#Walldecor #Wallart #DIYDecor Wall Makeover | livingroom Decor

#Walldecor #Wallart #DIYDecor  Wall Makeover | livingroom Decor

Hello Friends,
Welcome back to House of Happiness Today we are going to watch a special video We going to Make over this 3 SEATER and the wall behind. We spend most of our time in this living room how to Add life color and life to it I’ve framed some photos according to my likes which matches the space of this room purchased some pillows and cushions hope you all are ready to join with me to begin. These are the photos (Give your space a personal touch and a little extra love) (Capture and frame life’s most important moments) Walls are the best place to express your love for art. so, are you ready to see the WALL after the decor ?? Now you could see the transformation of the blank wall This transformation is like evolve of a dull caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. This really looks so colorful. : ) Please comment If you’re in need of some inspiration for what to do with your walls and also share your ideas if you have made some beautiful changes. Share with us Aaryan is my Son’s Name. I made this wood craft work to emanate semblance to that. This Blue Cushion was purchased from Home Center and other 3 from Shopper Stop I highly recommend cloth on these seaters Cloth covers protects the most common dirtiness You can easily wash them off Try adding plants to your living room, Choose varieties that enhance a maximalist space Plants enhance a natural feel. It also adds color to your family room I hope you all liked and enjoyed this video Please Like and Share my video. “Please Subscribe My Channel”

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