Hi! The movie you are watching is slightly different from the rest of the material you watch on my channel. I recorded it quite experimentally and it was originally meant to go to a completely different channel, which, however, will not rise. But I sacrificed to him anyway a lot of time and work and I wanted it very much throw it on the channel. I don’t care about views completely I just wish you could give your opinion or see me Unboxall, in such a different, slightly more documentary, educational role. And generally how did I go as a presenter. This is not a sponsored film I just had a friend who enabled me to visit such a factory and I wanted to try. And of course everything was recorded before the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. Maybe someone will quarantine your time. Nice watch! Welcome to the first episode of the new channel! I landed today in Mielec at the place where airplanes, tanks are produced and probably the most fighting machines in all of Europe. 馃槈 We will see how it looks and how it is produced. It has existed since 1997 a place from which over 4,000 depart daily riding, swimming and flying construction. A huge factory with an area of ​​23,000 square meters produces about one million sets every year and half a billion blocks and it’s hard to believe that all this is happening so close to us in Podkarpackie, in Poland. COBI: Production of building blocks Let’s check how it looks inside. And after a while we are already inside, as you can see beats in us huge, sunny, COBI logo and we can also meet a giant penguin from Madagascar … also from blocks. And we can also meet … – Hi Paweł! – Hi! – I am Artur Machlowski. I am a Brand Manager at COBI and I have the pleasure of showing you around our production plant today. – Let’s see how it looks. We are in a factory and we have a lot of bricks there … However, we will go to the Design Department at the very beginning, where it all arises from the beginning. – But i hope, that we will see some machines here today because I’m curious. – We will see more than one machine! xD Even with this amount of blocks they are not produced mass. Here, each block must know its place in the right set, and each model must be carefully before entering production designed. This is a task for eight specialized designers. – We are in the Design Department! I invite you. – Oh, how nice here! Good day. – Our sets are designed here and the head of the entire Design Department is Damian, who has the best job in the world! Well he sits all day playing with blocks and paying him for it. ; D – I envy. Hi! – Hi! Well, it’s not exactly like Artur says, because work is work. We don’t play with blocks here … and so we come, we build what we want, we go out when we want … We have to implement the company’s assumptions and implement projects, that customers want, which they would like to buy. – In fact, everything can go wrong and the project is for it to make sure that this scheme, this block model in advance is good and will work correctly and everything will be OK. – Yes, design is the basis this is the starting point … – No model without it? – No no… You could sell a box and put some random blocks there, but who will be interested in this? We have to build a model that when put on the shelf says “WOW! This is great!” Each year, the Design Department carries out around 200 projects, which will then go to production and to stores. But the real start of creating a block begins in a completely different place. – We’re in the tool room. Come on, Paweł! Here you should move along these yellow lines. Because they work here all the time. In short, tools are produced here … mainly molds for injection molding machines, which make blocks. See how it looks! This is practically the most important process of the entire production. Each block must be folded to the hundredths of a millimeter so the form itself must be made with the same care. Milling machines, lathes, and other numerically controlled machines. Any, even the smallest cut in the form will later be reflected in the shape of a block. So you make molds and metal parts because metal bricks don’t have? – No no! Definitely not! Molds are mainly produced here … Don’t touch !!! Here is the production plant and here we don’t touch anything! – But heavy! It’s probably not for blocks? – Definitely not! This is against Jutubers; P There are about 2000 shapes of all COBI blocks and molds for squeezing them must not be missing. – This is Form Magazine. – So I understand that there are forms for all types of blocks? Bigger, smaller … – Yes, here is the Form Magazine. These forms serve that under very high pressure Heated ABS, i.e. this granulate, is injected. – Are there any presses that extrude them from these forms? – In a sense they are presses, they are called injection molding machines. We will go see the machine park. – And each of these injection molding machines at the moment produces another type of brick? – Yes, there are a lot of them here so this production goes really very very fast. – Welcome to the next episode, today we will crush COBI blocks under … What’s it called? – Injection molding machine. – Under the electric injection molding machine! What are these blocks made of, how did it come from? Is this some plastic? What is this? – Yes, this is granulate. This is ABS. That’s what it’s called They are just … such particles … – A bit like cat litter! – Exactly! It looks like cat litter;) – But it’s still warm … – He’s also heated for high temperature and injected. This granulate is poured here … – Can you take such a sack for a kitty …? xD – Of course you’ll get one bag of granules for the cat. Pour this granulate inside he is heated and injected to form. The form crushes granules in a moment it will open and ready bricks will fall out. – The blocks that fall out in a box fall out. – These blocks are in the form separated by such guides This of course is later ground and again granules are made of it. ABS, or XD acrylonitrile butadiene styrene terpolymer gains flexibility already at about 200 degrees Celsius. This allows it to be freely formed and reused. The injection molding machines don’t have it easy. The best ones extrude up to 150 elements per minute. To maintain production continuity, 50 of these machines are constantly making new components. One day they can squeeze even up to several million new blocks. We are now going to the department, where the prints are put on the blocks. This is what the machine on which they are applied looks like block prints. – So this is really a brick printer? Is this literally printed on blocks? Does it apply mascara? – That’s exactly it. The stamp is soaked in paint and simply apply automatically on the block print. White is applied first, followed by black. White and black. And that’s how the sticker is made … – No! This is not a “sticker”! – Well, that’s how the print is made with the german cross? – Yes – And tell me Arthur what would happen if I put my finger under this stamp? – We can try, but if you lose your finger, nothing like that will happen. You will always be able to pick your nose with one of the nine fingers you will have; D XD XD XD The blocks are already manufactured. Now you just have to pack them in bags. Of course, the right machines do it, according to the appropriate scheme and the program that is prepared. You will see how these machines are … – Well, how would I want to buy blocks by weight? If it is possible? – It is possible. It is possible, but in really large quantities. Of course, we also sell so-called B2B that is, for business customers. – I’m ordering a COBI truck for myself … – These machines pack the blocks into bags, they wrap them, and these bags later go to the machine, which packs them into a cardboard box. – So let’s assume we are assembling TITANIC with COBI Here are the masts … here are the sides … here are the anchors … here are the people … – That’s exactly how it looks. If we go further … For example, an American WWII Corsair plane is packed here … Don’t touch because they are electrical devices! – So this machine is so vibrating she chooses a certain number of blocks herself and packs it in bags? – Not alone, because it was programmed earlier. Therefore, she translates in the right amount the right number of blocks There is no room for error here. The largest models contain up to three thousand blocks. Therefore, manual packaging is not an option here. And the end product of the sorting machine is one of several bags, which will go to the set. And how would I put one more block now? You’d better not put anything there because then … it can end up playing Counter Strike with your left hand only! ; D XD ROTFL – So this foil is chosen by itself. This machine packs everything by itself. It lands on tape. And any quality control? Something like that? – Yes, here is the machine that finally controls each of the sets, each of the bags. If the bag weighs too little or too much it’s that very, very, very sensitive weight, which controls the weight of each bag detects that the bag weighs too much or too little because for example the brick is damaged either too many blocks or too few – Are these bad, bad blocks that are useless? – These are very good blocks … – Can I get them? – These are very good blocks … Here we know why … there are two figurines. Just a machine by mistake she added two figurines. – Free giveaway? Is it as much as it should be? – So how do I put it, this incompatible bag should he shoot him back? – Yes, you can put him down. After producing all the bags, the set is practically ready. But they don’t go straight to packaging and shipping. They have their own semi-finished waiting room, in which they will wait along with the remaining 150,000,000 other blocks. – Here is a high warehouse, therefore here the blocks are stored on as many as six floors – A piece of bookshelf! – No … you won’t overturn it so easily! ; D However, please note that he is really huge … He stretches both this way and that way. – Can I ride a forklift? – NO! ; D These are pouches that are prepared for packing into cardboard boxes. – There are even more blocks here! – – There are a lot of blocks here … – Because we’re on the second floor, there are blocks up to the ceiling everywhere … – Yes, apart from the ground floor, of course … – The blocks are coming, the blocks are on the shelves, the blocks are everywhere … – Yes, smaller quantities of blocks are stored here. Therefore, there are several floors and these shelves they do not need such a heavy load. Artillery shells … – WITH COBI … round! xD Is it legal? … – Yes;) After all this sorting by machines, everything goes among others here? – Yes it is … and they end up here in the warehouse and from here according to the right quantities, they are delivered to the packaging machines where are they packed … – And shipped worldwide? – … on this conveyor belt. This conveyor belt transports blocks to the export warehouse where they are packed on pallets and sent basically all over the world. The primary market for us this is USA Germany and Poland. These are the three most important markets that they sell the most COBI bricks. – So today we learned how COBI blocks are made I hope you all already know and together we can produce our blocks … No … I’m just kidding. We already have good Polish blocks! Thank you for the tour! – Thanks! See you soon! – Maybe we will come across more unboxing here again someday! And so ends my adventure at COBI. Only today the factory will release another 4000 block sets from where they will go to all of Poland, Germany, America, Malaysia, Thailand or Pakistan. Let me know if you liked the material and where to make the next trip and thank you in advance for your evaluation and subscriptions. See you soon!


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