To start the first project, I’m going to use this basket that I bought in a Thrift Store for .50 cents, and it’s the ones you can hang on the wall I decided to change the color of the basket a little and in a brush put only a little white paint and apply it But the edge of the top of the basket does not paint it to create a contrast of colors Inside, I put green basket stuffing I will fill the basket with these flowers or whatever they are. You can get them at Walmart at .97 cents I also put a nice touch with greenery Finally, a tie that I had already made this Dollar Tree ribbon And stick it on the front part of the basket This is how the first project would look and placed on the wall of my house looks fantastic For the second project, I’m going to use these signs that are especially in Walmart because the season has already passed I love them even if they are not for the new season and how they go perfectly with the decoration of my home Buy two but the edge of the signs would like it darker so that it stands out So, I put a tape on the edge of the inside to prevent it from being painted Then paint the edges in burnt umber color which is what I always use And I gave him only a paint coat Once you are finished and dry, you can remove the tape to the signs It’s a very easy project and the pictures came out very cheap at only $ 1.00 in special It is an excellent idea to buy things especially out of season, modify them, and have them combine in your home For the third project, get this container in ceramic that I loved and buy it for $ 1.00 in a Thrift Store It has a handle with wood and the designs that have the ceramic I like but the yellow color does not, because they don’t match with my décor Before painting it, I must clean it to remove any dirty I used semi-gloss white spray paint and I gave him two paint coats Once dry, it would look like that and I love it Lately I pass painting all my ceramics in white semi-gloss In the handle, the wood part, is not in the best conditions, so, I decided to create a distress look with a sandpaper Finally, you can put the handle and put what you want inside I chose to put succulents and that’s how it would look like For the fourth project, buy this sign at Walmart especially for $ 1.50 because it is from the Spring season It has a good size and the sign I liked but nut the colors that the wreath has So, I decided to take all the flowers out of the wreath I want it to look nice but at the same time delicate, so I hit it a bit of greenery And then also paste these details in white and a small loop of rope in the center and a small loop of rope in the center and paste it with hot glue where it was previously This would be the result; the change is not much but I like it and I gave it a nice touch of my style For my third project, I got this wooden tray that is in very good condition and only cost me $ 1.50 in a thrift store I sand it a little so that I can make sure that when I paint it, it looks good And then with a napkin, you must extract all the powder that was left I decided to paint only the edges of the tray in mineral color So with a fine brush he began to paint all the edges of the inside of the tray And then paint the rest of the tray. I gave him two coats of paint for more coverage Once it’s dry, that’s what it would look like For the inside, I painted it in white to create a nice contrast with the mineral color First paint all the edges very carefully, and then the rest of the tray I gave him two coats of paint and that’s what it would look like You decide if you want to leave it that way with a clean look, but I love the distress look With paint burnt umber color and a brush with little paint, I gave distress look on the edges of the tray on top of the mineral color My loves this would be the result of my last project, and I love how it looks I placed this decoration on the tray and placed it as my centerpiece I hope you like my projects today and give me a nice LIKE COMMENT what was your favorite project SUBSCRIBE to my channel and HIT the BELL and Share this video Remember that you have a date on my channel this Monday, with a new DIY! Love Guys!! And if you missed my last video, I’ll leave it here on screen so you can run to see it


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  24. I would recommend that you seal your chalk paint with chalk paint wax. It doesn't make it shiny but it makes it durable and protects it. After a month it cures and it can even get wet.

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