Wall Quote Stencils, Step by Step

Wall Quote Stencils, Step by Step

Hi I’m Greg from Cutting Edge Stencils
and I’d like to introduce our new line of wall quote stencils. We’ve put
together a collection of phrases with a positive message that can be used on
walls, on pillows, or even on canvas to make your own artwork but no matter
where you use these, they’re sure to inspire creativity, to motivate you, and
to remind you of what’s special. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go! Okay you got
a baby boy? We got a stencil for you. You got a baby girl? We got one for her too.
I’ve got our clip on stencil level. This is a great tool. This is going to help to
keep our phrase parallel with the ceiling parallel with the floor. just
looks very professional instead of having yours your phrase crooked. What
we’re going to do is we’re going to slide this on the bottom of the stencil
and what you do is you just take your level and you just slide it on the
bottom goes on very easy. Make sure it sits tight against the stencil and now
what you’re going to want to do is make sure that your bubble is between the two
black lines and that’s going to tell you that your stencil is level. Okay we got
our stencil on the wall it’s leveled I’m going to put a couple more pieces of
tape just to make sure that the stencil doesn’t move when we roll it. Okay we got
our stencil on the wall we’ve got a level we check that with our Cutting
Edge Stencils clip-on stencil level and now we’re going to use three mini
rollers, three different colors and we’re going to do this project here the baby
boy project. We’re going to start with this a folk art Heartland blue color and
we’re going to do the brackets here. We love these folk art paints the
acrylics are dynamite. So first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take my mini
roller, we sell these at Cutting Edge Stencils. They work great for projects
like this where you have a big enough area to roll stuff small enough where
you really need to get in with a brush it’s not that detailed these are
dynamite. So what we’ll do is we’ll load our roller and again this is very
important evenly roll load your roller we’ll just run it through the paint nice
and even. Get it equally distributed on the
surface of the roller and now what we’ll do is we’ll offload it onto the paper
towels. So you come down to your paper towels and just one or two passes you
can see how it offloads it with different consistency so it gets a
little heavier in some areas so as we offload this it evens out the load on
the roller. Now we have an even load on the roller we’re going to come up and
we’re going to just get right on the stencil and do our brackets in Heartland
Blue. Don’t push too hard or you’ll get bleed just build up your paint coverage
slowly and see it doesn’t take very long. Over here still have enough paint on my
roller. Again don’t push down too hard see the base on
that baby boy right now. Okay let’s paint the baby and guess what
color were using baby blue, perfect. Again we’re going to load a roller nice and
evenly. Come over again we’re just going to knock off the excess onto our paper
towel nice dry roller it’s ready to go to the baby. You can see we’re not using
spray adhesive here and there’s no problem at all. Okay let’s roll our boy and we’re going
to use folk art slate blue for this again run load our roller nice and even.
I’ll float onto the paper towels. This is the standard couple passes there yeah
there you go you have nice dry roller ready to go. Get creative with this. You
can use all different colors, you can do each letter in a different color.
See I’m not pushing too hard building it up this is going to give me the best
tightest line. Okay we finished our project. Here we’re going to pull this
down see how it looks. This took all of about five minutes to complete. I think
everyone has five minutes for their baby boy. This looks great! Wow that project turned out great and it
was so easy to do. Come on down to CuttingEdgeStencils.com and check out
our stencils and our free how to stencil videos. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you
next time. Happy stenciling!

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