We did WHAT to a Hot Dog?! | A.T. #129

We did WHAT to a Hot Dog?! | A.T. #129

100 thoughts on “We did WHAT to a Hot Dog?! | A.T. #129

  1. The Slot Dog is one of our favorite new products, and Jamie loves an excuse to eat during Awesome Time. What is your favorite hot dog topping?
    See even more food-related awesome time episodes here! https://bit.ly/2M2fi8H

  2. In the area there is a store called Slymin bros and some people in my family work there so can you stop by and it is an appliances store

  3. 3:18 you tried to make it look so big but we can all see the wooden sticks going through it to keep it high so it looks really big

  4. I bought the smour thing and made a regular smour in the microwave with booth of them and they did and tasted the same

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