Unique Custom Wall Art

Unique Custom Wall Art

in this video I’m gonna be showing you
how I did this built-in wall art in my shop I didn’t abstract mountain scene
but the concept can easily be adapted to anything that you’re personally into so
let’s get into it members from trading tools was hanging
out with me in my shop and we ended up with an extra day to do a project since
my walls are made from full sheets of plywood I started by moving things off
the wall space where I wanted my mountain range to go
I quickly unscrewed it from my studs and then laid it flat on my workbench to get
started because I like to game plan beforehand I took the time to model the
scene I would be going after in a 3d modeling software this allowed me to get
a good visual and to make lots of changes before making any cuts it also
allowed me to quickly pencil out the scene on my sheet of plywood as I was
able to use different references such as the edge of the plywood to pull
measurements for the start and stopping point of each line you can see that I’m
using the track from my truck saw as my main straightedge for this however I did
pull on a variety of straight edges to use I first thought to make these lines
using a track saw but the problem would be round blade is that it will leave a
sloped cut and mating up to lines such as all the peaks wouldn’t come out
cleanly so instead of used the router with a router adapter for the track saw
this is an adapter that is attached to the base of the router and mates to the
trucks all track so that you can use the tracks all track to make straight lines
with the router that’s pretty cool you’ll see mark from Triton acting as my
pit crew as I called it and I do recommend having a second person on hand
if you take this route having two people to clamp and unclamp move and then re
clamp may this project go really quick we’re cutting in the lines I’m using a
quarter inch infinity spiral up cut bit which lets a really clean cut through
that veneer meaning I didn’t have a lot of messy tear out to deal with later on
after death I cut down about three eighths of an inch
after getting the second Mountain completely cut out I stopped a vacuum
out and man I was so excited that this was actually working out for the Sun I
swapped out that router adapter to the edge guide that comes with the router
you can use this not only as a regular edge guide but also as a circle cutting
jig it is not just in the base of the router in the same fashion then I found
Center stuck a brad nail in as a pin point and then made my circle cut quick
and easy so back to the track adapter to finish making all the straight line cuts
and we can move on to coloring it oh and I also how to fix a mistake I made on my
very first pun I overshot the stop point and by the time I realized that it was
far too pops to really do anything about it filling it in was pretty simple
I cut a strip from a scrap piece of ply that fit into the groove once everything
was cut of course we had to throw it up on the wall to see how it looked but
let’s go ahead and add some color to it to prep the sheet I first sanded all of
the grooves this was minimal since I was using a high-quality bit for the cutting
but I did wrap a carpenter’s pencil in sandpaper and run through each line to
knock down those little fuzzies then I used my palm ro s on the entire sheet
and I only use 220 grit here because I wanted to make sure I didn’t go through
that very thin veneer of the plywood then I played around on a scrap piece of
plywood with a few color options before going in on the real thing now I’m using
paint for this but I didn’t want to 1 into % cover up the grain of the ply so
I’m using the whitewashing technique where I add water to thin it out and
make it appear more like a stain I’m using a two-to-one ratio so two part
water to one part paint and once I had my color sorted and I knew which one was
going where I started applying with a foam brush like I said earlier I wanted
to leave the grooves raw for the meantime I worked in small sections so
that I could apply the color then quickly wipe off the excess using a
paper towel it was easy with a foam brush to not go
into another section with the coloring but I made a mess a few times whenever
it came to wiping it off I don’t know what I did but I also discovered that
using 220 grit sandpaper removes these spots
easy enough without going through the veneer so it’s nothing to freak out
about either way then it was the same process for these
snow caps and the Sun however on the snow caps
instead of wiping off the excess this white really just washed out way too
much so I just left it on to dry completely I left it all alone for
roughly about an hour to dry before throwing it up on the wall and it’s so
funny to me how much I love this you know I typically pick out my next build
based on what I either am most motivated to make or what I need the most however
this is why it’s fun to work with other people or to participate in things that
gives you parameters sometimes so what do you think I absolutely love this
project I’m really curious if you did a mural what would it be of be sure to
leave me a comment down below and tell me also in the description don’t forget
to check out links to everything I use in this project and also links to all of
my social media platforms if you too care to follow me in real-time on what
I’m building what I’m up to that’s it for this one I hope that you
enjoyed it I’ll see you on my next build

100 thoughts on “Unique Custom Wall Art

  1. Muito lindo… Perfeito! Parabéns por seus trabalhos; são maravilhosos. Ronaldo, São Paulo/Brasil

  2. I know there are a lot of CNC haters out there, but it would be fun to see how you did something like this on your big CNC. I just got a little Laguna IQ Pro and am trying to sort out how to make the most of it in a kind of hybrid (regular woodworking tools, hand tools, and CNC) small workshop. Enjoy your videos!

  3. Real nice result. A true professional can always fix small mistakes imperceptibly to others, you pulled that one off marvelously!

  4. I think you could've made it even more incredible by going bigger; over multiple sheets of plywood!

  5. Maybe my mural would be a woman's head with the sun's rays as the crown? I think that's a symbol of something I've seen somewhere.

  6. I like it. I watched the Triton video too. I hope you'll consider adding some of that more personalozation into your videos. The thinking aloud as you're working, the almost visible nature of your creative process.

  7. Отличная идея!! Молодец. 🙂 А если в круговую, по периметру.

  8. Hello from Ontario, April. Well done. What a great way to perk up the shop. Lots of folks just hang patterns or specialized jigs on the shop wall but a piece of art here and there is a great idea. Subscribed ages ago. Work safe.

  9. the routed style is nice. you've got me thinking now about how one might use the routed area too. lines with greater depth/relief? epoxy resin fill with color? route through and backlight with acrylic or epoxy infill (the sun?)

    the thinned paint may be my favorite part to give it some day one patina!

  10. What a fun project idea and superb results, I love it! It would be lovely to do similar murals around the shop in the same way, with similar abstract drawings.

    Out of interest, what are your stud spacings? It looks like 8' × 4' plywood, but less than 18" between centres?

  11. Nice project! I would like to see a track saw with a jig saw attachment so you get clean straight lines with less waste.

  12. April i think you're a very talented person and that is a very good idea looks very nice. 😊🌹

  13. Maybe finish it with clear to really brighten it up and bring out the beauty. It’s gorgeous!

  14. Hey April. Lovely design – it really adds character to your shop. That one 4×8 panel looks a little lonely floating in the middle of the wall. How about expanding the design to create a horizontal panorama across the shop wall? Each panel could represent a different ecological zone in Texas, or pictograph of some of your favorite outdoor spaces?

  15. LOOOOVE IT, April! On a side note, not staggering those pieces of plywood on the wall is going to drive me nuts with every video. Uggg. lol OK I know, that's my issue not yours. Keep on truckin!

  16. Love the mural and the technique! Jillian said she would make a person skiing down a mountain for her mural : )

  17. It would be so cool to see you finish out the lines to adjacent plywood pannel or turn it into a part 2 video update kinda thing…but yes very cleverly awesome shop idea this was.

  18. Craig Burke very pretty. I'd probably do something dorky like a scene from endgame, Skyrim, or game of thrones.

  19. I'm planning on painting a mural on my Town's fire station where a firefighter is fighting a dragon using a fire axe and hose still got to get permission for it first LOL

  20. That turned out GREAT now can you do one for East Texas with lots of pine trees and streams? Maybe a stylized Long horn on one for the plains and pan handle?

  21. what an amazing idea for the workshop. i seriously love this. sub sub subbed! this gave me so many ideas for my own shop.

  22. I met the legend That is April today in Makers Central, i was the one who met you on the way in as i was on the way out, cheers April, lovely to meet a true lady…

  23. What a great picture. I will have to use that router setup idea, perfect for someone with limited tools.

  24. Awesome April, great to meet you today at Makers Central in GB and share images of my workshop, inspired by yours. Talking of inspiration, your talk at the end of the day was truly inspiring, love your can do, have a go attitude. Keep up the good work and great videos.

  25. i find your are extremely creative and fun to watch . may i suggest that you show how to build jigs and tables an average woodworker wont have ie. jointer /planner but they have a power planner or router table things that go along with triton tools and things triton doesn't sell jigs for round circles to build lazy susans .

  26. Looks great! When I heard you say "veneer" a couple of times I had a flashback to watching Frasier where he and his brother played a drinking game while watching Antiques Roadshow and had to take a shot every time an appraiser said, "Veneer." 🤪

  27. it doesn't really matter how many projects you do through time: you have the gift to come with a surprise EVERY time,nice job April,loved to follow every moment,thanks for sharing.

  28. hey April I saw you on Crimson and while you were in the UK you visited some castles, I thought this may interest you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReQ48VhxvZA

  29. Wicked wall mural, really like how you did the build, super simple! I'd do one of the ends of logs in a big log pile…. Could be fun.

  30. Hey April I'm working on a project myself and could use some advice if you would not mind I have cut marks that showed up during paint any ideas to fix Ray Goodhue

  31. Outstanding piece of work April… The simplicity of it is simply a beautiful wall mural with endless possibilities moving forward.
    Bill on the Hill… :~)

  32. If you ever need to hang ropes on the wall, and they look anything like climbing ropes, you can surely add to this mountain scene ;^(>}

  33. That Picture turned out awesome. Your shows are awesome. Keep up good work. Thank you for sharing.

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