Wall Art In Your Home

Wall Art In Your Home

Jill: Do you have lots of wall art in your
home and you’re looking for ideas on how to hang it? Do you want your home to be this
really beautiful personalized lovely place to hang out? Well, stay tuned because we are
going to show you lots of awesome art in my mom’s house and we’re going to give you ideas
on how to hang it, how to hang art in your own home. So, this log house that we’re shooting
video in today is the house I grew up in. It is a log home my mom and dad built themselves
32 years ago. They’ve been married 46 years and you’ll see the wall art that we’re talking
about. A lot of it is very sentimental and personal to them. A lot of it was created
by family members. So, we’re excited to show you around. As a side note, these guys are
ranchers. They raise natural beef and so this home is on a real live cattle ranch just like
back in the Wild West. Char: Well, we’re still kind of wild.
Jill: But you’re still a lot wild. Char: Oh, when I walked in there was so much
more color in my room which I’ve always wondered how to do actually but I also felt the energy,
the change in energy. I felt a lot of love emanating from all these pieces that so many
people that were so totally in my life were here, were with me in the living room.
Jill: So, do I look like Vanna White? No? Not even close? Not even a little bit? A little
bit? Char: This my aunt Norma did, she’s a paternal
aunt and her daughter was going through college taking art classes and it inspired her to
try something out herself. She has all the colors. I feel like there is everything from
spring to fall colors in here. It’s a real lively painting yet of a serene scene and
it’s just something very special to me. This is a painting very special to me, number one
because Jill did it. Didn’t she do a beautiful job? I love it. It’s also our life. We’ve
spent a lot of time on horse and this actually looks like her brother so it’s as though we
have a family member with us all the time in our house and welcoming people at the front
door. Jill: I love cowboys. They don’t talk much
but they work really hard and they’re family orientated.
Char: You can always tell a cowboy but you can’t tell him much. This is my mother-in-law’s
piece, Jill’s grandma and she took care of the kids a lot and loved the country. She
grew up in this country. This is the country that we live in and she is a self-taught artist
and she painted the cattle a lot and her husband riding and the beautiful landscape and she
would just take a picture and then start painting. Her husband always came in whenever the work
was done which could be most often 9 or 10 o’clock at night to come for supper and she
would just pull out her paints and paint and patiently wait for him until he showed up
and then she’d hurry up and put a meal on but she did a lot of paintings in her adult
life after her kids grew up and this is just as. You could find this by looking at this
picture, you could travel the countryside and find exactly where that was. She was quite
exacting in how she painted her pictures. And of course we love this one here. It reminds
Rich of his mom and me of someone that nurtured me a lot.
Jill: One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re hanging art is they hang it way
too high on the wall then it looks weird. I’m 5’6″, this piece of art is hung a lot
lower than that and it looks great. The taller people think it looks great. The shorter people
think it looks great. So, when in doubt, hang the art a lot lower on the wall than you think
you’re going to need to hang it. Char: This piece was done by a nephew and
he and Jill actually went to kindergarten together and I drove them part of the time.
I watched him grow up. He, as well as so many others in the family that become fantastic
artists and this is of a cabin that is on our property in the hills. It’s a range land
that we put the cattle on in the fall and this was a cabin that was actually one of
the settlers in the family who has settled this country and it was in a place that was
going to be sprinkled which would grew on the cabin and so we took it apart piece by
piece and brought it up here when Jill was a little girl and he caught this beautiful
cabin in its setting and since then the cabin has been torn down. We’re really sad about
that but we have this beautiful painting that reminds us of all the years that we were able
to stay in overnight in that cabin. We even cross country skied up there one year. But
Brent is the fellow that made this, Brent Cotton, and he also made the frame.
So, this is also a real treasure for us. This is a piece that my stepmother drew. She was
a wonderful lady and did a lot to help the family and I love this picture for the contrast.
She has a real dark background with these bright white poppies and the white vase. It’s
just a beautiful picture and it’s very bright and with the light around the edge, it just
really pops and I can see her painting it. She’s with us. This is a piece, this is a
photo. It’s my father-in-law Fred and he’s on Maynard, one of his favorite horses and
this is my husband back here. He’d opened the gate and he’d gotten off this horse and
he was just riding this horse enough to calm him down for me to ride him and his name was
Spook and it was a well-deserved name. This photo was taken by my brother-in-law Jim Cotton
and my husband, Rich, made the frame out of just a board from an old building that was
on the place and that’s that art and I love the rustic look of this piece.
Jill: So, what was your favorite piece of art in this video? Leave a comment below this
video and let us know. Now we want to encourage you to hang art that you love in your home.
Make sure its pieces that make you happy. Make sure that its real art, if you can afford
real art or get art created from your family members. It has a lot better energy on the
piece. It is more meaningful and it will create that specialness in your hone that makes it
unique and it makes it you so you can really find the you in your home and really love
the home that you come home to everyday. I’m sure you could tell how much my mom loves
the art in her home. It makes her heart happy. It makes her happy. It brings tears to her
eyes. It brings a lot of joy to her heart. That’s what I want for you. Enjoy the art
you have. Make sure it’s meaningful to you. This is your home. It should be something
that’s very heartfelt and make you happy every time you look at it, lift up your spirit every
time you look at it, make your heart explode with joy every time you look at it. So that’s
what I want for you. Be sure and go to www.homestylus.com to the blog and you’ll get lots more information
there. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I teach all about home decorating and the
videos are really fun, informative and heartfelt. Char: I agree.
Jill: I love you mom.

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