Tree Decorating Face Off

Don’t hate. Decorate. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. The season finale of Buddy System
and the mini-doc making-of Buddy System is out now, on YouTube Red,
so go and check that out. – Please, and thank you.
– Woo! Feels good. It also feels good,
’cause December’s here, – and you know what that means.
– Yeah. Time to get your holiday on,
and get your decorations starting. Unicorn Lauren asks,
“How do I know when I’ve gone “too far with holiday cheer?” Great question, Unicorn Lauren. I think that there are some people
out there who have gone too far, and we’re gonna talking about them today,
and I think you can use them as your threshold.
If you go any further or as far as these people,
you have gone too far. But let’s talk about those people. – ♪(Christmas music)♪
– (Rhett) It’s, Here’s a confession, (Rhett) I’ve got a Christmas obsession. Obsessive example number one, Andy Park.
If you’re in Melksham, England, – he may be your electrician.
– I’m not. But, to everyone else,
he is Mr. Christmas. This dude,
I think he gave himself that name. Yeah, that’s usually how it works. When you’re not Santa. Well, he has celebrated Christmas day every day,
since July 1993. Every single day. – Let me walk you through his routine.
– Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Every morning for breakfast
he eats a turkey sandwich and mince pies. Then he opens presents
that he got for himself. That’s not too weird,
’cause my mom does that. Year round? – No, no, no. For Christmas.
– Just at Christmas time. And for her birthday.
She’s done that for years. She’s helping you out. – No, she’s helping my dad out.
– Oh. (both laugh) Well, if she did it every day,
that would be too far. Then he goes to work,
but then he comes home for lunch, and he eats a full roast turkey dinner,
with Brussels sprouts. I think that’s just his idea
of a holiday dinner. Okay, maybe in that part of England. He then watches a recording
of the Queen’s annual Christmas speech – at promptly three pm.
– That’s a thing? – Yes, it is.
– I should watch it. And he opens Christmas cards,
that he has sent to himself. Okay, there’s a theme here. A lot of self… He addresses to himself;
he puts them through the mail slot, and then he comes inside,
and grabs them, and opens them. – Sounds fun, though, I gotta admit.
– Over two hundred and thirty thousand cards – (laughs)
– he’s delivered to himself. (laughs) That’s a lot of money. To date, he’s eaten over one hundred
thirty five thousand Brussels sprouts. – That’s a lot.
– One hundred and seven thousand mince pies. And he’s drank six thousand
bottles of champagne. (laughs) That sounds like a clever way
to disguise a drinking problem. – Or a Brussels sprouts problem.
– Yup, equally. I don’t know.
The farts… – (crew laughs)
– The farts alone – are a reason to disguise it.
– Yeah. Well, I think that doesn’t help
disguising anything. So he’s spent over two million pounds– – That’s British money.
– Yeah, heard about those. And, unfortunately, he couldn’t
keep up the costs, so, as of last year, he has ceased
his daily holiday traditions. And he’s also reported saying,
“I haven’t had a girlfriend – “since all this started.”
– Really? There must be a Miss. Christmas out there.
We must find her. Link, I think I have a candidate for someone who can pair up
with Mr. Christmas, – Oh yeah?
– and it is, The Gingerbread Woman. We’re matchmaking. Specifically Tamera Holland,
she does call herself, – The Gingerbread Woman.
– Mr. Christmas and The Gingerbread Woman. Of Altavista, Virginia,
she’s obsessed with gingerbread cookies. Okay, gotcha. This woman is so addicted to gingerbread,
that she says she thinks about them year-round,
for twenty four hours a day. This woman is the Denny’s
of thinking about gingerbread cookies. How do you even–
Okay, whatever. Alright. – More power to her.
– She lives in a really small house, which is completely dominated,
from wall-to-wall, with eight hundred gingerbread themed
items, and she also has a husband, who I’m assuming,
is loving every minute of this. – Yes.
– (laughs) Happiest man on Earth. Now, most of her outfits,
including this one, (Rhett) are gingerbread themed. (Link) She’s invisible in her own house. She’s wearing ginger-flage. That might be the point. Keeps her husband looking for her,
it’s a floating head. – He follows the eyes.
– The floating head. She keeps a hundred and fifty pound barrel
of ginger powder in her house at all times. – As we should all.
– She is ready to ginger-fy anything. She has a gingerbread doll
named, Mrs. Ginger, who has the privilege
of riding shotgun, in the car, everywhere she drives to. And the husband’s where?
In the backseat? Loving every minute of it. This woman even smokes
ginger cigarettes, which I did not know were a thing,
but they are, and she’s smoking them. Maybe that’s how you explain all this. – Right, she’s–
– Maybe it started with smoking the ginger. – (laughs)
– In 2013, her daughter hired a decorator to paint and design the outside
of her home, to make it look like a giant gingerbread house.
Here it is. (Link) Now that’s tasteful.
Look at that. (Link) I’d bring my grandkids over
for that. Well, I’d drive by slowly. It still kind of has
a single-wide feel to it. – It does.
– But it’s a ginger single-wide, so we can forgive her. Now, you might be wondering,
why does The Gingerbread Woman love gingerbread so much?
She says, quote, “How can you look at a gingerbread
and not be happy?” Well, I’ve done that pretty much
all my life. – (crew laughs)
– I’ve been looking at gingerbread quite a bit, and I’m not a fan,
so I haven’t been happy, but you know what would make me happy?
If Mr. Christmas and The Gingerbread Woman would get together.
And I believe it can happen. I’ve already mentioned
that she has a husband, – but he’s riding in the backseat.
– He’s not happy, guys. Following eyes around the single-wide.
– (both) He’s not happy. Let him go find somebody else.
You guys get together, we’ll have you both on the show. And listen, we know
you’re probably wondering where you can buy
your own ginger cigarettes, and while we can’t help you with that,
we can answer another question. It’s time for: – ♪(bouncy music)♪
– All you had to do was ask. Our friends at Amazon
asked us to use the Amazon Echo, the hands-free speaker
you can control with your voice, to help us, help you,
answer some of your questions. And Jamie Betts asked a question,
“What’s a fun, unconventional “(and creative) way
to decorate the Christmas tree?” Well, Jamie, Rhett and I
have talked about this, and it turns out we have
differing perspectives on how to decorate a tree,
so, what we’ve done, is we’ve each taken time to decorate
our own trees independently, and we’re going to unveil those
for you today, to determine who is
the better tree decorator. We’ve enabled the WeMo skill,
which allows you to use your Echo to turn on anything plugged in
using a WeMo switch, and all you gotta do is name your plug
and then ask the Echo to turn it on. Let me demonstrate. Alexa, turn on instant snowman. (Amazon Echo) Okay. Little Christmas magic for you. Shall we unveil our trees? We shall. Okay, I’m going to go first.
Now, as you know, I’m a big fan of wood, and so, therefore, naturally,
I’m a big fan of trees, because trees are wood. – Really?
– Yes. Please reveal my tree. Oh. Alexa, turn on tree-tree. – (Amazon Echo) Okay.
– Ha! Bam! Now, as you can see,
this is a wood themed tree. There is a tree under here
that’s just the tree, and then I have some wood ornaments. (Rhett) I have some wooden utensils. I have some driftwood
from lake Erie, no less. I also have pieces of other trees
that aren’t even my tree. You can see the one in the back
that’s going out in both directions. Haven’t seen that before on a tree,
have you? – Nope.
– It’s just more wood. Of course I have
the Tree-man mask tree-topper. And, just so you don’t forget
whose wood tree this is, – (Rhett) it’s me.
– (Link) Hugging a tree. (Rhett) Hugging a tree. So there it is. The tree-tree.
Also, some dowel rods. – (Rhett) Did I mention that?
– (Link) Okay, Rhett. (Link) Okay, you don’t do that motion
with it, but, yeah, that’s cool. – Very proud of that.
– That’s cool. You worked hard on that. – What you got over there, Neal?
– (Link) I also worked hard on mine. – Well listen, McLaughlin,
– Ha! Everybody’s so anxious
to move on to Christmas time, but I want to extend Thanksgiving out. Reveal the tree. Alexa, turn on Turk-a-tree. (Amazon Echo) Okay. There it is. Alright, so I’ve got
a Thanksgiving themed tree to extend that holiday.
To have more of that holiday overlap, – you know what I’m talking about?
– Okay, yeah. I’ve got turkey feathers,
I got turkey lights. I got a magnificent turkey topper. And then, I’ve got,
embedded in this tree, the nourishment that we need,
coming out of the fridge, (Link) I’ve got leftovers
from Thanksgiving. (Link) Whoops!
That one came loose, (Link) but I’ll just go ahead
and get me a little bit of turkey-turkey. – Okay.
– Hm. Little bit of that. Little bit of turkey.
Little bit of ham. Little bit of this,
and a whole lot of Aunt Edna’s nasty green bean casserole.
Nobody wanted any of this. That’s quite a large container. Would you like some green bean casserole? – I would like to try it.
– Hm mm. – (Rhett) And I have a–
– (Link) Nobody else did. Would you take a b–
Oh, a big mouthful. Oh! That’s nice. So cold. Aunt Edna did you right. The holidays have overlapped, – in a communion of celebration.
– I don’t need any more. Let me put my fork
back on my tree. (Link) Alright, let’s move onto judging. – Oh, look.
– Look at that. – (Eddie) Ho, ho ho!
– Hello. – So enthusiastic.
– (Eddie) Ho, ho, ho! Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s Santa-Eddie. – (Eddie) Ho, ho, ho!
– (Rhett and crew clap) You’re not the real Santa-Eddie. – Yes I am.
– Yes, you are. – (crew laughs)
– Alright. – It’s me.
– Santy-Eddie. (laughs) Tell us which tree you prefer. – These are very handsome trees, boys.
– (crew laugh) – I do like wood.
– Uh huh. You want to touch my dowel rod? Don’t do it. That’s a swell rod, Link–
I mean, Rhett. – (crew laughs)
– I’m Link. – Ho, ho, ho!
– You’d think you’d know by now. I know you’re meeting us
for the first time. Ho, ho, ho! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
(all laugh) Boy am I hungry. Well make your choice,
and you can eat off of mine. I think I’m gonna have to go
with Link’s tree. – Woo!
– Okay. – There you go. You hungry?
– I’m not happy about it, but I gave you a big spoon. – That’s quite the spoon.
– Aunt Edna’s green bean casserole. It looks cold. Just the temperature–
I think you made it. Oh, look at that. – It’s delicious.
– (crew laughs) Take all of it. Alright, Alexa,
turn on satisfying ending. (Amazon Echo) Okay. It’s snowing. It’s a Christmas miracle. It is so satisfying. Thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. And thanks to Amazon
for sponsoring this episode. Soap! – You know what time it is.
– (Rhett and crew laugh) Hi, I’m Winter
from (unintelligible) Minnesota, and right now,
it’s winter time. It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. You too can ask Alexa
to turn on Christmas trees, and more, instantly.
To purchase your own Amazon Echo click the link
in the description. And click through to Good Mythical More,
where we are going to give you decorating advice, with Jen. Oh! Gifticality!
That means we’re donating – ♪(fanfare music)♪
– one thousand dollars to St. Jude Children’s Hospital,
to help them in their fight against childhood cancer. Join us by making a donation
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