Using A Compression Coupling To Repair Broken PVC Pipe

Using A Compression Coupling To Repair Broken PVC Pipe

In this segment I’m going to talk about some
of the common products that are used to repair broken PVC pipes. In this case, we have what’s
called a bolted repair coupling. This is used to repair large PVC mainlines. Here we have
a product called a slip fix. This is a real good product if you have to work in a very
tight area, gives you a lot of flexibility with your repair. Here we have a common ¾
inch slip coupling. These can be used for real simple repairs if you’re able to lift
the pipe up enough to just use the slip coupling. Here we have the Bell End that is commonly
available on PVC pipe. Many times you can use the Bell End as a slip coupling in making
a PVC repair. Here we have a compression coupling. I’m actually
going to demonstrate a repair with a compression coupling and talk about the features and benefits
of using the compression coupling. I’m now going to demonstrate how to repair
a broken PVC line using what’s called a compression coupling. A compression coupling has a lot
of nice advantages. First of all, you don’t have to use any primer or PVC cement to install
the compression coupling. Also it doesn’t matter if you have water dripping out the
pipe. To make a repair using the compression coupling, we’re first going to unscrew the
end. We have the compression end and a gasket inside of it. We’re going to go ahead and
install that on 1 end of the pipe and center the compression coupling over your break.
We take the other compression end off and here again we have a gasket inside of there.
We’re going to install the compression end on the other piece of the pipe and install
our other grommet or gasket. The final component of the compression coupling is the sleeve.
We’re now going to center the sleeve over the area where the repair is and then simply
tighten the compression ends until they’re tight. That’s all we have to do to make a
repair using a compression coupling.

22 thoughts on “Using A Compression Coupling To Repair Broken PVC Pipe

  1. Thanks man, worked great for me. I have a pvc pipe leading to my garage, that has a faucet for a hose. Well the faucet sticks up about a foot n a half off the ground and my weed wacker put a nice crack in it resulting in a geyser. Once I got the water shut off, I followed your instructions. Make sure to put it on as tight at you can get it. It took a pipe wrench…. but its holding. Thanks for the edumacation sir!

  2. You assumed the pipes on both sides were free to move which is not the case for repair. What is the proper distance between the ends?

  3. Quick tip I learned tonight: Do NOT use lubricant to help slide the rubber gasket on. The water pressure will very quickly push the lubricated pipe out of the end of the fitting. Seems obvious now, but like they say, hindsight drinks Mad Dog 20/20.

  4. Mind blown. I will never use glue and primer ever again for these repairs. I've stressed over these repairs for so long. Thank you.

  5. Excellent video, had to replace a hunter valve so saved me a lot of time digging to get some flexibility on the line in and out. The normal cut, glue coupler to line, glue male adapter to short line and thread. now I just use this. Another selling point is that if you do all the valves like this replacing a broken valve is easy, no cutting and reattaching the water lines in or out, just remove, attach to new valve and reattach compression couplers.

  6. Can a compression coupler work on the more flexible polyethylene type of tubing? I have a leak on a sprinkler line and found that the 3/4' pipe doesn't quite fit the standard 3/4" PVC couplers.

  7. My dad does maintenance for some properties. One house was illegally hooked up to the city's water line. No meter. IDK where it came from. Thing is we needed to disconnect that water line and cap it so we could reconnect the old well pump. OMG these things saved us bc it involved getting showered once we broke that connection. He failed to get it on right at first so after a couple hundred gallons we finally capped it. That was a real fun job.

  8. I have used a compression coupling to connect galvanized steel pipe when making a revision in my underground lawn sprinkler system.Worked just fine, no leaks no hassle.

  9. Can I use them to repair a broken main water line underground? I'm asking because I'm not sure it will hold high water pressures.

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