Types of Floor Lamps: How to Choose

Types of Floor Lamps: How to Choose

Floor lamps do a lot for a room. They can
increase overall light, add task lighting or just make
a room beautiful. The type and style you buy depends on how
you’re going to use it. A torchiere lamp floods the ceiling with light
just like overhead lighting does. Place one in the
living room, bedroom or any room you need ambient lighting.
For activities like reading a book or writing a grocery list, look for a floor lamp like
this. The downward shade provides the focused light
you need. To cover more ground, try a multidirectional
floor lamp. You can twist and turn the lights in
all directions – it’s like three lamps in one.
When deciding on style, look around the room at your existing decor and finishes for style
cues. Do you have a neutral couch? A patterned lampshade
is always fun, or try one in a bold color to breathe new life into an outdated lamp.
Is your room a tad on the dark side? A linen or cotton lampshade lets more light through.
Wider shades do too. Just make sure the lamp shade covers the light
socket. And you also want to be sure the light bulb
is at least 3 and a half inches from the shade on all
sides. Once that’s done, plug in your new lamp
and unplug with a good book.

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  1. Question: can you change a torchiere into a downward shaded lamp? The glass shade on my torchiere broke and replacement isnt an option as its more expensive than buying a new lamp altogether

  2. After I setup my floor lamps I like to get down to business and drop a giant deuce on my the lowe's toilet.

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