Vern Yip Designs An Indestructible Living Room | Building The Dream Nashville

Vern Yip Designs An Indestructible Living Room | Building The Dream  Nashville

(upbeat music) – [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it, if you could build your dream house, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you, and ultimately helps
you live your best life. We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to make an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each design team
will take a room from studs, to the finishing touches. – [Girl In Blue] And we
want to create a space that’s unique, inviting, and a ton of fun. – [Carisha] Showing you how to make every corner of your space, work harder, better and more beautifully than you ever thought it could. – Make a statement. I’m Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful, and we are Building
the Dream in Nashville. (upbeat music) First stop is, Vern Yip. Vern became became a household name, after appearing in TLC’s Trading Spaces. – We show you this color. – [Carisha] Before going
on to host HGTV Star, in the Deserving Design. He’s involved in fan following, for the way he designs globally
inspires sophisticated rooms that don’t feel stuffy. Vern is taking on a foyer and living room, so he’s got to make a great impression, and create a living room that’s beautiful but also relax enough
that you want to kick back and spend time in. – [Vern] With a lot of
new construction homes, you don’t necessarily get the character, you don’t necessarily get the detail, and it’s pretty evident from
actually being in the space. But they put a lot of
thoughtfulness into the space. I’m really excited, that means this where things
will get really juicy. It’s where you really have the opportunity now that we have a blank slate, to infuse it with that character, and really take it to the next level. – [Carisha] He flew in
from Atlanta to Nashville, to get a sense for the
space and start mapping out his game plan for the two areas. – We’re looking forward to
kind of highlighting this area, just really seamlessly transitioning you into this living space. Which is big, it’s big and grand. A fireplace, of course
always an opportunity to create a vocal point, I love how again it’s really open living. It’s how how people live today, people really don’t want
little boxed in rooms. They want lots of natural light, they want to be able to kind of seamlessly flow from
one space to the next. It’s going to be really really beautiful when we’re done with it, hopefully. – [Carisha] We are heading over
to Vern’s house in Atlanta, to meet Clay Aronson, owner and chief designer of
Aronson Woodshop based in Iowa. And to discuss the fore plan for the foyer and the living room. – This is the foyer, this is the main entrance to the house. And here’s are big circular
staircase over here. There’s not a lot of room for furniture, what are the things that I love though, is having a proper table in the entryway. Where you can actually
beautifully display something, that’s visually pleasing, but also something that’s functional so that you have a place to
properly put things down, upon entrance. I have this idea of limiting
the number of pieces, but making them slightly bigger. And it starts with this big sectional. – [Carisha] That’s really big. – [Vern] That’s really big. – [Carisha] So about
how long are we talking? – [Vern] This is 15 feet long, it’s anchored by 2 shapes lounges. And I’m proposing that we
cover this in the new indoor, outdoor fabric that I’m launching. People don’t have to worry
then, about spilling red wine, chocolate, mascara, whatever. It’s a graphic pattern, it’s essentially like this spine that will be running down
each one of these pieces, in the charcoal color, and in between will be this sort of soft kind of off-white neutral. In this space, what we’re seeing here is coffee table, really sort of broken up into two coffee tables. And the reason why I broke them up is that I didn’t want somebody
in the middle kind of stuck. So, Clay, in this space,
what we’re seeing here is a really long console in the back, you need to have something that covers enough of the
territory that is useful. But you don’t want it to be an impediment, for people to get in there. – I love that idea, I’ve
never thought of that. – [Vern] Underneath here, is the custom rug that
I’m going to have made for the living room. So, this living room rug
is going to be 13-feet, 6 inches wide by 19-feet long. – [Carisha] So, it’s small? (laughs) – [Vern] So, just like a little bath mat. Because a properly sized rug should be somewhere around 12 to 18 inches from all of its limiting factors. That’s usually the wall but in this case, we have a fireplace bump out in the heart. So, when a rug is too small in a space, it makes the room smaller. So this is in a really
beautiful cantaloupe pattern, that’s been colored in
a lot of warm grays. So again it’s going to
be pattern on the floor, pattern on the sectional,
pattern on the walls, but it’s all kind of really
beautiful, textural and subtle. – Exactly. – And one of the things that I love are elements that are both durable
and aesthetically pleasing. One of the reasons why Clay is here, he makes the most beautiful
but durable furniture on planet earth. The patent of finish
that he has developed, that is like a Ceruse
look, but super durable. So it’s scratch resistant
and all kinds of goodie. – [Carisha] Oh wow, you got a
ton of different options here. – [Vern] And he can
customize finishes too. I was thinking the table could
potentially go really dark, like maybe this dark with the
grain popping in the white. – [Carisha] What was Vern
saying about your finish? – It’s actually a 12 step
process, but a real smooth finish in our top coats, extremely durable. Don’t have to worry about coasters. – Really? Don’t have to
worry about coasters at all? – And my wife actually scrubs ours at home with a blue Scotch-Brite pad. – Oh wow. So this is really,
this can handle anything. – I think it could be cool. – Yeah, that’d be great. – So wait, are you excited? (laughs) – Absolutely, absolutely. – You’re like, we could just stick with what we’ve been doing. – Right, no, like. – I can see the will falling
out of his eyes and like how much time do I have? (laughs) When does this have to be done? (upbeat music) – [Carisha] Here we are at ADAC, the Atlantic Decorative Art Center. Where Vern has to line
his fabric and wallpaper in the Fabricut showroom. – [Vern] So we’re in
the Fabricut showroom, this is where my fabrics are,
my trims, my wall covering. And I was fully thinking about the foyer, and the fact that you have so
much like blank wall space. Right? Foyers are interesting because you want people to feel welcome. You want them to come
in and be like, (in awe) I’m relaxed, I’m energized
and I’m also inspired. So, since there isn’t a lot of furniture, I want to like really put
something on the walls. Now this is fabric in
my wall covering line. Think like the dragon
pattern, the tints of gold, citrine mustard, I think it’d
really pop in this space. – It takes you some place, right? – Yeah! – You’re going to walk in and you’re, it’s so unexpected, – Transported. – You’re completely
transported to another place. It’s so beautiful, it’s
going to be a dramatic entry. – [Vern] I love that
because, I could lie to you and say there was a plan B, C and D. But this is really the plan for Carisha. (upbeat music) This is the wall covering
that I’m thinking of, for the living room. – [Carisha] That’s beautiful. And it got such great texture to it. – Which I think is important. The two spaces, do you really kind of
bleed in to each other? – Right, right. – But instead of making
it so matchy matchy, just kind of picking
things that work together and compliment each other. Well I love this because its palette too really does give you
a lot of room to play, and do whatever you want to do color wise. – Absolutely, so like
all of my wallcovering, for example is made with what they call shire strip technology. Which means it goes up in one piece, and comes down in one piece, it doesn’t do any damage to your wall, it’s very forgiving. – [Carisha] Oh wow, that’s great. (upbeat music) – No faking it, what do
you think of this chair? – [Carisha] Open, like
it doesn’t feel heavy. – [Vern] Yeah. – [Carisha] You know and
granted that this is the space that’s large enough that it
can deal with heavy furniture, but I think that’s not what
you’re living for these days. – Yeah. – You know they kind of want
that lighty airy element. – I was thinking because you
know we got this in the foyer. We’ve got this beautiful shagreen texture in the living room. I was thinking about doing it in something like kind of fun and bright. – It’s just so rich, this is beautiful. – This is kind of where
my head is at right now. Black, white, citrine, forest
green, a little chartreuse. – I can imagine people
at home looking at this and being like what? (laughs) And so I can’t wait for them
to see the finish product, of how this all comes together. – Trust me, it’s going to be
good, it’s going to be epic. – Perfect. (upbeat electronic music) – [Carisha] Vern’s scheme
immediately got to work, wallpapering both rooms. For Vern the art is as
important as the furnishing in setting the mood. – [Vern] She has this amazing app, where we can stick these pieces into the space, and I’ve given
her photographs of the room, so you’ll be able to see kind of like the naked room right now. With the sheet rock just up and the art pieces are in place. – That’s amazing. – And we can move things around. I was thinking about
this over the fire place. This is Angeloettes, so when I saw this, This is Angeloettes, so when I saw this, I thought this is really for me, what that space needed. I love this artist Ruth van Envold. – She is one of the finest
example of collaging. – [Vern] And I was
thinking about this either, like flanking the left
side of that opening, looking towards the foyer, or perhaps maybe being the niche. I don’t want to have too many
floral things on one wall. But this is the artist
that I wasn’t aware of, until Anna introduced him to me, his name is Sebastian Wooten. – This is the cool part of
this app, you can put him here. And then you can move him over, so that he can have like a – [Carisha] This is so much easier than getting someone to paint your wall with a million holes and figuring it out. – We will install your whole house, I will go into your house
and secretly take pictures when you’re not looking. And then I will – Do you understand, how many holes are hiding behind my walls? (laughs) (upbeat music) – Everything is coming up, the curtains went up, rug went down. – Does that round table goes here? – Round table goes right in there. – Ah nice. – It’s always better, if you
can get the stuff in in layers, because obviously it’s chaotic here. It’s like putting together jig-saw puzzles so you can complete the picture. But it’s all coming together. I had lots of help while I was here. The biggest help is always my husband. You can rely on the husband, you can’t escape like everybody else. It’s a nice balance for the room. (laughs) You know, not my first rodeo. Perfect. – [Helper] Off the rug? – Yes it’s off the rug. Center it in that space. Moment of truth, I haven’t
seen this piece in person. It was just made for the show house by the Clay Aronson from Aronson Woodworks. Ah and it is a beast, it looks awesome. I feel like this is like
maybe 3 inches too short. It used to be like 3 inches
just a little larger right? Right Clay? Now this is perfect.
The upholstery is here, I’m really excited about these chairs, because often times
people play it really safe with the upholstery and I get that. But I wanted to go a little bolder, and I think you know it really helps kind of make a statement. This is a really beautiful
sort of vintage velvet look, so it has a little bit of a shine too. Which I think is really key. Wow, I love it, looks really good. I think open fore plans are
nice for how we live today. So that goes facing that way. I can say that they make it really tricky to kind of place furniture. I mean when you’re thinking about things like outlets and where things plug in, I mean it takes a little more
fore thought and planning. Make a statement. Well I always love to layer patterns, I think pattern layering is such a great way to
personalizes a space, and make it yours. You know but the trick is always to like have some thread of continuity, so color is one way to have
that thread of continuity. But you always want to also make sure that there’s a balance in
terms of scale of pattern. You have to mix the extra
small pattern with the small, with the medium, with the
large, and the extra large. Otherwise, it doesn’t go. But when you get the
right color mix going, it really kind of gives room energy. Because you have too
many solids in the room, kind of just like falls flat. So, now it looks like the delicate balance to get all of the major things in. And now how do we like
finesse it to just make it exactly perfect? You know the install went fairly smoothly. You never know with a project like this, because so many people are
installing at the same time. It’s a delicate dance, and often times it’s a
very complicated puzzle, but everything went
smoothly, thank goodness. (electronic music). – [Carisha] I’m super excited to see this. – [Vern] I’m excited for you to see it. – This is the first room
when you enter this house. – Yeah, what you now this is your first
impression of the house. – Yes. – And first impression are key, yes. (amazes) – First of all are you
kidding me? (laughs) – I know, right? (up bright music) (up beat music) – [Vern] So, I really
felt it was so important with this dramatic architecture and this incredible staircase,
to have wallpaper here. It’s the opportunity to add
a pattern, to add color, to add texture and I think
it really compliments you know how this staircase
is just kind of swoops. It’s just really a beautiful foyer. – You know I begged
you for color (laughs). – You did. – And I was like you know, how
do view color in this space that kind of sets the mood for a house, without it being overwhelming. When people think color
and they think bright, and you bond it different direction, it’s not about brightness. – I think it’s important
to have a place to sit, I think it’s important
to have something that kind of communicates
the message of the home. And I wanted to be welcoming. So, we have this incredible,
beautiful round table, – [Carisha] Yes. I wanted things here to feel elevated but not precious so that
you couldn’t touch things. We have these two little stools, where somebody can actually sit. – [Carisha] These are so cute. – [Vern] And they add like
a nice punch of color. The artwork though for me, is
kind of the vocal point here. – Yes, love how you display the art. Because, so often when we have, see curve wall, or any sort
of awkwardly shaped wall, people don’t know what to do with that. And so you still managed to display art, by just using an easel
with a picture light. – [Vern] You know, you
have an opportunity here to really kind of have
the light be dramatic but you don’t want it to be over powering. – [Carisha] Beautiful. Okay, so this is clearly not your
only room in the house. – No. – But this sets the stage
as you said (laughs) should we transition? – Yeah, let’s go take a look. Want you to come in to this living space, and tell me what you think! – Um, what I think is,
I’m ready to lay down, and stretch out on this. (both laughs) – Good. (upbeat music). – [Carisha] I love your infusion of this kind of mustardy yellow. It just really heightened this space, but you still feel so comfortable in here. – [Vern] You’ll notice the sitting plan, it’s a huge sectional. – [Carisha] This is massive, yeah. – [Vern] It’s massive. – Though the way I stretch out,
I might take up half of it. (laughs) – [Vern] Well that’s good. But you know, we wanted to
have not only this big section. – [Carisha] Right. We wanted to have lounge, chair, we wanted to have a bench
in front of the fire place. So the idea really is that this is kind of the heart of the home. It’s a gathering spot. The sectional is by far is my
favorite piece in the room. – [Carisha] I love this
piece. Is there a play? Cause I also in love with
the wallpaper here too. This kind of subtlety
really works well together and then it seems like a play
off of that with your fabric, am I crazy? – No, so first off, I
love mixing patterns. I think pattern adds both
physical and visual texture. And when you have a home that has texture, people automatically relax a little more. – [Carisha] Right. – So the shagreen
wallpaper is really nice, because it can be wiped,
it can be cleaned, it doesn’t have to be precious. It’s actually vinyl which is really nice. – [Carisha] That’s so great. – It’s important to have something, especially with the
technology that we have today. That’s beautiful, but also
really really livable. And so again, we brought in
these really beautiful tables and the consoles that have that finish, that will absolutely be durable, you don’t have to use coasters, you don’t have to worry about
putting your feet up on it. – [Carisha] Right. – [Vern] That you want people
to think it’s gorgeous, and it’s beautiful but
also really livable. And again we’re continuing
the story with the art. – [Carisha] It’s amazing to
see it in its place here. – Even the floor, which
again another pattern. – [Carisha] Right. – [Vern] Ya, this is more of
a deer or a antelope pattern. This is a product again that
you don’t have to worry about. It’s antimicrobial, it’s
stain-resistant, soil-resistant. You don’t have to give up beauty, just because you want practicality. – [Carisha] So this room,
practically indestructible. – [Vern] Practically
indestructible, but you don’t it doesn’t look it. – It doesn’t look it.
It’s still so elegant and so refined, but you
can relax in the space. – [Vern] Yeah, and that’s the point, we don’t want to a living
room that’s a museum. – Right. – This is a room for living. – Okay, so can I go lounge? – Go, lounge, put your
feet up, take a nap. – Okay, I am doing all
of the above. (laughs) – Do it. – I think you need to do the same after working on this project. – I mean, that’s the beauty
of a sectional this big. There is room for both of us and friends. – I say it’s time (laughs). – Let’s do it. – Thanks so much Vern. – Yeah you’re welcome. (gentle uplifting music) My intense with both the
foyer and the living room and then they are just so interconnected, was to kind of welcome
somebody into this home – You know whenever you’re
partnering with a designer, especially one of the level of Vern, you’ll never really know
what they’re going to do, all I did was ask him for color and the way he has infused
kind of these subtle mustard, and green is so beautiful. – [Vern] It’s meant to say
you’re someplace, that you know you can relax and be taken care off. And I feel like we really got there. I’m thrilled with how it all turned out. – Everything is made for a busy family, and Vern has seamlessly done that in a way that could not be more elegant, truly this is the ultimate and just living comfortably
in your own home. I’m going to take a note from this, and I’m going to take a
moment to relax. Chao. (upbeat music).

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