduced price. People who shop at Trader Joe's probably don't want to buy things at a reduced price. LOL. You can put the bananas in the freezer as is for use later in banana bread.

  48. Tessie the rush you feel is from committing a crime and getting away with it. Be sure you don't escalate to shoplifting. Dumpster diving is theft and you know it.

  49. I work in a food pantry and it is shameful that these grocery stores throw away perfectly good food when there are so many hungry people in this world.

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