Wall Panel Moulding Design and Install

Wall Panel Moulding Design and Install

Give your walls a lift with this handsome
paneled pattern. You can transform plain walls into something
special, just by adding moulding,… The best thing about a look like this? you
can tailor it to YOUR space, taking into account the features of your room like windows, doors
or outlets. The pattern is a series of vertical elements, called stiles, and horizontal elements,
called rails. In this application, the stiles and rails are cut from 3 ½ inch wide mdf,
installed at a height of 52 inches, a width of 16 inches, with the rails evenly spaced.
But you can completely customize the pattern by varying the size of the materials, varying
the height of the pattern, the width of the pattern, even the number of rails. It’s all
up to you. To install your pattern, start by measuring
and marking the line for the base, the top of this lower rail should be 3″ above the
height of the decorative base moulding you will be installing. Check for level, then
install the mdf board with adhesive and nails. Directly below, add what is essentially a
filler, or backer, for your final piece of decorative base moulding..
You’ll add the base moulding to the backer you’ve already applied. The base moulding relies on a miter cut for corners.
Now you can really start building out the pattern – installing the corner vertical boards
or stiles with adhesive and nails. Next, measure and mark for the heights of
your horizontal pieces…..rails….and then start building. Add rails, and then a stile,
rails, and a stile. You can see this will go pretty quickly if you have all your pieces
pre-cut. Once your basic pattern’s complete, you’ll
add some finishing touches to the look. Up top, apply a piece of mdf as a backer that
you can nail casing to. When you come to a corner, the casing will need a miter cut. A strip of base shoe completes the look.
You can stop here, or if you want to add one final element, you can trim out the interior
of each panel with some bead moulding. To get the best fit, you should trim each piece
to length as you work. This technique is adaptable, affordable, and
works in lots of spaces, why wouldn’t you give it a try?

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  1. wish I knew how to do this! I have so many projects I want to do! oh and I have a lowes credit card 😎

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