Traditional Japanese House + Garden | Japan Interior Design

Traditional Japanese House + Garden | Japan Interior Design

Hello and welcome! In this video you will see Great ideas for Japanese garden and landscape design. Beautiful pond and Japanese garden. Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design! Thanks for watching!

30 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese House + Garden | Japan Interior Design

  1. I love a real old fashion Japanese home with a real body builder body it would be a american dream come these Hanson man and smart especially if he knows martial arts

  2. This is beautiful art, just simple work,.. work combining sound with photographs. It is both unfortunate and complicated in our world today, that most work has become, too instructional, as if it is a form of advertising for others, demand of action, or manipulating with false competition amongst friends. Why can not work be exactly like this runman art…?

  3. Japanese traditional houses are the best! They give you that cozy feeling of being one with nature..I would reaaally want to live in one.

  4. I remember I went there and stayed with someone who left the US to live there. When he opened the giant sliding doors and opened it up to the public streets…. I was like WTF you can do that here and not worry!

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