Tutorial: Spray Paint Space Painting (Planets, Mountains, Stars)

Hey guys, have you ever seen those fancy awesome space paintings made by street artists, or online and thought to yourself, man I wish I could do that, well, you’ve sorta come to the right place I mean, I’m fairly new at this, soooo, it’s the basics that’s what matters. This tutorial will get you started, and the basics are usually a good place to start. First things first you’ll need to find a
place to work. I recommend somewhere outside in a more open space area. Once you have confirmed you have a place to work, the next step is getting the supplies. Here’s what you need. Some poster board that is glossy. You can use regular poster board but it makes the image look matte. If that’s what you’re looking for, then do that. I just prefer the shiny. 🙂 Size doesn’t matter, whatever works for you. Next is magazine paper. Though I’ve seen newspaper work as well, I’ve never personally tried it. Obviously you’ll need spray paint. the colors are up to you beyond black and white which are necessary. I use Rustoleum but if another brand works for you then whatever. Make sure it’s glossy spray paint. You’ll also probably want a palette knife which is this thing, there are loads of different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to use this tool specifically, you can use something similar. Next is circular objects they can be any
size you want and made out of anything. I just use random crap that I found around my house. Just as long as it works. Gloves are very helpful and useful. Seriously, this stuff is murder to get off your hands. Spend the three bucks and get a pack of surgical gloves. It’s worth it. Also, you’ll probably want mask for, you know, obvious reasons. And optional final thing is something to
spray-paint on since this crap is permanent you probably don’t want your driveway looking like a rainbow. Buuut if you do send pictures because that sounds really cool. If you’ve got all your stuff, it’s time to get started. Set stuff up! Put on your masks and gloves, lay down your cardboard, or whatever you’re painting on, set up the paper so it’s glossy side up. For those of you using matte paper, whichever side looks prettier. Line up whatever colors you want to use. To help myself work faster, I usually take off the caps. Put your magazine paper, circular objects, and palette knife, or equivalent, in an easy to reach position and let’s get the ball rolling. Once you’ve got an idea, or if you’re just following along with this tutorial, it’s time to start painting. Keep in mind this stuff can dry quick, so you want to work as quickly as possible. Pick whatever colors you want for your planets Just pile them on top of each other. Try to be somewhat light with the amount of paint you use as it adds up fast. Once satisfied with your colors, add black on top. Grab some magazine paper, crumple it up a bit, and lay it on top. Gently press then lift off. It’s like magic. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Keep doing it until you’re happy with the texture. then take your black and paint crescent shadows where you want your shadows to go, as this is a planet and they are round. Wait a minute or so for the paint to dry then put on your circular objects. The planets are basically done. 😀 Time for the next step 😮 Mountains, or cliffs, or whatever you want to call them, are made in a similar fashion as the planets. Paint colors, paint black, magazine paper for texture. Main difference is instead of laying the paper, you press it with your fingers to guide the texture. Usually I do mountains and black of space at the same time. If I start with the space, spraying the colors usually accidentally covers my black. I start with the colors forming the general shape of where I want them to be. Once done, I work fast so the paint doesn’t dry and fill in the black. Quickly grabbing magazine paper, go and form the mountains. While the paint is still wet, grab the palette knife and go over the mountains, outlining the shape and adding the illusion of extra cliffs. Once done, *sigh* take a breather! Final stretch! Time to give space some ‘umph’! Grab another color, whichever you want and however many you want, hold the can somewhat farther away, and spray lightly. We don’t want the color to over power the black, just enhance it. Use your free hand to block the mountains if they’re in the way. Spray anywhere you like, once satisfied, it’s time to grab the white, because it’s time for your space to twinkle with stars. This is the main reason why you want gloves. I like to use my fingers because that’s the easiest for me. But you can use whatever you want, like a toothbrush. This takes a bit of practice and trial and error. Feel free to try it on your cardboard for a few times first. Spray some white on your fingers, do some test flicks to get used to it, then do it for real. Put however many stars you want anywhere you want. If you get any on your mountains, no big deal, just spray whatever colors you need on your finger or palette knife and gently paint over it. We made it! Time for my favorite part, lifting up the circular objects to see those pretty little planets. Carefully pull them off and bask in the glory of your new found skills. Time to show off to your friends and family and make them all jealous of your amazingness. Congrats, you finished a painting! And not only that, a super special awesome space painting. Whenever you’re ready jump back
in keep going if you want. Experiment, try new things, use different tools, get high just kidding, AND HAVE FUN! Feel free to send me your creations, I’d love to see what you’ve made. Till next time, thanks for watching!

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