5 thoughts on “Video: Action 9 investigates home improvement chain contractor complaints

  1. Hi Martha! Hi Greg!
    Great coverage. But for sure "42 complaints" is very likely a drop in the bucket considering the nation. This is a representative sample of the sort of indiscretion on the part of Lowe's as a national corporation to apparently engage in what can be rightly called being a "negligent accomplice" in these monstrosities since there's no apparent and purposefully effective corporate screening of contractors to be dispatched.
    I believe it's highly unfair to scape goat any regional manager for what's an apparent corporate disease. His actions and tolerance of the same are only symptomatic to that.
    In addition, I sort of disagree with Todd's synopsis for consumer preventative measures in that he treats the matter as distant from the contractors themselves. He steers clear of offering a viable preventative measure.
    The ultimate focus, aside from Lowe's national reputation for often being an inept "rack-job general contractor", is the contractors themselves. Who are they? What are they? Are they whom they say they are or something else?
    This is the ultimate responsibility of our private home heads, IN THE FIRST ORDER OF AFFAIRS. The mistake is reminiscent of those made by our private home heads all over the country trusting contractor referral agencies (of which Lowe's is one) to dispatch reputable, cleared, trustworthy, and adequately skilled contractors.
    WE'VE GOT TO DO IT. We're the only ones in position to stop them dead in their tracks. They've got to first be properly validated and it's ultimately up to residents to do it.
    The preventative measure is to properly do our own service validations of any and all contractors who are dispatched or who drop by BEFORE allowing them to touch a single thing. We're the ones with the personal stake in this.
    This will help: https://www.american-homeowners-fast-track.org/
    Martha? Greg? Todd? I understand that the boss is "always right," but on occasion he sings off key.

  2. Bottom line: If you're not writing a contract with the company, they're not going to back it if the job has a problem. If the company's name is not on the labor or material warranty, it will not be honored by them. Simple.All other claims of assistance won't stand up, otherwise they would have backed it up in writing in the first place.

  3. I'm a union trained commercial carpenter from Ohio, Local 1138 (1978-1999). Since I came to Florida in 2003, I have seen more phony tradesmen and carpenters than I can even try to count. A big part of the problem is due to the relatively easy tests contractors have to take and pass to get a license from the state. They are far easier than any northern states. Sorry to say it this way, but lots of these Florida construction and remodeling companies are nothing but Florida HICKS that don't have a lot of trade skills and not much common sense, and even less ethics about how they go about their business. The state does very little to maintain oversight and discipline for bad contractors. And even worse are the city and county building inspection departments. In south Florida, they take bribes left and right and could care less if a homeowner or their kids are harmed or the family suffers financially. Lowe's KNOWS all this and yet they still hire contractors so long as they have a license from the state. They do nothing to check their work or lawsuit history, BBB complaints, etc. Because Lowe's cares only about one thing: PROFIT. Take close look at all the commercial construction sites in Florida and all you will see are out of state contractors from the northern states. These big corporations know better than to hire Florida contractors. That's why they never hire them to build their stores and commercial facilities, etc. Take a close look next time you go by a commercial job site for a major retailer or other large business.

  4. lowes should have never sent low lifes to this guys house, they sent a low life to install my door and the guy put part of it in backwards!!!

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