vFan Airbrush In The Field: Home Improvement

vFan Airbrush In The Field: Home Improvement

Another great use for the vFan
portable airbrush system are projects around the house. Whether you’re a high end
contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, the vFan is the best choice for home
improvement projects. My name is Jeremy Sasso. I am a general contractor for Sableco Builders. What we had to do today is we had to tape up the walls because we are actually doing the baseboard the corner of the baseboard which a lot of
times through daily traffic and stuff like that that get nicked up and damaged from just every day use. Basically you want to tape off the area. You always want to mask everything off because it is a spray gun. You don’t want to get any overspray on anything else. Take about a 220 grit sand paper, sand down the edges, make it nice and smooth. You don’t want any burrs. You don’t any kind of imperfections. If there’s any cracks or anything like that, you’d fill that in and of course sand that too. And then you would take the 150 Feet of Energy you’d spray that off, get all the particles, get all the dust out of the area. Then you would take the vFan and lightly start blending in the corner which actually goes on a lot smoother. When you’re painting it on it has a tendency to stroke in the paint, you can see the brush strokes. With the vFan you can go down to a hairline finish or you can go up to three inch finish, and it’s just one tool. Very handy and it’s very useful. I would recommend this to other builders because it saves a lot of time and it’s a very useful tool. There you have it. The vFan portable airbrush system is perfect for all you weekend warriors and remodeling experts.

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  1. this system is killer. its just what my customers need that get my OEM custom car paint touch up system!

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