Walkthrough: Contemporary Mumbai Interior Design

Walkthrough: Contemporary Mumbai Interior Design

My name is Sakshi Shetty, and I work with
Livspace as a design partner. So we’ve designed this house for my client,
Jyoti Punja. It’s a sprawling 2,000 sq. ft. apartment
situated in the suburbs of Mumbai. As soon as you enter the room, what strikes
your eye is this vertical wallpaper, which accentuates the height of the room. Exactly opposite to the wallpaper, we have
a library unit. My client has a huge collection of books,
so that’s the reason why we created an open book storage. So, starting from the living room, we’ve
tried to have a grey and white colour scheme which flows throughout the house. And we’ve added a blue pop colour and blue
hues which goes throughout the living room. So as you enter the living room, you can see
a TV unit which has a lot of geometrical lines and abstract work going on, with a mix
of steel in it, so which can accommodate a huge sized TV as well. The main criteria was to have a maximum seating
space and also considering the movement in the entire living room. There’s a huge window that you can see on
the left hand side of the room, which provides an ample amount of light, so we have, around
18 people can be accommodated in a single living room. If you see on the right side, you can see
a console, which, she can use it to display her decor stuff, as well as there are two
wing chairs on each side which are in shades of slate grey. She’s fond of having a lot of paintings
in her house, so you can see a nice Buddha painting, which is just above the console. So if you can see in the living room, there’s
a huge dining table which has a back-painted glass top with metal legs and it can accommodate
8 people while sitting on the dining chairs. When we go through the living room towards
the bedrooms, there’s a wide passage. So we have wooden mouldings done on each side
of the wall to give a contemporary touch to the whole house. So the master bedroom is quite different from
the other rooms. If you could see, the finishes involved in
this room is more on a woody side to give it a warmer tone. Whereas if you see over here we’ve got a
full height headboard to give it an elongated shape and to maintain the height of the room. Continuing the blue hues, we have the blue walls
but giving it a wooden touch to it since she didn’t want any grey tones to be followed
in the master bed. Maintaining the blue tones in the house we’ve
created a reading corner for my client. We’re using a wing chair and a footrest
which can also be used as a relaxing zone for her. As for the daughter’s bedroom which is also
a master bedroom, we’ve managed to get in a pastel colour scheme along with the grey
tones in the house. As you enter the room, so you can see along
with the grey and the white shades, we’ve added a pastel touch to it. My favourite part in the entire house has
to be the guest bedroom, especially the sofa-cum-bed. The room is very minimalistic, it’s very
bright because it’s an East-facing room, and yet it is modern and chic at the same
time. To balance out the grey tones of the house,
we have this wooden mandir, it has a silver finish to it which blends well with the look of
the entire house. Working on Jyoti Punja’s house was one of
the most amazing experiences that I’ve had, and it’s always going to stick around with
me. I hope that they enjoy and build up amazing
memories in this house.

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