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  1. Like the way you described how to clean the nozzle, but isn't there a risk by removing it for a while that the remaining silicone uncovered in the cartridge could solidify?

  2. Another trick is when you start a new tube use the nozzle off the old tube and save the new one especially good if your doing a big job and using tube after tube etc

  3. Nice! I always keep nozzles as I often need another and keeping the nozzle on usually stops the tube curing in storage. Never thought of re-filling a tube though, will give that one a go!

  4. Brilliant ideas !! I've often wondered if I could reuse old tubes but never worked anything out !! Keep up the good work !!

  5. to keep your half used  silicone , adhiesive , ect.  , tubes , including super glue , wood glue , ect. , hand squeeze tubes , from drying up in between uses  , place a piece of shopping plastic bag or plastic wrap over opening of tube  , screw nozzle or cap back on . keeps air from drying up half used tube or bottle . feel free to pass this tip on . i used to throw away and wasted many of half dried up tubes and bottles , before i pulled my head out

  6. if you have a pointing repair to brick or stonework you can keep refilling these tubes and apply the sand and cement quickly and more efficiently.

  7. Who'd have thought? Now that's both ingenious and thrifty. One for the chefs out there as well next time they want to ice a cake! ……. LOL. Well done Chez!

  8. Hello, absolutely fantastic hack!! I willove try this out soon. What about ready mixed filler? Would you recommend that? Providing the nozzle is covered after.

  9. Nice tip Chez .
    My tip for the nozzels…..Put the nozzel in your microwave and set to full power and cook it for about 30 seconds , remove and leave to cool for a couple of hours and you will have a rock solid cured plug that you can push out .

    P.S    Don't let your missus catch you.doing it….!!!   : ))  

  10. Neat trick, can give it to missus so she can do her cake icing with! 😋 also leave the silicon to cure then pull the bung out ready for the next use.

  11. Open it up and leave it to go hard its much easier to pull out the silicone from the nozzle or tube once its gone hard it all comes out in one piece and you dont have to waste wipes cleaning out the silicone and the tube is cleaner than you could get by wiping it out – last thing you need are hard remnants of silicone still inside.

    I use mine for grouting and for greasing engine & filling gearbox oil – makes it so much easier and less mess.
    Great tips as always.

  12. I use them to inject plasterboard adhesive to put a 'dab' where I want one for a solid fixing on a drylined wall. Once it's gone off and the PB has dried out use a normal wall plug/fixing and no problem with overtightening dishing the PB.

  13. The number of nozzles i have chucked and then wasted money on new ones….I dare not think!

    From now on they will come off and go in the sun to dry out and then be reused!

    Great tip!

  14. hmmmm not into wood that much…
    but i might use it for me cake dressing…mmmmm (ofcourse i will not = toxic elements may remain)

    but im sure i can use this for many applications…..
    i like this one very much 

    yes DIYers throw nozzels all the time…so i can collect it from them :0 eh eh eh
    as for cleaning out the cured silicon from nozzels
    the same can be done for the small gasket makers (small silicon dispenser /toothpaste style container )

  15. Bloody genious! I seem to spend half my life waiting for the white glue to reach the end of the bottle, especially in winter..not any more, thanks for the insight.

  16. For the uncut nozzles which you can't fit a screwdriver i let them cure and then blow compressed air through it. Pops clean like a charm.

  17. You buy ur nozzles?? here in Australia we have a store called Bunnings and they have a open box on the shelves full of nozzles for free. Grab a couple tubes and fill your pockets with the nozzles lol

  18. my tip is not to use a screw driver.let it cure in the nozzle at the big end of the nozzle screw in a large screw then pull out

  19. the best tubes to reuse are the caulk tubes. the caulk will wash out with water . the normal nozzles wont fit thow.great tip on the wood glue . I will use that

  20. That is just brilliant…..I am embarrassed to think how many times I have struggled with bottles of wood glue…..lol….thanks Ultimate Handyman.

  21. Now, I am all for recycling. Trust me. Brass, lead and copper salvaged from refits always goes into the recycling box. Just a shame that nowadays with all of the metal thieves that I have to provide proof of identity whenever I weigh in my scrap, which is taxed as income. Bugger! But another top tip for the DIY-er especially. I usually pop a screw into the nozzle on 1/2 used cartridges so that the nozzles contents doesn't cure/harden and use on my next jobs. I never *chuck (throw away) my un-used nozzles and so rarely run out. Suffice to say all spent cartridges get thrown into the recycling bin. *Apologies for the northern vernacular. Chuck = dispose of

  22. Very good tips, but the title is a bit misleading. It would make more sense to call it "silicone cartridge/tube hack," it seems to me.:)

  23. bingo boyo, give that man a gold star, now if someone can tell me how best to stop the ends from drying out in as simple a method as is humanly possible ill consider giving all the money saved to a charity of my choosing, yes I'm referring to me 🙂

    ps good tip cheers

  24. I want to know how you stop the caulk from worming out the end even when the pressure is off. Makes for a messy tube end dunt it. E by gum, love the accent me being a makem and all. Have done this before for when pointing bricks, makes a clean neat job just slows you down a bit refilling.

  25. Too bad we don't have removable nozzles in the United States. Ours are either permanently pressed onto the tube or the tube and nozzle are a single piece. And few have caps. They want you to use a little bit and then have the rest become useless so you buy another. Such a wasteful system.

  26. Cheap Charlie recommends this trick. As caulking is nearly $3.00 a tube and nozzles are two a penny , it might be possible to save buccoo bucks on a building site. He could advertise on eBay and make a motza.

  27. You could also fill them with drywall mud and use them to fill small holes, cracks, etc. without having to open up a whole tub of mud, dig in a putty knife, and pull out way more than you need to fill a small hole.

  28. One tip for saving nozzles is to remove the nozzle from the tube you have just finished and place it straight on to your next full tube. This saves loosing a small amount of silicone each time and ensures you have tonnes of spare nozzles too.

  29. Silicone residue and wood glue should not be put together – you'll get adhesion problems with the wood glue being contaminated.

  30. I honestly don't know why you would use a used silicone tube as a wood glue dispenser,pretty bloody stupid really

  31. Excellent idea for wood glue as this is always hassle decanting into squeeze bottles from 5 litre packs. Going to give this a try as looks much better application. Thanks for tip.

  32. I see so many little things to seal the end of the tube but I always do one trick and nothing needed. When you are finished using it make a little more come out the end and carefully let it dry that way. When you need to use it again just pull the 'plug' out and keep going. Been doing this for 30 years.

  33. The dry plug out of the nozzle come in very handy for rubber plugs just cut them to the size you need for example I lost the rubber filler plug out of my hydrolic jack and just cut one out of the plug hasn't let me down yet

  34. Nice tip – any ideas on those epoxy nozzles that have the spirals inside to mix the two parts? I'd love to be able to use those more than once.

  35. I can't see myself ever using this idea for woodglue. I did use this idea 30 years ago before calk in colours came out. I would mix white no gaps with whatever paint colour i required. Today it's all done for you.

  36. Seen alot of these "hack" video and they turn out to be pointless and useless. Have to say this isn't!!! A great idea well done sir . For any joiner or wood worker this is a top idea. Now gimmie my heart 🙂

  37. I've just started learning a new job (hopefully) doing caulking with silicone, and was amazed at how much wasted silicone is thrown out. I never knew the bottom of caulk tubes came out! Nice one mate

  38. Great tip. But could you explain again how to remove the air from the tube as I couldn't stop mine from pumping out grout that I had put in. But it worked a treat. Thanks your the man. 👍👍

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