Tuto peinture acrylique : DIY Tableau Tropical simple et relaxant SUB français n°105

Tuto peinture acrylique : DIY Tableau Tropical simple et relaxant SUB français n°105

HI everyone! And welcome to IdéesDécoPeinture. With a canvas of A4 size. We will start making the background I take the color painting “salmon”. And I also take a big, flat brush. I spread the paint over the entire canvas. I wet the brush to soften the hairs. but a little too much… That’s why I’ll go through two layers of paint. in order to the color is uniform Now let’s take a pencil I will mark a bit stronger for the video. But you, mark it lightly so you can easily erase We will make the shape of the tropical leaves. and a line for the orientation of the stem. Once done, let’s go to the details of the sheet First we will paint the leaves. I will take the paint color “rose bonbon” and with a fine round brush. I will paint a first layer in pink. It’s time to put a relaxing music and relax. Take your time coloring Now a second layer passes In this way the color will take well. Now I take the white gesso to paint 3 more sheets. and pass two layers too On the 3rd sheet, paint it after green bamboo color. Then dilute the green bamboo and a darker green with a little water. And with the fine brush we will make the foliage. Where we made the inclined stem. Let’s trace leaf by leaf with the tip of the brush very lightly. without pressing too much, orient your canvas in a comfortable way It is a good exercise for the doll. Your hand stays up without leaning. vary the shades of green and the first layer do not mark several times in the same place before it dries Now we can erase the pencil traces that remain. Now I take the “tropical” template A brush for stencil and black paint. Find the materials on the site ideesdecopeinture.com Take the shape of flamenco with the brush. You can stick with an adhesive tape around the flamenco to avoid stains. Remove while still stain with a damp cloth. The second flamenco I want him inclined so… I take the imprint of the inclined head and then the body straighly. On the left side the toucan. The legs of my flamenco were not good. so while it’s still fresh, it wiped the legs with the wet clout Now he straightened his legs It’s time to put your favorite message in the center of the painting. Here I opted for the template “citation n ° 8” Pay attention to the bristles of the brushes for a good impression I wet it a little too much and the black wanted to stain. Clean the remaining traces Monumental error that I made Put the varnish layer with the black color still fresh! The black began to drool, so i quickly dry to limit the damage. You wait at least 2 hours if you want to put a varnish. And voilà! I hope you liked it and see you soon. BYE BYE

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  1. Bon retour parmi nous, je t'attendais avec impatience. J'espère que ton atelier fonctionne bien. Tu m'as manqué je te suis depuis tes débuts sur Youtube. Une très bonne année à toi. Bisous

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