83 thoughts on “wall relief decoration – interior design

  1. The last one at 1:10 was my favorite, looks like a challenge to have made, really defying the flatness of the wall around it, with simple shapes to create such a complex texture. Very nice all of them…some day I want to do this kind of thing in my house, would be fun and different 😀

  2. It seems like it was just created using Blender… its not real. But it could be very nice to actually pull something like that :0)

  3. Not Fair!!!! 🙁  I thought this would be a "How-To" video and not a trailer for your (albeit beautiful) work!!!!

  4. im a drywall taper, I run a drywall business in Toronto, Ontario.. but I also am an artist..  too… I want to know how you did this…. because.. I really want to know. lol was it a vinyl?

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  6. Your designs are absolutely gorgeous and something I don't think anyone's ever thought of the things that I've ever seen. I would like to ask was this built up on the actual wall or is this something that was created and send me part of the wall for some of them look like it could have been hung but the rose or tulip which I love looks like it was actually built up please explain how you did that?!

  7. by cnc cutting machine we can cut more products like granite,marble, steel,brass etc..
    can anyone tell me what material this is?

  8. Не понимаю, у кого хватает ума ставить под такими роликами UNLike?

  9. to "cold"-technical for my taste, you can reproduce greek relief whit this technology but when someone actually makes even a copy of some famous relief with his hands its always unique and produces "look alive" impression. It looks attractive on a first glimpse, no one denies that

  10. hi. your video have been stolen.. this is the link from a guy in peru who sais he is the artist who made this murals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jprute1kxsQ

  11. i'd love any of them on my wall and i usually like figuartive sculpture as you can see from my website


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  13. Same room, exact same room, with all those different pieces? Are they made on a separate panel and hung? Not really part of the wall or what?

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