100 thoughts on “Use The Cricut To Create A Stencil and Hand Painted Sign

  1. If you were going to purchase just one type of transfer tape For Multiple types of Projects like for woods signs, glass & stencil what would you suggest? I’ve haven’t used transfer tape and very little vinyl.

  2. Where did you get your wood? This is my first time to do a project like this. I looked and Hobby Lobby and Michael's.. I'm thinking you went to Lowe's or HD. Is there a certain kind of wood that you need to look for and did you sand it before. Great video.

  3. hello great learning video. my question is where an I get the cutting board you are using and vinyl from?

  4. Hey Jessica,
    What transfer paper exactly do you use. I find the cricut transfer tape not all that great.


  5. Great tutorial!!! Where do you get your transfer paper? I'd LOVE to have mine on a roll like you have!!! THANKS!!!!!

  6. Why does mine want to print and then cut? I have tried to turn of but it won't let me. I found the video very helpful otherwise thank you

  7. I used the Cricut StrongGrip transfer tape and it completely destroyed my stencil….. Can you recommend a better transfer tape to use?

  8. I notice you didn’t use the cutting mat, I have been given opposing advice on this, so now I hope it will be ok just to use the vinyl x


  10. awesome video! I'm new to this and am curious if you could tell me what the mat is you are using to cut on? Do you have a link to the product? Thanks!

  11. what type of transfer tape/paper do you use? i bought the cricut transfer tape from Michael's and it is WAY too sticky and it takes about 10 minutes and a lot of patience to remove the tape from my stencil without lifting all the middles of the o's and a's

  12. I love your sign the colors are beautiful! Your tutorial is great you make it so easy to understand 😊Thank you so much for sharing

  13. I can't get my image that I created to go on top of the square. it hides in the back. any idea on how I can get this to be on top?

  14. I'm new to cricut projects. I'm doing a little project for a wedding And wanted to do one of these. But what is the purpose of the transfer tape? is it necessary?

  15. Y'all really using all that vinyl for one thing, huh?

    In your design, use little 'I's to connect any pieces that may come off during your cut, use the weld button, and then cut onto a strong piece of cardstock to make an easily reusable stencil.

  16. I recently purchased a Cricut, so learning as I go. Love your right to the point tutorial. When I paint my wood I do leave it dry for 24 hours, however after I paint over my stencil words and pull it up I very often have a sticky residue on project. What am I doing wrong. Is it the brand I am using? Any suggestions? Thank you

  17. Hey Jessica. Recently I was making a farmhouse sign and when i pulled stencil up it pulled up the chalk paint. Should I be sealing the paint before putting adhesive vinyl on? TIA

  18. Very helpful video, I am stuck on one part…. when I go to "attach" them both, my image disappears and all I see is my black square…. this is my first stencil

  19. Great Tutorial. Do you know how to make the quoted text to make a card, sometimes people make Disney characters to make lanterns etc… Thanks

  20. Im finding it hard to get the transfer tape to glide on so smooth without creating lines and bumps also i cant seem to be able to pull the tape up without getting the vinyl to come up with it as well. Any tips?

  21. I tried oracle transfer paper but it didn't stick well and I had difficulty to remove the vinyl easy
    Do you suggest any other brand
    I do stencil on wood

  22. Where can I find nice cut pieces of wood like that? I've been debating on getting the critcut so I can make my family some thinks for the holidays but I wanna make sure I price everything out so it's worth it

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