Vinyl Decal – Removable Wall Art

Vinyl Decal – Removable Wall Art

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in for another
episode of Just Moosin’ Around. Today I get to moose around in a bathroom
and do my first wall decal. So today, this is the area we’re going to
work with. And, um, that’s why we’re standing in a bathroom. For today’s video. And the phrase that we’re going to be using
is “Be your own kind of beautiful.” And we’re going to customize it to fit this
space. So first thing I’m gonna do is measure. Should be working with a 24 inch towel bar
here, which we are and we want to center it right over that. And we’ve got about 16 inches overall space
that we’re working with so we probably want our decal to be about 13 inches. About 13×24. And that way we can center it right over the
towel bar. Okay, so here we are in our Cricut design
space. And I’ve put together the decal we want to
use with the different fonts. And as you can see, it is 24 inches wide and
just shy of 13 inches tall. And we can always adjust that a little bit
when we are applying it to the wall, because it’s not going to print in one big piece. So now when I click on the “Make It” button
in the top right-hand corner of the screen, it’s going to take us to where our cutting
mats are. So as you can see it’s going to take 2 cutting
mats in order to accomplish the size of this wall decal. And we’ll be using our 12×24 inch mat and
a 12×12 inch mat. I have attached the words so that they stay
together as full words other than the word beautiful where I cut the ‘B’ off in order
to make the length work the way we need it to. Okay, for this project I’m going to be using
my Cricut Explore Air 2. I’ll be using 2 different size cutting mats:
a 12×24 and a 12×12. And Oracal 631 non-permanent vinyl. That way when we’re ready to change the décor
a few years down the road we can easily peel it off without removing the paint or wall
board. Okay I’m about to load my mats so that we
can get started with cutting. As you can see we’ve got the “load mat” light
flashing down on the button. I’ve just checked my dial to make sure that
it is set to vinyl. And I’m going to start with the large mat
first, the 12×24. And we’ll go from there. Okay we’ve got our mat loaded now and we’re
about to start cutting. The first application of this project did
not go as planned. Unfortunately, the adhesive on the Cricut
brand transfer tape was too strong. Instead of leaving the vinyl on the wall when
we peeled back the tape, it kept the vinyl and peeled some of the wall paint. I will not bore you with all the details on
camera. In order to complete this project we had to
repaint the wall, recut the new vinyl, and use something else for transfer. This time I used Duck brand clear contact
paper that I picked up at Lowe’s. It was still stronger than I would prefer,
but it did the job. Okay, so now we have our vinyl letters laid
out, and I’ve used this mat with the grid to help me get them lined up again so that
they fit within the 24 inches and the 13 inches that we’re using for our space in the bathroom. And then I’ve also used just a little bit
of double stick tape to help it stay in place until I get the contact paper on there. So this time around we’re going to use contact
paper rather than the Cricut adhesive paper because we discovered in round 1 that was
too strong of a grip. So we are going to use some contact paper. I’ve already cut it down to the size of our
13 inches by 24 inches, and I’m just going to peel a little bit at a time and apply it. So here we are with the finished product. And despite all the hiccups along the way,
I’d say it turned out pretty good. I’m pleased with the overall finished product,
and learned alot during the process. And am looking forward to improving the process
on my next wall project somewhere down the road. So thank you for tuning in, and hopefully
this has been a good learning experience for you as well.

10 thoughts on “Vinyl Decal – Removable Wall Art

  1. I'm wondering since the mat is 12" x 24" and the Cricut doesn't' cut that big I'm getting an error that says my design is too big.

  2. You did a really great job!❤️I thought about buying a machine but besides the expense, I also thought about how much time/hassle it would take to do all the things I have going on in my head/mind for my upcoming women's project😂So I think paying someone who both has a machine and the creative will, will be the best overall solution to my mentally creative needs😂I can't wait to see what this quote will look like on a wall: *The enemy wouldn't be attacking if something very valuable wasn't inside of you. Thieves don't break into empty houses. You've gotta purpose!*❤️As the 4 Hour Week book mantra says: Outsource! Outsource! Outsource!😂

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