VLOG #3: Exploring BGC – Street Art, Murals and Mind Museum

VLOG #3: Exploring BGC – Street Art, Murals and Mind Museum

Hi guys! So we’re going today to BGC
or Bonifacio Global City to search for the famous street art and murals. But before that, let’s eat first! Let’s go! And now we’re here at Jollibee in BGC. They said it is their 1000th store. Let’s eat! * irasshaimase * So since we already ate let’s go find the famous street art
and murals here in BGC. Let’s go! There are just a lot of walking involved, but I think its worth it One of the good things here in BGC is there are a lot of trees. This is Uptown Parade, there’s a lot of restaurants available in this area * so cute * We are here now at the Track 30th For anyone who wants to be healthy and physically fit we can do it here at the Empire or by Angela Piron dog or philippine masters buy eggs
yes Adam welcome to LA Kings are stranger
things in the Saline then among young kids with spray paint
collections by made prisons another one from a prism next I am a fine comfort here by kfk
leave a second maximum power in the clouds new
boundaries sweet dreams in BGC by my people so any mana and of nothing Street arts
at the your eyes now about good Magna has bear over signal mantis is a domina
Mikey tomatillo go go go beside you mama they’re independent octopus on the
Internet in disabilities yes I mean who Putin that is a bar every time that you’ve been betting on
dick I believe some experiment I believe then you made a pass at my music
first thing tonight you

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  1. Message mo ko chard pag gusto mo mag "Can't say NO challenge" hahahaha mura lang magagastos mo promise hahahahahaha

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