Vandals strike popular Denver mural

Vandals strike popular Denver mural

let’s talk about talent and things that
make Denver great this is one of the most beautiful pieces
of street art I’ve seen in Denver it’s on Platte street and it was done by Leo
Gama an extremely talented artist who also did that Manning mural on the same
building this work was recently named one of the
best pieces of street art in Denver and I agree I love it it’s totally awesome absolutely stunning or it used to be
small-minded vandals under the cloak of night defaced it with their ugly
graffiti and even though this building is vacant and will soon be knocked down
to make way for a new development it’s still a shame the owner of the
Monkey Barrel bar which used to occupy the building and is moving on to a new
location said it best I mean it took a lot of talent for
somebody to come by and create this piece of artwork and it’s very easy for
somebody with no talent at all to come by and deface it I sent pictures of this pathetic
scribble to Denver’s graffiti unit turns out that unit has been trying to
nail down the vandals known as a aser and nerf who are quite active they estimate aser has caused
thirty-eight thousand dollars worth of graffiti damage around the city nerf 28,000 so I have a message to aser and nerf whoever you guys are I debated about giving you guys focus
even naming you fearing that this would give you guys some sort of legitimacy
some sort of notoriety or even attention which you obviously crave maybe this whole thing is a mistake here
you may watch this with a smirk and brag to your friends you made the news if this is what you take pride in if this is what you hold value in I am
sorry that you are so misguided it’s easy for me to label you guys as punks
but to be honest with you I don’t know anything about you what I do know is
that you have nothing to offer this city no talent no creativity nothing your graffiti it sucks there is a reason taggers don’t
use their real names they’re cowards who are trying to be
someone else so congrats to you aser and nerf you made
the news for being nobody

8 thoughts on “Vandals strike popular Denver mural

  1. this is embarrising lol news id freaking out about a few dudes with paintcans and looks at them as terrorists. no art lasts forever. Thats not even that good of a piece. Honestly grow some balls

  2. Writers will write and they won’t show any mercy towards street art. Don’t like it put it in a gallery so it won’t be covered up.

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