– Barrel roll. Oh, hey, today, I’m going
to do paint pouring. Paint pouring, paint pouring,
paint pouring, paint pouring. Enunciate the ing or it becomes a completely
different thing, backwards barrel roll. Are you ready to paint pouring? Shut up, I was talking to Kelly. I hope you enjoyed the intro. It took me 45 minutes to edit. What is this? Is this a giant pad? This not a litter box, don’t
you dare get any ideas. You gonna help me open it? You get the bottom half, I’ll get the top half, quitter. Help me out. You lazy bum. Go play with that. I got a Go Pro, but I don’t
know how to use it yet. I’m a Go Amateur. I got these little Illuminati pyramids, to hold up my canvas. (thuds) Oh, you can’t trust the Illuminati. You know what pyramids, for being the most sound
structure in history, y’all are really screwing this up. So, my girlfriend just
got a new apartment, he says as he pans over
to the second camera. But she ain’t got no
paintings on the walls. See where I’m going with this? Someone sent me all this
to try paint pouring, okay? They also sent me this but
I don’t know what it does? Improves flow. Well, that’s what this
pad thing was for, right? The pyramid, the greatest
architectural design of our lifetime. I disagree. If the glove don’t fit you must
have bought the wrong size. This the first the finger,
don’t get offended. Oh no, it was the middle finger. I’m so sorry. Just get in there. All right, cap, you’re gonna be working
with me put a glove on. Glove, yeah, there you go. Right hand, there you go. And then I’ll put the left one on. Your glove fell off, come here. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Left, okay, here? Don’t bite me I’m just trying to help you. I ripped through the glove
because I am a strong strong man. I’m gonna use your glove okay? Yours don’t really fit
me because you’re a cat. Pyramids the greatest– (laughs) (claps) Pyramids aren’t as good as you think. Can you open that for me? Can’t get yours open either? I’m assuming I put this stuff on top, so the paint pours correct, I don’t know. I like the added cat hair
everywhere, nice touch. Pyramids, rub it. If you want to help, put gloves on. Ancient Egyptians believed pyramids were the most structurally
sound architectural design and that’s why they had did that, little did they know they were wrong. Now I don’t know how to paint pour. Oh from what I know about paint. Hey, no, get off. I told you wear gloves . Actually do what you’re
supposed to do and pour. Well, this isn’t how it looks. Okay, you’re on it, now, you’re– Okay, now that the cats tracking the paint all throughout the house, we can continue. This isn’t going great. Woof, yeah. The greatest piece of structure
in the world, pyramids. Okay, something’s gonna happen. Okay, so we Google how to paint pour. (sneeze) Hello? They just put a whole
bunch of paint in a cup and then poured it. Kind of like what the
name says you should do. We’re going heavy on the paint. (squeeze) Excuse me. (laughs) Sorry. – It doesn’t look yours. – Mine doesn’t pour. Mine looks like when you’re trying to get the last
bit of honey out of a jar. It just won’t come out. I only get one at this, okay. I hear you, yep, let it out. This is what I got. Shut up. She’ll love it, she has to. She’s obligated. We’re in a relationship. Close your eyes. And before you open them, what do you think about pyramids? – Like the most structurally
sound things in the world? – Yes. – Yeah. – All right. That’s a paint pour for your apartment. – AW babe. – So you can put it in your apartment. – Wait, wait, wait, is it dry? – No, you hate it? – I love– – You hate it. – I’ll put it in the laundry room. – That’s a closet. – Yup. The thing is like I’m
going for like a minimalist like bare wall aesthetic. – There’s not a lot
going on in this picture. That is a minimalist pour paint. – The cab did a good job too. – Yeah. – I did most of it. There’s a whole different
painting underneath this. It has layers. It’s an Ogre. I picked these colors for you. – Why? – I really wasn’t expecting
you to ask me that question. (laughs)

100 thoughts on “TRYING PAINT POURING!

  1. So your supposed to put the flood thingy in the cup then put all the paint in it and then tip the canvas around and your all

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