Trying HIGH TECH Magnetic Wall Art! Room Decor HACK! 😱

Trying HIGH TECH Magnetic Wall Art! Room Decor HACK! 😱

I don’t even know what to call this
video I’m gonna be curious to see what I even titled it because I’ve never really
made a video just about like a piece of art but I am so mind blown this is
revolutionary this is gonna completely change the way that people design their
houses design their rooms oh my god no more nailing things into a wall I cannot
tell you how annoying it is shut up I’ve nailed so many things into this ball
when I move out they’re gonna be like yo why is it so holy though yeah hey guys
it’s Adrian Finch welcome back to my channel today I’m just gonna tell you
about this amazing company that I found that makes magnetic wall art so I
basically was browsing the web found them thought it was like the coolest
thing ever and I’m constantly someone who just wants to switch up the look of
my room or my house I get really a DD and like tired of things really quickly
and I think my room is super cute I love how it was before but I just wanted to
make a change and switch it up a little bit
so I decided to get some of these not prints they’re like metal prints from a
company called dis plate it is like the coolest thing ever you guys and they
have so many designs on their website I was so pleasantly surprised at this so
anyway I posted a picture on my Instagram and people started freaking
out like asking me where they were from they’re just so cool that’s not even a
joke you guys like literally this is what happened so I was like I’m gonna
make a video about it okay so as I said they’re magnetic posters they’re very
thin lightweight super easy to use very very high quality you can tell on the
back they have simple hanging instructions with these magnets so all
you do is peel off the foil put it against the wall and hold it there for
20 seconds and then after that you can pull this off put another one on
whatever you want okay this is so cool so I ordered size large but they have
all sorts of different sizes as you can see they also have all sorts of
different collections from like different artists which i think is
really cool so I basically made like a little wish list on the website and then
got them sent so thank you just so you for sending these to me they have a ton
of like city maps and city lights they have cute little animals they have like
skylines they have vintage things vintage travel posters they have movie
posters everything is so cool and artistic I don’t even know what else to
say I think this is just a a unique way to be able to switch up
your decor often so kind of once you decide like where you want photos for
example in that corner where I had that one picture frame I know that I want a
picture frame they’re always it’s not like I’m just gonna rearrange my
furniture all the time so now that that is there I can easily switch these out
for different videos or just for different moods they’re just so nice I
can add some color over there if I wanted this can make a really awesome
gift idea I’m into it dude I honestly can’t wait until I have like an office
or a separate room where it can do work in because I’m just gonna go ham with
these and just decorate the entire wall and like have it be a filming background
or just part of my office space I love this so anyway I just had to share it
with you I could not wait any longer so I hope that you guys find these cool let
me know down below what your favorite one is that I got if you guys end up
buying any definitely tag me on Instagram or Twitter
no not Twitter I never go on Twitter but on Instagram or your stories and I want
to see what you guys got they are offering me a discount code so the link
will be down below and the code will be on the screen and also down below if you
guys want to get your own and in a weird way even though it’s not tag I kind of
felt like oh it’s like a high tech he’s an art sort of because it’s just really
smart so get yours down below I love them I really don’t even know what else
to say I just wanted to come on here and be like yo they’re really cool so I’m
constantly looking for ways to like redesign my room as I already said
anyway you guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed seeing me kind
of redecorate my bed space and over there if you guys are new subscribe to
my channel like this video so that we can get some likes I don’t know and of
course you can always follow me on my other social I love you guys so much
thanks again for watching I’ll see you in my next video bye

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  2. When it comes to taking the magnetic parts off the walls, does it remove easily or will it potentially take off the wall paint? Asking as a college student lol living in student housing ☺

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