Transfer Tape vs. Con-Tact Paper

Transfer Tape vs. Con-Tact Paper

(pop music) – Hey guys. It’s Jessica over at And today we’re gonna
do a little experiment. I’ve heard a lot of people
using Con-Tact paper. So we’re gonna do Con-Tact
paper versus transfer tape. So, the biggest argument
a lot of people have is Con-Tact paper is cheaper. And, I’ve ran some numbers. (giggles) And it isn’t cheaper. So even at the dollar store I’ve done square inch per square inch and they’re like within
two tenths of penny in price. So, transfer tape was made to transfer vinyl. So I suggest that. But let’s do a little test and see what you guys think. So we’ve got a little piece cut out here that says Con-Tact paper. And I am gonna cut a chunk off of my Con-Tact paper. So one of their arguments is that it’s cheaper, even if you get it from the dollar store. But at the dollar store you get way less. I think I have written
down the dollar store piece was 18 inches by 54 inches. So I’ve got my little
chunk of Con-Tact paper. But I peeled off, it’s got a paper backing that I needed to peel off. To expose my adhesive. So, give this a couple swipes. Trim it down a little bit and see. It’s not picking up my letters. So let’s rub it down a little more. And see how that goes. And it’s picked up my N a little bit. Okay. So I am going to flip it over. And, I’m gonna press my letters down. As I go to try and get it to release from that backing. So remember, this is our Con-Tact paper. And it is a little bit more work to get those letters to release from the backing paper. Okay. Now, let’s see how it will do when we’re applying. Give this a little rub down. And peel that off, and it peels off great. Okay, so that was our Con-Tact paper. Let’s try our transfer tape. So we’ve got our 651 here in pink. And I’m using our clear transfer tape that’s on a roll. So it doesn’t have that paper backing. So just roll it out. Trim it off. And give it a couple swipes here with our application tool. And trim it down. So it’s easier to work with. And let’s see how this peels off. Ooh, it grabbed it great. So this is our clear transfer tape. It was way easier than Con-Tact paper. And let’s see how it
releases when we apply it. Give it a little swipe. And it releases great. So we also did this test with our 631 that has a matte finish. And we did it with a glitter vinyl. And the same results, the Con-Tact paper was harder to release. And the transfer tape
just picked it right up and was easy to work with. So, again, I think if
you were in an emergency situation, Con-Tact paper would be fine. It’s a little more work. But, transfer tape was made to transfer vinyl. So, I would go with that. It’s a little bit more of an investment than getting stuff at the dollar store. This guy I think is 9.99 and this one’s 19.99. So, depending on how much you’re using, depends on what size of roll you want. But it’s really pennies comparable to Con-Tact paper so I would go with transfer tape because it’s so much easier to work with. If you guys have any
questions or comments, leave them down below. If you liked our video,
give us a thumbs up. Thanks guys, have a good day. (pop music)

63 thoughts on “Transfer Tape vs. Con-Tact Paper

  1. I hadn't thought of using contact paper instead of transfer paper so this is good info. Wonderful demo. Happy holidays to you all!

  2. I use contact paper, but you have totally sold me on transfer tape. I always have a problem with the vinyl picking up on the contact paper and it's super frustrating! Thanks so much for the video. 🙂

  3. I dont think you did this very fair, watching the video you rubbed harder on the Transfer tape than you did the contact paper, I use contact paper all the time and never have the the problem you just showed. But I love your Videos and your Store

  4. Are your letters ink or die cut vinyl? If ink, did you use a laser printer or an inkjet? Thanks so much!

  5. You didn't rub the contact paper hard enough like you did the transfer! I use contact paper cause I don't have a craft store in my town and have never had the issue you had!

  6. I bought some glitter vinyl from you guys, but used Cricut transfer tape and did not want to released from the transfer tape once the customer received. That's happened to me twice. What is your suggestion?

  7. I use contact paper all the time for all of my vinyl projects and I've never had to work it like did. I put it down, rub over it and it sticks right to it. If tried a bunch of different transfer tapes and I had a lot of problems with it. Plus I use the same piece of contact paper over and over. I actually think I've used one of the pieces for over a year!

  8. I went out and brought cricut transfer tape because of this video. I am so disappointed!! I have had to do the same rubbing effect that I had to do with contact paper. WASTED MONEY

  9. I will honestly say I use multiple transfer mediums and all have their ups and downs. I like con-tact paper because it's not as tacky as cricut's transfer tape therefore it releases easier. However with con-tact paper I have had some of the tackiness stay on my vinyl after transfering. It's not horrible as it comes off easy enough. Now today I tried wet application with the paper transfer tape and I absolutely love it over any other medium I've used. My only complaint is not being able to see my design as well. Use what works for you. I will continue to keep all on hand for different projects. Con-tact paper is also a decent substitute in an emergency if you can't wait for something to be shipped to you.

  10. Your video was very informative. I am new to the Cricut scene and truthfully never tried a transfer yet. Today I happen to be at the Dollar Tree so went ahead and bought Contact paper………….wish me luck!
    Even while buying the Contact paper I realized that the cost was only a $1.00 but the amount was so little. If I decide to continue the the transfer thing, I definitely think investing in transfer tape would be the way to go. Thanks Again

  11. I actually wrote my review before trying the Contact paper so will have to comment again after I try it…just to be fair. I still say thank you, I did enjoy your video and will let you know how my first project goes.

  12. Accurate video in my opinion. I tried being cheap (as this was a donation) and used contact paper. I had 125 decals to do. Way too much work, effort and time. Never will I stray from REAL transfer tape again. The contact paper was exactly like you showed, no matter how many times I rubbed the front and back of the decals, it did not lift the vinyl. I gave up after 5 decals and used the real deal (transfer tape) and not the cricut brand either…I use what the sign shops use.

  13. Contact paper is 1 dollar at the dollar tree for a huge roll,transfer tape is 20 bucks for an even smaller roll

  14. I use contact paper all the time for my transfer tape.. Duck brand contact paper is the best transfer tape..I refuse to spend twice the amount of money for the "brand name" when I can get the same results with Duck brand

  15. I've been using the Contact paper for almost a year. The only problem that I have run across it that it will sometimes leave some adhesive on your vinyl if it stays on more that 24 hours. Even more so if the cut project with contact paper is left in a hot vehicle.

  16. I agree 100% with this video. I bought some Contact paper from the dollar tree, because people kept telling me it was the best and cheapest thing to do…I have struggled so hard with it. It didn't matter how much I rubbed or pressed it just didn't want to pick up the vinyl. I got tired of it and went and purchased transfer tape. Best money I've spent. It saved me so much time and hassle. Sometimes the cheapest way, isn't the best way.

  17. Hi can transfer tape be used for heat transfer vinyl? Or does it have to be a different kind of tape? thanks in advance and great videos btw!

  18. Irrespective of the performance of transfer tape versus contact paper, the cost analysis you did on the two is wholly incorrect. Contact paper is indeed cheaper. You failed to acknowledge the width difference of the two rolls when calculating cost per square inch. The transfer tape is only 12" wide whereas the contact paper is 18" wide. This has to be included in your calculations. (18"x 54" at $1 compared to 12"x 360" at $9.99) You would essentially pay $4.44 for the same amount of contact paper that you would pay $9.99 for in transfer tape.

  19. It may be cheaper for someone who use it daily, but for some maker that project that jump from project to another completely different, there's no reason to buy a big roll to use a fraction of it and dump later in the dust.

  20. I have major issues with Contact paper giving me air bubbles… however I am new to this and haven't used anything else yet. Does anyone think the Contact paper could be why I do get air bubbles or a lot of them at least?

  21. This was obviously a very biased video. I got a roll of contact paper at Walmart for $4.97 that is 18" wide and 20ft long. The price per square inch on that comes out to roughly .001. The transfer tape is $9.99 for 12" by 30ft which equates to .002 per square inch. So Contact paper is cheaper, by half. When you use a lot that adds up. I don't really have any problems with contact paper for transferring. I personally like the paper backing as I think it makes it easier to work with and cut the right size and not be wasteful.

  22. I could hear the sarcastic bias in your voice, and see it in your smirk. I bet this video would be different if you made money from con-tact

  23. Obviously this is not a neutral review….her company sells transfer tape duh……so shes going to promote transfer tape ….which is more costly than contact paper if u base it on same size roll….shes comparing a bulk roll vs small roll of contact paper….we arent all stupid lady

  24. What kind of paper did you use ??before you put the contact and transfer??i mean the white paper that written in con-tact and Transfer Tape??thanks wait for ur reply

  25. Which brand of the white tranfer paper tape do you use? You haven't used that one in this video but I see a lot of others use it on their videos and it looks like it works well. I can't seem to decide which one to buy or from where. Any suggestions?

  26. I bought contact paper and it did me this same way, I wanted a cheaper way. It did work in the end but ai had to run the S*it out of it

  27. I tried transfer paper from the dollar tree and vinyl but, it didn't transfer. Is there a certain marker I need to write on the vinyl paper with?

  28. Contact paper is a hit or miss. Sometimes I use use it and it works great and others it's hard to pick up the vinyl. Transfer tape definitely picks up waaaaay easier, but contact paper is a great for small little projects that you dont want to waste the good expensive stuff on lol I also have used the white contact paper from the dollar store, I love it! It works great as a removable vinyl!

  29. Contact paper is way cheaper where i live. I basically would have to order everything from aboard if i wanna do anything with vinyls, so i’ts deffiniteky cheaper

  30. Thanks for this video, I was wondering why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. For instance that professional application. I use the one contact paper from the dollar store and I have to rub, rub, rub. I want to the duck brand contact paper before I invest in buying transfer paper.

  31. Transfer tape works great for smooth surfaces but not when applying vinyl stencils on things like wood. Sure it picks it up great but does not transfer well because the tape sticks to the vinyl more than the vinyl sticks to the wood. Contact paper works better and it DOES pick up the vinyl just fine. I used the same piece of contact paper for several transfers with no issues. These videos are helpful but this one was obviously bias and, in my opinion, flat out wrong.

  32. while watching your video i was in the process of using 651 transfer….it never picked my vinyl up…im using a cricut vinyl. im not new at this transferring vinyl either…its hit or miss to be honest.. most of the people i know who use contact paper is because the grocery store and dollar store have it available all that time. some may not have a store readily close to go run out to just get that paper. i im just going to say…its per persons choice. i believe you made a very bias video…your paid to get your product out there….the key wording was "im using OUR transfer tape" well of course its going to grab it great and of course it releases great….you make your money off the products you use…not dollar store contact paper.

  33. my cricut transfer paper stuck to my cricut stencil vinyl and I had to throw everything out. so I will try contact paper next.

  34. Interesting video, not sure what it costs in the US, but in Australia transfer paper is $40+ dollars where contact paper is $5 for the same size rolls. It really is a lot less to use the contact paper in terms of finances.

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