TV Stand or Media Console! How To Make A DIY Entertainment Center

TV Stand or Media Console! How To Make A DIY Entertainment Center

in this video i’ll be showing you how I
made this TV console it has plenty of shelf room to store TV equipment but
also has two side components that I can store miscellaneous items or even be
utilized as dressers so let me show you how I did it this entire project is made
up from three sheets of plywood and if you build it you can play around with
color schemes but I wanted my to in per partment to be painted white and the
center shells and internal shelving to be walnut I first started by breaking
down my sheets of plywood on my workbench using my track saw and I do
have a set of plans for this project so if you’re interested in a materialist
and a cut list to work off of look in the description for a link
after getting the pieces down to a manageable size I took them over my
table saw and cut them down even further utilizing the sliding table portion of
my new saw for the first time now since I want most of this build to be painted
I went ahead and laid out all of the parts that will end up white and prep
them to get a coat of paint this meant running my palm RS over all of the edges
and getting them nice and smooth then dusting them off and rolling on some
white I don’t know why but it just felt kind of funny doing all of the finishing
as my second step when it came to assembling I pulled out two of my right
angle clamp at Jegs and grabbed the side to attach to the top since this project
will be endorsed I stuck with using type on original wood glue then pre-drilled
and attached with screws next was to attach the Shelf since the front edge of
these will be exposed I purchased some iron-on walnut veneer edge banding to
wrap the front and back edges I started by placing the shelf in my super jaws
tearing off a strip of banding a little bit longer than the side and then iring
it on Rockler actually makes a very handy edge banding trimming tool and I
actually have one I just couldn’t locate it so I used a chisel to clean up the
edges instead if you use a chisel you just need to make sure to keep it nice
and flat so it doesn’t dig into the veneer of the space and gouge it I
repeated the process on all of the shells for the compartment as well as
the longer shelves we’ll be spanning between the two ends
in just a tip I use my armored toll mobile workbench as not only a side
workstation but also placed a stop to keep my veneer from unwinding as I was
pulling off these strips when that tops was done and it was time to drill a few
pocket holes to attach the shelves I cleared off the space and clamped my
auto adjusting armors hold jig in place using two scrap 2×4 outside supports
then drilled a few pocket holes into each side of the shelf you know I didn’t
know how I would like the walnut shelf but I think that this looks pretty
snazzy now to actually attach them I flipped the unit I made earlier so that
the open end was facing up you can see I cut for scraps to size to act as stand
off and make attaching the shelves a lot quicker and easier this will be the
bottom once we’re done so I made sure to not only place the edge bandit side of
the show facing front but also that the pocket holes were facing the bottom
after the shells were in I attached what will be the bottom piece by doing it
this way you won’t have to work in a tight little nook to attach the shelves
next I repeated with the second compartment this one I wanted to add one
more shelf to the center so that there would be three total I used the same
spacers but cut them down to the needed size I also left – shelves but you could
also very easily turn a few into drawers to cover up the screws on the top side I
made sure do you countersink the heads past the surface and then I just dabbed
on a little bit of joint compound on top I used this to fill in any small boys on
the edges of the plywood as well okay so let’s get it up to a workable height and
throw a back on it this was just screwed directly onto the back so nice and
simple the doors are also very simple but they need the hinges attached first
I’m using some concealed hinges and you can order a template to counter bore a
large hole to sink the hinge cup into I’m
to make sure the seat engines would be spaced equally from each other and also
made sure they would it be a place in the way of a show then use a Forstner
bit to make the counterbore you know you’ve gone deep enough when the hinge
can fit in it flush then I used the screws that came with the hinges to
attach it to make sure I was attaching portion B right in line with portion a
on the door I first got a piece of scrap to the same height as my door and marked
off exactly where the center of the hinges fell on it this way I can hold my
measuring scrap up to my cabinet and transfer these marks to the inside and
this will give me an exact centerline to now use my provided jig to pre-drill the
two holes needed to attach portion B so if I did everything right then the
should attach and close easily I call that X except now these engines do come
with readjusted features on them so next I played with turning each one to get
different gaps and spaces to close up nicely after repeating the same steps to
hang the second door and get it fully adjusted I removed both doors from their
body to add a handle now if you remember the final look this handle isn’t a
standard door pool it’s a big rectangle made from the walnut ply that is also an
accent piece to break up the big white space of these boxes I first marked off
where these handles would need to be placed then use my palm RS to remove the
majority of the paint in that area to attach them I used a quick setting wood
glue by tight bond called thick and quick and this cuts the wait time down
to about 15 minutes however it is worth noting that thick and quick is
unaffected by finishes so maybe removing the paint was unnecessary to avoid using
nails that would be seen I waited both handles down with just a
few heavy ish items in my shop alright and next was to move things inside the
house and get things set up currently this room has carpet in it but I will be
ripping it up and laying down a hardwood floor I’m leading with that because the
carpet does prevent the doors from easily opening and closing
but I’m not worried about it right now there are three shelves that span in
between the two units to connect them to hang these shelves I rotated the units
on their side and attached three ledges for the shelves to sit on once again I’m
using thick and quick but also since this is an area people won’t see I used
a few Brad nails you clamp them in place wallet dried and you can see that I’m
using a square to make sure that these are going on straight once all six
replaced I could move the outside unit roughly to their position then slide the
three shelves on the top and bottom are made from the walnut Playa but the
center one I made from a sheet of glass I picked up from a local glass supplier
you can either set the shelves in place and let gravity hold them there or
secure them from the underside using screws and that’s actually the entire
project done I can’t believe how simple it was but I love the way that it turned
out looking before Colin equipped I’m gonna go ahead and hang a TV which
actually brings me to this video sponsor which is LG I decided to create this TV
stand for this room because LG was kind enough to send me the awesome new 2019
LG OLED TV it is incredibly thin and has a gorgeous floating glass design it’s
got an AI pitcher that enhances pictures on screen and improves the detail and it
optimizes brightness to the best level regardless of the surrounding the AI
sound is awesome because it identifies audio sources and provides optimal sound
for each one the TV even has special recognition technology that allows it to
redesign sound to fit your space which is perfect for someone like me because I
enjoy a good sound but I’m not too savvy on playing with the different levels the
AI smart features on this lg tv include built-in Google assistant Amazon Alexa
and all of the best smart home tech on the market if you’d like to check out
the new LG OLED TV line for yourself I’ve got links down in the description
for you to learn more thank you so much to LG for making movie night at my house
even better and of course for supporting what I do
I think I – even outro you get down on their level and they just think it’s
it’s loving time you know there’s such a pretty piece of furniture I’m really
loving the way that this came out it is such a dead simple build so if you’re
leaving either a TV stand or a dresser or just some additional storage and are
limited on space I really love the combo Ness of this I can have a set of plans
if you’re interested in building your own and of course I have a link for you
everything that I used in the video down in the description so that’s it for this
one I hope that you enjoyed it and I will see you on whatever I’m building

53 thoughts on “TV Stand or Media Console! How To Make A DIY Entertainment Center

  1. You definetly need a stand in some sort and it's not a bad idea to screw in those shelves because theoreticly they could rock apart and the Glass could shatter down

    Sry for my english I'm a legastenik German

  2. Hey April, I was just wondering if you're mispronouncing the name of the glue on purpose (you're saying thick and quick, while on the bottle it says quick and thick… I know, I'm sorry just OCD about it). Regardless, I've been following you for long time and I really love your content. The TV unit looks awesome

  3. I don't usually remember to comment but, I love all of your videos. And I always wave back.

    Keep up the great work, April.

  4. would you do a short skirt under each of the cabinets? even around 5/8th of an inch(or 1.5cm). then you wouldn't have problems opening and closing those lovely doors, and the skirt would be mostly hidden in the carpeting.

  5. This is a nice simple and stylish build, but it seems a bit simple for your skill level April, would be even better to see you do some basic joinery in it, doesn't need dovetails and fancy joints, but maybe some dados for the shelves to sit in, or some mitered corners would just make it more interesting.
    To make it more accessible for us less experienced makers, maybe do it using simple power tools. I'm always interested in seeing different ways to use a router.

    I do always enjoy seeing your builds, I'm on the short side, and it's great to see how you find solutions for handling materials and working on larger things, and everything you build is very approachable. This build has already given me ideas for building my own Entertainment Center.

  6. Pretty sweet. I know you aren't worried about the carpet but a scrap square of plywood underneath the end cabinets that's an inch smaller on all sides would probably be enough to provide perfect clearance no matter what floor covering is involved.

  7. Great video April! Another way to stop the veneer unravelling is by pulling from the inside of the rolland if you ever can't find the end banding cutter try using any scrap piece of metal that has a 90 degree corner. It creates really clean and quick cuts that never dig into the face veneers:)

  8. I have that same t-shirt. I ordered it from your website. It's one of my favorites. It's soft and people always look at it and smile.

  9. April, gracias por la idea es increíblemente fácil este diseño, pero nunca se me hubiera ocurrido, saludos desde México, gracias por compartirlo, un abrazo.

  10. Looks very nice! Please be very wary of cross cutting against a fence (about 54 sec in). It could very well kick back on you and better to put a guide block (ahead of the blade) to get the distance and then the offcut will not be forced against anything…

  11. Nice project, April~! I wasn't sure about the "pulls" when the video first started, but seeing how the lines of the top & bottom shelves align with the pulls, they look pretty good.

  12. As others have stated you still will need feet.
    Could be simple half inch squares attached at corners (wood would work, but even hard rubber feet would do)
    Because if you don't you will scratch the daylights out of your wood floor when you install it.

  13. great design, nice vid, funny it's a TV stand but the TV is on the wall. Just being semi funny. Going to go get those plans for sure.

  14. Nice project. I’d like to pick that up off the floor and screw the cabinets to the wall to make a floating cabinet look.

  15. The length of the glass shelf seems too long to only be supported on the ends. Hope you don't put anything heavy on it. Hopefully at least it's tempered. Seems it should be supported in the middle somehow. Love the look of walnut with an oil finish!

  16. É nois meninas ná marcenaria 💃💃💃já sou mais uma escrita nesse canal e vamos que vamos yes 👍👍👍👍

  17. I hate unsightly wires. Even just one. Period.
    Cut a couple holes, and use a Carlon single gang (or dual gang) low voltage box, and a couple recessed faceplates.
    Snake your wire(s) behind the wall.

  18. Built a new woodshop this year 18×52 with vacumn system and all, Have a 24×36 on the side of that. Build furniture with African Mahogany, and cherry, walnut, and oak cut from the hillsides. Good luck on your project.

  19. That's a neat project and it turned out beautifully. That TV sure could use a FanTron, though!

  20. That is a very nice design. Did you look at running the grain horizontal on the door pulls / handles? Just a thought, but very clean and simple Design

  21. When the youngest rented a 1st apartment, we HAD to donate furniture(sticking with that story). In the move, our console became broken. The door on one side never did fit. After seeing your educational vid…It just clicked After breaking it. Love this Modern minimalist look, no obvious handles, this is on the LIST. Thanks for the inspiration!

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