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Do you want to see how I made this beautiful
floral wall décor for under $15? Keep watching to see just how easy it was
to create. Hi! My name is maria and I share tips on the art
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of the artsy cupcake crew! Today I am participating in the Look for Less
Challenge hosted by Yami from The Latina next door and Kristin from Kristin’s chaotic
life. The challenge is to find a home décor item
and try to recreate a less expensive version. A bunch of other youtubers are part of this
challenge so I will link the playlist below so you can get more home décor inspiration
there. I have been seeing a lot of these 3-dimensional
floral wall art pieces in home décor stores. Some of the flowers are created with paper
or felt, others with clay or paper mache. But today I am going to keep this DIY as simple
and easy as possible and I will be using artificial flowers. I love simple elegance, so I did a white on
white color scheme for this floral décor art piece. But you can take the examples I’m going
to show you as inspiration or change the color scheme up however YOU want to fit whatever
matches YOUR home décor. I saw so many varieties of this floral wall
décor concept, so here are a few that inspired me and hopefully will inspire you too. The first example Is from pottery barn and
it is a 3 dimensional succulent wall art. This is $269! It is made with artificial succulent flowers
and also would be very inexpensive to recreate. The next one is also succulent inspired but
is using paper flowers. It’s from world market and goes for $130. This one would also be very inexpensive to
recreate but would take more time and you may need a paper cutting machine to get all
those flowers hand made. I saw another similar example, but much smaller. It is white on white and made from paper. It was on etsy for $60. And then this one I found at home goods for
$60 as well. The white on white really appealed to me and
I like how this one felt less structured and a little more organic, so I tried to work
some of that into my creation. I LOVE saving money and keeping it simple,
so let me show you everything you will need so you can create YOUR very own floral wall
art. I went to Dollar Tree to find these really
pretty white and off white flowers. I got 12 of them. The savings was really great because just
a single white rose at Michaels or Hobby Lobby was $6! I got several shades of white and offwhite
because I wanted to do an ombre type of effect and just add some interest to the whole piece. Michaels had these canvases for sale. They are 16×20 inches and came in a pack of
2 for $5. So the one canvas I used was only $2.50 which
is a really good deal! I did look at Dollar tree for canvases but
they only had really small ones. You will also need a good pair of scissors
and a hot glue gun. And I recommend a hot glue gun that is way
better than the dinky little one I have here. The struggle got pretty real halfway in when
my fingers were hurting from gluing so many flowers. And that is it! That is all you need to make this floral wall
art, so let’s get going into the tutorial. First I removed all the flowers from the stems. I kept them color coded as I went so everything
would already be organized for putting together the ombre fade. Since you will want to have the flowers as
close to the canvas as possible, you want to trim the stems from the bottom. Be careful not to trim too closely though
because then the flowers could come apart. Trimming the stem will also make the area
at the bottom able to get more glue so it adheres better to the canvas. Next I played around with the layout of the
flowers before glueing them down. I mixed in some of the closed roses with the
open roses to vary the height. I put the larger roses at the bottom and then
the smaller ones that would do the slow fade at the top. Once I had a good idea of where everything
was going, it was time to glue. Don’t be skimpy with the glue gun, really
put a good amount. When I got near the top I wanted to do the
flowers in a more organic fashion so I tested what looked best before glueing them down. I have them scattered but did try to have
some sort or system, to where it would look balanced. And here is the finished product. I am happy with the way it came out and will
be putting this in my guest room. I also think it would be so sweet in a little
girls room. It is just so elegant and I love how it can
be customized so you can create one to match whatever colors you have in your home. If you end up making your own very, make sure
to tag me in Instagram so I can see your creation! I am trying to build a positive community
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you have a very happy day!

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