Tree Branch by Nadia Geller – Trim It Quick Lighting

Tree Branch by Nadia Geller – Trim It Quick Lighting

for their fabulous interior design
project for we are actually going to light up the tree branch but can be used
in many ways we can use it as a chandelier for as and he’s a blunt four-week actions the consultation and let it makes and
anything like this evening the supplies couldn’t be easier get a tree branch you and your backyard
i thought that’s what it might local flower store some ground electrical tape centers and i’m going to use and medium
strand a bit clear from trim it quick lights now according to talk about these
because they are the interior decorators dream comes true they are not along straight they have they’re amazing ability to be
insure segments on in others use them simply and so much more
efficiently than alongside of lights and they don’t hang out so i’m not going
to be wasting anytime unraveling these guys vanity fair on this project i’m gonna start with the hook and i’m going to just simply attached to
the base of the tree branch and i’ve done that here are ready and
again because of itgi in this shorter strength all you have to do it once it
secured the tree branch is just ban it out and then we’re going to simply wrapped
the light upped the tracking the branches it could not be simpler if you go to home decor stores these light chandelier branching uilyas
can cost up to a thousand dollars we’re going to make one right now in
under five minutes and probably for under ten dollars depending on where you
get your branches from simply cut the peace the brown
electrical tape which i gotta make home improvement store chose brown such as in
blend right into my branch mckernan let thinner segment just so
it’s a little bit more camouflaged was contacted that every foreign to the
south all right and i’m gonna go hang this beautiful
piece on my wall citations to hang them lighted tree
branch over this bag to make telling in statement readings were romantic and
common just isn’t that you mentioned b

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  1. I love this idea! If possible, could you answer this question? How did you make the branch stick to the wall? And are there lights that have brown cords?

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