Travel Back to the 1960s in a Most Unusual Round House

Travel Back to the 1960s in a Most Unusual Round House

(upbeat jazzy music) – The house that we live
in is completely round. It was built in 1967. Most of the elements of
the house are original with very little upgrades. – [Julian] It’s two
bedrooms, two bathrooms. – [Desiree] And it’s
around 1200 square feet. – There’s really no flat
surfaces in the house, except for a dividing wall
between the living room and the master bedroom. And, one flat wall that
divides the bathrooms. Everything else has a curve to it. All of the crown molding is round. – [Desiree] All of the windows are curved. – All of the doors are rounded,
so when you close the door, you just see a continuous round wall. – To live in this space is really unusual. It’s the only round house that
I think I’ve ever been in. – [Julian] There’s something very organic, and comforting about
living in a round house. The center of the house
is basically the core which contains two bathrooms
which are kind of subdivided. And, exterior of that are all of the rooms which are divided by contoured walls. There’s kind of a magical aspect to the design of the 1950s and ’60s and this house is kind of
like stepping back in time. (jazz music) The home was designed by Leon Meyer. It was constructed in 1967. This is, to the best of our knowledge, the most well preserved example of all of his round homes that
he ever constructed. – We were really motivated
to live some place that was special. I think also the fact
the the house is quirky, it’s not perfect and it
is really of the era. We just feel like it’s an
extension of our lifestyle. We actually have two front doors. – I don’t really know why, but we really only use one of them. – I think it does add a
certain amount of symmetry to the design to have two front doors. And, by opening the two
doors and all the windows, we do kind of have a wonderful
indoor/outdoor experience that I can’t really imagine
having in any other home. (guitar music) – What we wanted to do
when we purchased this home was keep it as original as we could. It had been well kept from
the last three owners, and all the cosmetic elements of the house are completely original. – My favorite part of this house would have to be the ceiling line. Each of the triangular shapes
has a window inside of it. So, in the mornings when we wake up, we can kind of watch the sun rise. But, when we hit a certain
hour in the afternoon, things start to become a little
dark inside of the house. – [Julian] There’s not a
lot of overhead lighting. There’s really no place to hang a pendant or put any recess lighting in the roof. – [Desiree] Julian has a large
collection of floor lamps, and the fact that we didn’t
have any overhead lighting, was a great excuse to use
those as a design element. – [Julian] Me and my wife,
Desiree, own and operate a vintage mid-century furniture store. – We go to Denmark and the
UK to import a lot of pieces. – We have a very curated collection of mid-century furniture. One of my favorite
pieces in the collection is our Parrot Chair designed
by Ib Arberg of Sweden. There’s something very special
about vintage furniture in a vintage home. I want people to come in here and feel like they’ve
stepped back in time. (calm music) In our study, we have a portrait of my dad which was painted in 1956. It’s kind of a sentimental
piece of the family history. – For the past few years, I’ve
been collecting drawer liners from our Danish shipments and
when we moved in to the house, I wanted to incorporate
some of that collection into our kitchen, so I
lined a lot of the drawers with these really vibrant
patterns and shapes. – [Julian] In addition to that, I’ve got a nice little collection
of wall clocks going on which were a staple of a 1960s home. (piano music) – I would say the difficult part about furnishing a round house
is finding the exact place that everything is supposed to go. We really had to be careful of scale and placement of every object. Definitely putting a long,
flat furniture in this home tends to look a little bit awkward. – [Desiree] What’s worked
really well is using pieces that have a circular nature to them. Our dining room table is
round and it fits really well. – [Julian] There isn’t a ton of storage, but it’s been very cleverly
built into the house. – [Desiree] The closet next to our bedroom is a walk-in closet. When you get inside it’s lined
with clothing hooks and rods, so everything that we could
ever want to store has a spot, but we took a lot of time deciding what was gonna come with us and what needed to be left behind. (guitar music) – [Julian] Most people
don’t get their dream home to be their first house, and I really feel lucky to live here. – I think the fact that we can live here and not only preserve, but maybe even, bring the house closer
to how it originally was is something that really
is inspiring to me. – Every piece of this house is unique, and that’s what I love about it. It’s rare to come across
something that speaks to your personality and
to your personal taste. This home was it was it for us, and I couldn’t be any happier.

49 thoughts on “Travel Back to the 1960s in a Most Unusual Round House

  1. oh my that is just a fabulous house. i can feel the chi flow just watching the video! i remember some of these furnishing and styles from when i was a kid in the 60s. how lucky that you found a place like this and how wonderful of you to preserve and celebrate such a wonderful place!

  2. I love this house, but honestly, don't know a soul who had a house like this. Most of us lived in small homes made in the late 40's or early 50's.

  3. This house is really nice.  I thought I would see some old, outdated look that should be history, but that's not what I see.  This is a beautiful, vibrant-looking, somehow modern-looking 60's home.  Great job!

  4. This house is so beautiful and amazing, I love the retro furniture and accent pieces look so gorgeous wonderfully placed for maximum esthetics. I also have one of those retro clocks from the early '70s lost the wood pieces but still have the gold spokes in the sun-burst design with the gold dial and black roman numerals and hands .. The car looks really beautiful too, love the colour, what is the make & model ?

  5. Oh my god, I love them. I was GAGGING over all the a m a z i n g furniture they had, until they explained that they actually make their living importing… Of course! That is SO inspiring! We are currently looking to buy or build a round house of our own! <3 ; )

  6. Super nice (albeit uber-hipster) house. I don't know how I feel about the bathrooms being the core of the house though, surely that means that the bathroom noises are heard all around, can't be good for the Feng Shui 😛

  7. They did a nice job furnishing their home. It feels good. I recognized several of their items. My mom had them on her walls.

  8. Love it. It was built the year I was born. Beautiful home. I was thinking it would be so cool if it rotated around so the view would always change, no matter where you were in the home..enjoy.

  9. Beautiful house, lovely couple and I'm sure a great business to deal with. I particularly luv those break and post cantilevered roofs! Rounded mid century modern homes are pretty unique, esp since most mcm's went for sharp, geometric lines. Kudos to this couple for being such sensitive custodians of this wonderful gem of architectural history.

  10. This property is AMAZING!!!!!! And it is amazing too that two young people such as yourselves appreciate the period of style represented in your lovely home. I am sure you know who Josh Agle is… his artwork. Your line of work is a dream come true as well. Thank you ever so much for sharing!

  11. The Jetsons of the 60s. It would really look like the Jetsons if it had an up to date style… But vintage is good too. So cool.

  12. I saw a Boston Terrier!!! And the house is wonderful too. Congratulations on such a fine historic preservation for the sixties!🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩

  13. Mid century modern furniture is all over the place here in Denmark, especially among the seniors. I really don't like the look. But glad somebody does.

  14. The 60's, best decade ever… my teen years, Woodstock, the 67 mustang, electric kool aid acid test, this round house…

  15. The only part of the house that made me twitch was the kitchen. If they have that much mid century furniture, for sure they would have matching fridges and appliances. I get it there hard to work with but hell that house is perfect.

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