Valentines Day Decor: 5 Easy and Cheap DIY Projects (2019)

Valentines Day Decor: 5 Easy and Cheap DIY Projects (2019)

Coming up on this episode of Design to the
Nine’s, I show you how to DIY a whole lot of Valentine’s décor, for less than 40 bucks. So, stay tuned. Hi. I’m NataLee with, where
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going to want to miss. I don’t know about you, but I always have
a million design DIY projects going on, and so when it comes to holidays other than Christmas,
I have a really hard time wanting to spend any amount of money on decorating items for
those special holidays. Because I want to put it towards my bigger
projects. But this week, I have five really fun inexpensive
Valentine’s Day design projects for us, that are easy. That won’t cost us a lot of money and we are
going to do it ourselves. And you’re going to want to stay tuned to
the very end, because I have some really cute printables and I’ll tell you where to get
them at the very end. And my first project, you’re going to think
I’m a little crazy. Okay. So, I have a shamrock here, and I know you’re
probably thinking, “NataLee, I thought we were doing Valentine’s Day projects. That’s a shamrock. That’s Saint Patrick’s Day.” Well, I have an idea to make some heart shaped
topiary’s. And I wanted them in either like a boxwood
or covered in moss or something. I just thought that would be really cute to
have heart shaped topiary’s to go on in my décor. And so, I came across this shamrock at Michaels,
and I’m like, that kind of looks like four hearts So the first thing that we’re going to do, is
we’re going to paint up some terracotta pots. Okay, so I’m going to put on some latex gloves,
protect my amazing manicure. Just kidding, I don’t even have a manicure. I don’t even know why I’m putting these on. Well I do, I just want to keep my hands nice
and clean, especially since I’m going to be touching all kinds of paint stuff. You don’t want to transfer the stuff everywhere. And I’m going to start painting them inside
a little bit, because part of the top of the inside is going to be exposed. So, I’m just going to paint on the inside
first. And we’re probably going to need to do a couple
of coats, because this terracotta will really suck up the paint. And I’m using pink rose by Craft Smart. Now if you wanted, you could kind of do like
a whitewash, that would look really cute. Just little whitewash on it to give it a kind
of old aged affect to it. But I just kind of thought I’d bring out a
little Valentine’s pink. So, while we’ve got these pots drying on their
first coat, I’m going to go ahead and stain these dowels with our watered down burnt umber. So, we’re just going to slap it on there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it can be a little uneven and that
would be fine. I’ve got a paper towel and I’m just going
to wipe some of the excess off. And I might put in a couple of layers until
it gives a nice little modeled effect. That doesn’t matter that I’m touching it,
because it adds to the character of it. Okay, so now while those are drying, I’m going
to show you what we’re going to do with the shamrock. When I saw this shamrock, I noticed that for
the most part, it’s separated, and the only place that it’s connected, is right here in
the center. So, I figure if we take some wire cutters,
we can clip in a couple of strategic spots on the bottom and then I will have four separate
things that we can use as our heart. And we’re just going to try to bend that in
to a heart shaped a little more prominent than it is right now. So, we’ll keep working on that until it looks
good, but there’s our first heart. Okay, so we’ve got these four parts, so what
I’m going to do is we’ll shape them and then we’ll mash them together like this, so there’s
a front and a back. And we’ll put the dowel inside. That’s kind of making a mess, so I’ll push
that away for now. Moss, always working with moss is such a mess. I put two coats of the pink paint on it, and
then I did three coats of this Craft Smart glitter paint in the matching pink rose of
the original color. So, I got these pieces of foam at the dollar
store. What I’m going to do, on the inside here,
I’m just going to put a little bit of glue to support it, and then we’re going to push
that down in there, nice and tight. Now we’re going to take our dowels that we’ve
kind of aged, and what I want to do is, I want to shove it. First of all, I’m going to find center, and
then I’m going to shove it straight down, all the way. For a little added stability, a little bit
of glue around the base. I just covered up the foam with left over
moss from a Christmas project. So look how cute it’s going to be, I love
it. Okay. So, what I’ve done here in the back as you
can see, I’ve wired it here and here, and I’ve got it really, really quite tight. So, what I’m going to do is, I’m just going
to add a little bit of hot glue in here to just double secure it. Then I’m going to put on the back, like so. What we’re going to have to do to make sure
it stays on good, is wire it together. I’m going to get some wire, and just short
piece of wire and we are going to wire it together. So, this is green wire and this is green,
so I’m hoping that it will hide it well. And twist it in to place until it’s nice and
secure. And that what we’re going to do once we’ve
got it nice and secure, is we’re going to kind of cut off some of this excess and then
we’re going to tuck that in, we’re going to hide it. I had a little bit of grapevine left over
from the stem of the shamrock, if you remember. So, what I think I’m going to do to kind of
finish this out, is wrap it around. So, I am going to put a little bit of glue
on the top of these branches here. It’s probably going to make a mess but we
can clean that up later. And I’m just going to shove this up in here
where you can’t see it very well. And then, so that will be glued in on that
end, and then we’re just going to very gently, wrap it around the dowel and … So cute. And then on the bottom, I’m going to add some
more hot glue. And then I’m going to hold it in place while
it dries. I just think that this grapevine just finishes
it out a little bit. And then we are done, yay! So super cute, I love it! So unfortunately, I had technical difficulties
with my sound, again. It’s really too bad, because I start out explaining
how I came up with the quotes for the free printables, which I am offering to you. These were both inspired by the Valentines
in my life. The first one is my kiddos, who would not
remember the word Valentines, but they did remember that it was a whole day of love. And that is just what they have always called
it. The other quote was inspired by my sweetheart,
my Valentine, my husband, and it was the last line of a poem he wrote me and gave to me
on our first Valentine’s day together. He’d probably die if he knew I’d shared this
with you guys. But it’s a really sweet quote that means a
lot to me. The project itself is fairly simple. I start out by cutting the printable in half,
and trimming off the edges. I cut a foam core board to about seven by
10 inches, and created a stand width by just using a corner of the foam core board on about
a 75 degree angle, which would help it to tilt back a little bit. And I just eyeballed this. I hot glued burlap to cover the board, and
then I added a piece of twine about an inch from the top and hung the printable on the
twine with a mini clothes pin. It’s a super easy project and so cute. And it’s hardly any money at all. This project is probably the easiest of them
all. I picked up a tray on sale from Michael’s
and six packages of these adorable pink rose tealights from Dollar Tree. They come two to a package. And so they lined up with the edge of the
tray, I just stacked a couple of pieces of foam core in the tray and set the roses in,
it was really as easy as that. Okay, so we’re getting close to being done
with our projects, and this one is super easy. So, all I did is get four of these frames
from the Dollar Tree. They already had a nice white matte, and I
thought they looked pretty good for a dollar. And what I’ve done is, one of my free printables,
where I’ll tell you can get at the end. I’ve cut out in to fit inside these frames. So, I’ve already put three of them in, so
we’ll just put the last one in. To pop it right in to place, so easy. And very inexpensive. I’m gong to hang it off of ribbons. So, all we’re going to do is, it has a little
hook on the back here, we’re going to thread the ribbon through that hook. Since it’s kind of heavy, I’m going to use
a push pin and I’m going to push pin it in right above the mirror so you can’t see the
push pin, but it will be sturdy and in the wall. So, this ribbon kind of matches everything
else that’s going on, it’s kind of that salmony pink glitter. So, it’s super cute. That’s it, it’s as easy at that. My last project is super easy as well. All I have done is taken two different kinds
of scrap book paper and two different sizes of hearts, and cut them out kind of small. So, we’ve got one that’s a little bit bigger,
but still small inside. And then a little tiny heart. And all I used for those was cookie cutters. I traced them out on the back side of the
paper and then cut them out. To make this really easy, they do have really
cool heart punches that you can buy to punch them out if you’re doing like a lot of them. But since I was only doing a few of them,
I decided to just trace them with some cookie cutters that I had. I had some gold and white twine that would
look really pretty with this, but since I’ve got some rustic elements, I kind of like that
rustic meets glitzy look that I’ve got going already. I’m going to be using some actual twine. And I’ve got my measuring tape here, because
every three and a half inches, we’re going to tie one on. So, we’re going to just thread this through
the hole and leave about 10 inches of excess. And we’re going to do a simple slip knot on
it, to hold it in place. So, we’ll keep doing this all the way down
until we have all the hearts on, and that’s it! Super easy. All right, we’re finished with our garland
and now it’s time to put everything together. You’ll notice that there is not much of a
height difference between this topiary and this lamp, so we’re going otherwise solve
that. And what I have done, is I have taken some
books and just made a cover for them out of some wrapping paper that I got at the dollar
store, and we will lift up the lamp with these books and that will give us the height and
it will also give us a little bit more of that color. It’s looking cute so far. I’m loving this. Now we’re going to hang our pictures and garland. I wanted to leave you with a few pointers though,
especially with regards to like the heart shaped topiary’s. I recognize that not everybody has a Michael’s
near them, or might not have access to that shamrock I used to make that. So, how I was originally going to do that,
was I going to cut a heart out of foam core and kind of layer it around the dowel and
then cover it in moss. And so you could do something similar to that. I’ve also seen styrofoam hearts before, you
could order one of those offline and maybe use some boxwood or moss or whatever you’d
like to do to get that look. So there are ways to kind of get the same
look and using different product, in case you don’t have that shamrock that just seemed
to work out so perfectly. Then you have options as well as that. And then, I wanted to let you know about this
heart roses, or these roses. They light up and they light up so awesome
at nighttime, so I just wanted to let you know that. They also come in white, but you could use
them at a dinner party at nighttime, and it’s so easy. Such an easy project and so cute and so much
fun. One more thing, as I promised from the beginning,
I’d let you know where to get those free printables. They are on my website, and so I will put
the link below. And they are free, so feel free to download
them and print them out and do the projects. So, that will save you some money there. What do you think? What was your favorite project? What are you going to do? Let me know in the comment section below. And make sure you follow me on all the major
social media websites, because I’ve got a lot more where this came from. We’ve got a lot of projects coming your way,
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and we will see you next week, because I’ve got more stuff coming. So, thanks so much for watching.

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  1. Love all of the ideas…but the rose one is one I know I can do. So happy to have found your channel as I love this kind of stuff!!

  2. So cute! My favorite part was the finished look. I loved the way it all came together. Very Valentines Day appropriate!💕

  3. Hi Sweetie, 🖐🏾 Being a Newbie to your Channel, and just now viewing your Vlog today 4/22/2019. It's too late to do this this year, but I'll be doing it in 2020‼️
    Jackie Fontenot from Houston 👍🏾

  4. Am I missing something? I cannot find a link to download the L-O-V-E printable pictures. I'm saving future projects to my computer so I won't forget them. Thank you for all the beautiful things you do!

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