Walplast Wallputty

In today’s world, everyone want’s to have the home that looks beautiful and is decorated with colours. Walplast wall putty is the unique product which gives a shiny white look and strength to your walls. Let’s have a look at the quick demo on how to use Walplast wall putty. The first step is to clean wall or ceiling. Mix Walplast wall putty in water. Add 1Kg. wall putty in 300 to 400 ml of water. Mix it well with an electric mixer which will create a thick paste of wall putty. Keep aside the mixture of wall putty for 10 minutes as it is so that it mixes properly. After 2 minutes mix it again. Note: Use the paste of wall putty within 30 minutes after mixing with water. Walplast wall putty can be applied to any kind of wall and ceiling. It can be used on interior or exterior wall. Now, wet the wall with clean water. Let the extra wetness be dried away. Make sure that wall is bit moist. Now your wall is completely ready for first coat of wall putty. The first coat is usually between 0.5mm to 1 mm. Let the whole wall dry after the first coat and then apply 2nd coat. After 2nd coat the total thickness of wall putty should be around 2mm. Walplast wall putty is available in different shades. There are 2 other varieties of Walplast wall putty. Plast Coarse and Plasto Premium. Both the putties make wall smoother for painting because of which wall become stronger and colour gets enhanced. Plasto coarse is used to create evenness on walls which are uneven. But make sure its thickness should be 3mm. Plasto premium is used in such places where water is absorbed in walls upto 2 feet to 2.5 feet from wet floor. So to stop the fungus which contains salt Plasto premium is used. Plasto premium can be applied once or as many times as per the requirement. Be it Colour putty or Plasto coarse or Plasto premium the method of applying on wall is as same as Walplast wall putty. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Walplast wall putty. Now no scratch, no leakage, no blistering and no effects of UV rays. Now to protect the walls, Walplast wall putty is with you. Secrets of beautiful walls Walplast wall putty. The putty which gives true colours.

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