Unique, Rustic Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor

Unique, Rustic Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter tonight I cannot wait to show you this DIY it turned out so
cute so much cuter than what i even had envisioned in my head going on so i’m
very excited to show to you all Dollar Tree items very inexpensive to make and
makes a big Amtrak impact if you have a farm album decor so before we get to it
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down because I do like to know what you want to see and I would like to have an
idea of what you’d like to see so with that being said let’s do it getting started there are a few steps
that we may want to do ahead just so that we can be efficient so one of the
things we’re gonna be doing is taking our three mirrors I’ve already taken two
of the mirrors out we’re only going to be using the frames here so I have two
of them already taken apart I’m gonna take your mirror out there’s little tabs
in here you just carefully push away the tab and press from the bottom you can
easily pop the mirrors out sometimes there’s a little glue so just carefully
pull that away we’re not going to be using the mirror part we’re just gonna
be using the frames so one of the things we’re gonna do ahead is paint the frames
with our chalk paint the chalk paint will do we’re gonna paint our three
frames and you can paint them any color I mean I’m thinking white would probably
be really good but I happen to already have this and I didn’t have white and so
just going through and painting because we don’t want it to be perfectly painted
so don’t worry if you you’re not doing a super fabulous job painting it so that’s kind of how I’m gonna leave
mine and how I’ll be painting them on so I’ve got all three of my frames painted
and the next thing I’m going to do I’m gonna set these aside to dry I printed
out these stencils off just from online I’ve just looked on their found and
printed them out we’re gonna be cutting these out and then we’re going to be
tracing them on to our shot sheets which these are poster board and they’re
corrugated so they have kind of they’re going to have the look of the metal oh
my goodness what do you call that blanking on this so anyway right now
what I’m doing is cutting out my stencils so that I can trace them on to
my cardboard corrugated sheets look for stencils that don’t have too terribly
much detail because on the corrugated cardboard or cardstock it’s really going
to be difficult to see really a lot of detail so try and find more basic shapes
if you can but you don’t have to do farm animals you can do hearts stars anything
you want or another nice idea if you don’t want to do a farmhouse theme you
can also do family pictures you know put them on there that would be really cool
but for the purpose of this since I’m doing a farmhouse theme we are gonna do
or farm housing animals now that I have all my animals cut out the next thing
we’re gonna do is trace our animals on to the backside of one of our corrugated
sheets know if you want your animal facing a certain way this is the side of
the shoe we’re actually gonna be using so if I want my cow facing to the right
I’m gonna actually need to trace it facing to the left if you don’t care
which way your animal faces then it won’t really matter I suppose
go ahead and trace it out and then you’re going to be cutting it out of the
corrugated paper now don’t forget the lines of the corrugation are running up
and down on here so if you want to save paper and try and do it the other way
you’re corrugation lines are going to be going in a different direction so keep
that in mind when you’re tracing out your animals once you have your animals
all cut out this is what they’ll look like you can see that you can’t get as
much detail it’s a little hard to tell with all the swirls but it’s really
difficult to get some of the detail say like on the feet things like that it’s a
little challenging and cutting corrugated paper is a bit of a different
beast what we’re gonna do now is go ahead and
take our silver spray paint I happen to have this little bottle and each silver
spray paint will do a silver metallic but I wouldn’t use the chrome type
because I don’t think it would really be quite the look we’re going for so I’m
gonna get these spray painted and come back and show you the next step well my
original plan has changed multiple times here so initially I
thought I was going to use my coasters and paint them with the chalk paint then
I thought wow they might look kinda cute with this pattern for a farm style decor
then I decided that I think I like the corkboard side of them for my farmhouse
style so choose what you like and maybe your project will morph as mine does so
what we’re gonna be doing is taking our lace ribbon or lace what do you call
this burlap ribbon and we’re gonna be attaching the coaster with it like that
it’s gonna be hanging on there so whatever you decide you like best if you
like it like that which is also really cute or if you want to paint it a the
color of your frame or a white so many choices so I think what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna go with the cork board side of it what we’re gonna do first is figure
out what length we want our ribbon so we’re gonna want the coaster to sit
centered in our frame and we’re gonna need to allow plenty of ribbon for that
because with the cut edge and it being on the diagonal like this your cut edge
needs to be covered so I’m going to need at least five or so inches so we’re
going to start from the backside now on these on these frames there’s these
little tabs that are every so far apart you’re going to want to go in between
those two glue so that you don’t have that
affecting the this surface area okay so I’m gonna go in between those two tabs
and use my hot glue gun and put a pretty good amount of glue in there then we’re
gonna take the ribbon make sure you put it facedown because your frame is
facedown and tuck it right on into there and glue it in really well now you can
probably use something to press it down because this glue is gonna be messy and
hot but so get that glued in there well turn it over and find your placement of
your coaster I’m gonna be putting the glue on my coaster and not on my ribbon
so that I know that I have a little more control of where it’s going now put a
good amount because the coaster is cold and it’s gonna dry really fast on there
so Center your coaster on your ribbon and place it and then we’re gonna let
that cool off so we have one done we’re gonna be doing that to the other two
frames as well and a quick tip for you when you’re gluing this down it might be
nice to have a piece of parchment paper or some type of nonstick surface so that
the glue doesn’t go through the ribbon and stick to your table now that I have
all three of these done the next step is going to be to attach each of these so
that one is hanging below the next so we’ll be cutting another piece of the
burlap lace ribbon and attaching these two pieces together I you could have
done it with the same piece that was here just being longer but I don’t think
it would stick as well because of the hollowness behind the frame you do need
it to kind of tuck under that’s why this next piece will be not only tucking
under this one but tucking under that one with the extra glue so decide with
the space between them you want to be is and I think I’m gonna go with about a
two and a half inch space I’m gonna leave my ribbon a little
longer than that I’m gonna go with the width of my space plus the width of the
frame to leave me enough room to glue and I’m going to cut two of those pieces
because I have to do it between the two different frames turn your two pieces
over that are going to be put together with the spacing that you want and make
sure they’re lined up I’m going to try and keep this in camera for you which is
gonna be challenging because my table is small but line them up with your space
that you want and then we’re going to go ahead and put the hot glue on the inside
of the bottom frame and put your ribbon in there then we’ll be putting our glue
in the lower part of the top frame and we’ll be pressing pressing that in as
well we’re gonna do that and attach the third piece and then I
will show you the rest of the project putting the hook on the top to hang it
from and adding our adorable little farm animals while I’m waiting for these to
fully cool off which you really want them to thoroughly cool otherwise
they’ll come apart I’m going to take my little farm animals that I did and I
decided they look super cute but they still look very too new so what I’m
going to do is use a brown sharpie and kind of go over just some of the surface
area that’s sticking up just to give it a little bit of that that little
weathered look to it kind of take down some of that super
shiny clean look so by now these should be dry I’m gonna carefully flip this
over I need about three more arms to be able to do this but I’ll do the best I
can here and then what we’ll be doing is gluing a
little farm animal directly into the center of the coaster then the last
thing we’re going to do is add our hook on the top I’m going to cut actually
about a my guess is that’s about eight or nine inches and then I’m going to cut
this piece in half right down the line of the ribbon next you’re just going to
take that and twist it and you’re going to attach it just like that and put a
little bit of glue and that is what’s going to be glued behind here to create
our hanging a hook this parchment paper is really good for
pressing things down – yes it’s still warm but
things don’t stick to you which is really nice
okay well that’s cooling I’m gonna take another piece and make a little ribbon
this has got to be probably about I would guess 16 inches and again cutting
your ribbon in half and then tie your bow and then cut your ends I kind of like to
cut them in a little V and the best way to do that is fold your ribbon in half
and then cut from the inside to the outside point and it creates a little a
little cut here and here we have our little bow and I’m
going to attach that after I attach this piece here okay now that we’re on the
backside attach your ribbon with the glue and the last thing we’re gonna do
is attach our ribbon so you can attach it appear on your loop or you can attach
it directly to your frame whichever you prefer so there we have it a super
adorable farmhouse DIY I’m going to show it to you all stylized and put up on the

49 thoughts on “Unique, Rustic Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor

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