Vintage Ephemera Collecting : Ephemera Home Improvement Collectibles

Okay, here’s another favorite, home projects,
home repair issues, vintage. Look at this, this is called the, Home Craftsman. This magazine
is actually older than I am, okay, this is from February, of 1951. Now look at her, she’s
going to build a whole table while she’s in her dress, also making coffee for the family,
and she’s just going to throw a table together, it’s pretty amazing, isn’t it, yeah. So Look
at this, on the back we see, “the powerful new snychro electric jig saw”, what’s the
price? 22 dollars and 95 cents, not in this lifetime. Okay, how about this, planning and
remodeling your avocado kitchen, remember that avocado color? I’m ashamed to admit,
but my house, still has an avocado counter, which I’m trying to think about replacing,
but anyway, here’s planning and remodeling your kitchen. Now isn’t that attractive, I
mean, isn’t that wonderful, serving counters. And here’s another woman, here she’s cooking
in the kitchen, but she’s got her evening dress on, isn’t that amazing how that happens,
it just doesn’t get any better than that. Okay, over here, here’s one, “How to Simplify
Your Housekeeping”, for a quarter, that’s pretty darn simple if you ask me. Look at
this, this woman is just all ready, look at- this way, or this way, she’s got a whole bunch
of mops, or she’s sitting here with her hair up, I don’t know how she’s going to pull it
off without the mop. And over here, we’ve got her sitting here with long range projects,
here they are, here’s the long range projects; “clean window shades and venetian blinds,
store winter and fall clothing, clean mattress, springs and pillows”, have you ever cleaned
your mattress springs, yeah, that’s something I want to do, right. Okay, here’s some plans
for the man who loves to do it himself, check it out, lets see what he can build, wow, it
looks pretty complicated to me, I don’t know. You know what it looks like, it looks like
how to put a toy together, doesn’t it? We’re parents try to sit there forever. And then,
useful facts about home building from the Security Bank. So if you want to build a home,
it tells you how to make windows for sun worshipers, and it’s one of my favorite topics.

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