Volgelopen geheime bunker leegpompen ! Vinden we spullen !?

Volgelopen geheime bunker leegpompen ! Vinden we spullen !?

today we are at Bergen airport! below is a bunker but it is completely full of frogs and water completely full of water there is a door very exciting. pump empty first! it blows a bit to empty this bunker, we need a strong pump we need a pump beautiful awesome 2 pumps 2 water hoses what a service this should succeed! thanks once you are in beverwijk we are not going to eat until this afternoon we were a bit hungry so a small sandwich look he’s done we start eating we have a lot to do so we had that, because it is annoying to see how Jim is smacking what have i taken? chicken cheers from now on we will make an eating program let’s eat sandwiches and say how tasty they are .. yummy John is not with me unfortunately John is not with us but someone else is coming Who? surprise we are there the gate opens what does it say there? oh great mind let me walk in beauty ( nonsense ) this is the bunker museum I drive to the water bunker here he must be somewhere Hi ! Melanie and I have something very nice to report because we have a …. Cake !! do you want to see him ? he takes the honor, but I have arranged the cake nothing at all Melanie and me! we give a cross, you head it in you eat everything and put that cream in your mouth again do you want a piece? later? yes with coffee where is your metal coupler that will become clear someday we are going to pump you look like pro then watch them you didn’t know it yet but Jim actually works at the fire department here it was crooked we are going to empty this water bunker see if we can find stuff look is it clean? everything is wet here you could also have brought 1 million sponges? nice and soft you are always jumping in those sponges look the water has already dropped a white edge the bunker has never been empty that is special look a salamander! look there he is Mel knocks the knee Mel must piss I’m just going to put those pumps right they are not allowed in the blubber I’m going to dig it free and put them on the bottom year. he still fits! just clean the concrete and put the pump on the bottom what will he suck then? WATER there is money everywhere do you want to make a wish? make a wish? that we reach the 100,000 subscribers 5000 people within 1 day subscribe for? MORE more tarts from mel! and a heart? look I’m always happy with a stick last time I also found a stick when I went into the water Yes correct ! it’s soggy it has already fallen a lot how much will it be 1.4 m? yes about! look red paint or it’s blood we are in the abandoned water bunker the moment of truth leave us no longer in tension are you coming along ? what do you see? all stones and behind this? another room ! Brian? are those nazi zombies there? YES! we need a better lamp Brian works in the kitchen craftsman he has developed something maybe this works immediately broken he did it burned 12v the best thing would be that we go in and that there is nothing at all it contains salamanders it has already succeeded salamander bunker found Brian is immediately making light he sees a hollow space without light it is exciting now there is better light now this is the bunker it goes even further look now it will flow we just have to get a better lamp stone on your foot? yes on my foot no! Yes Brian immediately finds things there is enough under water wood blubber you never know this is metal steel grenade? maybe those planes here weird ! looks like a mine igniter do you want it? exciting You must check it 70 years ago someone has been in this for the last time there are all airplanes set on fire here we have to take a good look what lies here? planks ? yes shelves put it up against the wall Mel caught something Jim I have something beautiful she says look how strong just stuck strong draw Mel it’s not your mother come pull! come pull together we are in the abandoned bunker I’m just feeling good with my hands I will shine on you here they say there are ghosts here we all remove pieces of the ceiling from the water yes from the ceiling yes, look here have pipes run this bunker .. was made in 1939 with the construction of the airport probably used as an air raid shelter for officers and in 1945 it was closed and afterwards nobody has been in it anymore it is unique that we do this it’s a kind of Urbex back in time everything here is from before 1945 Mel is from 1945 you give light! wow 1941 great 1941 German Flak with those holes that one is nice totally blubber we still have something who can go to the museum, it was next to the stairs did you see him? Yes man battery almost falls into the water have to take a good look there will probably be several Flaks Yes? Jelle is digging in the water and he finds a K98 clip final boss he is the best man what are we doing? Jelle has done it before yes you can see that look what a boss awesome special look what I found no look then Brian just finds it in the water along the side Jelle says it’s on the side hop bizarre he finds everything Yes man now it will be fun what are we gross whole packages film is low this is fat still found things disgusting why are you in the water anyway? you wanted to take a spectacular photo Melanie is done with it hello we will miss you let me know what you found Bullets he digs everything with their hands bye Mel bye I thought it was super special we all found bullets hangar glass thingies a thick Flak sleeve look great they all had a pack of ammunition everything it’s a kind of time capsule we are going to drink a cup of coffee in Jelle’s museum Bergen airport museum take a look at the site when it is open Jelle just said This stone comes from Soesterberg airbase and there is a fat eagle on it it was a gift for the commander soesterberg airbase that stone is now very special here it’s hard to see they have made an eagle from the Air Force there is something under it there is also something here very special stone this was the plate we found last time in another bunker, I had recently found this one this appears from the breeder C10 and this is an aircraft museum of the Dutch time where does it come out nicer than here? please ! thanks we are happy with it! awesome ! yes he looks super cool! this one is special right? maybe there are 2 or 3 in the world not even ! really ? there are bullet holes in it it came from the other bunker there is a spelling error S instead of Z why did it go wrong then? probably a Dutchman who wrote it and then it was thrown away nice plate found when a house was demolished that’s the last one you come once to Bergen come to the museum you get free access if you say you watched Watchdutch only in the month of May great promotion! it is still a museum under construction here you see the airport those bunkers are here commanders of the airport this wasn’t the old runway even a real one it was more a solidified pasture it was an important airport all those planes were attacked in May 1940 when she just wanted to take off then the dark people immediately attacked from this plane we donated that red warehouse breeder CX reconnaissance aircraft special they have then everything destroyed the Germans shot everything quite a war here awesome nice that we can bring back a piece of aircraft technology with our finds this is really beautiful it was in the other bunker that you had to refuel in Bergen at garage Smit beautiful this is a piece of the V1 look this is from the resistance in an old book they did a radio then they could with telephone with England then the Germans took over the airport everything rebuilt all windows are broken by the hangars look Mel you wanted to know I want to know yes that other bunker they found this ladder and who was from? Messerschmitt 109 to push against the wing to climb out we didn’t know that then This is a breeder plane wing from ww1 is it german? yes a German yes Fokker has become very rich with the sale of aircraft during the war we leave and we are cold thanks thanks was nice what should people do? just drop by and say they watch WatchDutch thumbs up Bergen Museum airport

78 thoughts on “Volgelopen geheime bunker leegpompen ! Vinden we spullen !?

  1. Was dat magazijn niet dezelfde als op de M10 ? De Lewis aangepast naar Nederlandse munitie en in licentie gebouwd in Nederland ? Redelijk zeldzaam om compleet te vinden als bodemvondst, maar er liggen er genoeg in musea.

  2. Even een bunkertje leegpompen!? Waarom? Waarom niet! Omdat het kan! Daarom kijk ik naar jullie haha. Leuk mannen en begin nu serieus te twijfelen om ook even een bunker te bezoeken

  3. Vorige week heb ik met een vriend een hele grote water put gevonden onder zijn huis. We zijn er in gegaan. Al dat water heeft meer dan 150 jaar stil gestaan

  4. Leuke video weer boys! Gaaf, voor hetzelfde geld ligt ie vol met moois! Op naar de volgende……… WHOOP WHOOPPPPPPPPPPP

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh .

    Mel is er eindelijk weer bij.
    Dat maakt de beelden weer mooi.
    zo jammer dat Nick en koekebier niet meer op de beelden zijn te zien

  6. Dat was weer een mooi stukje geschiedenis mannen. Ontzettend mooi dit, even een paar duizend liter water weg pompen. Gaat zo door mannen top gedaan. 🤙🐟😉

  7. Ik zit daar in de buurt op school heb ook op die planken gestaan maar had niet door dat daar een bunker is ( wij hadden daar tuinles)

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊☺️😩😕😍😍

  9. Cool gedaan gasten duimpje is wel verdiend👍 Alleen jammer wel in het engels aangekondigd t filmpje maar dan niet in het engels praten! Maar vooruit dan maar dat kan ik jullie wel vergeven😎

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