VLOG 15 ⎮ 집꾸미기 같이해요, 원룸 인테리어 (Home decor with me)

As the seasons change, I plan to change my room. Because it is a one-room type, a slight change is felt greatly. Virtual Interior Program, Floor planner I often imagine furniture layout using a 3D programs. Moving comfortably at home is important, but I want something else. Completed sketch of my home. Point 1. An oblique mirror This time I will put the mirror at an angle. Point 2. Change a table position I always put the table next to the window, but this time would be different. This is why I change the interior. a new dressing table with stool. It is packed meticulously. I work today, so I’m going to clean up tomorrow. At first, clear the floor. Now let’s move furniture. And remove hair and dust. Be careful when moving mirrors larger than your height. Next target is a table that my mom and I like. It is more meaningful because I assembled one by one. Place the table in sketched position. and also move chairs and other accessories. There are lots of things I could not put in the storage. But I have used the dressing table well. It’s heavy. 3pm The beautiful sun shines on my house. Let’s take off the Christmas decorations and also my memories and photos of last year. I keep it to celebrate Christmas this year. Finally, it is finished. I sprayed a light room spray. It took me half a day. The new dressing table is satisfactory. Sit on a chair and look at the new home. I feel my room is a little unfamiliar. But I like this unfamiliarity. Morning after night shift. Snow is falling. I took a foot stamp on the street. Familiar streets are different because of snow. I eat a slice of pizza this morning. This is my happy hour. I want to have a sweet dessert. Strawberries and whipped cream Pour cream over strawberries. It is not too sweet and delicious. Afternoon. Highlights of Room Decorating is lighting a room with 5 meters light. Read the instructions carefully. 1. Measure the length of the installation 2. Cut the measured length. 3. Attach the light line First, let’s dust it out. Switch On 1. Measure the length of the installation Measure the floor length 2. Cut the measured length. 3. Attach the light line check the lights. There is a remote control switch. Brightness can be adjusted in 8 steps. Cozy atmosphere at night. Cleaning up again. There is so much dust from the ceiling. Cleaning is endless. So this is the end of decorating my house.

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