We Painted Our Living Room Black! | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

We Painted Our Living Room Black! | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

Previously on OMG we bought a house We’re going to create a really cool conversation area around the fire place Yeah, a couch, Chairs A cozy rug I cannot wait to decorate in here. The movers are on their way right now with all of our stuff Alright where would you like this item? Back on the truck, oh my god So you got it? Do you have it? Do you have it? Can’t wait to decorate, there’s so much we can make, how will it turn out OMG, we bought a house Kate, door. Coming! Oh my gosh! Hello! We’re back. OMG we bought a house Season who knows what season! Who knows, it’s continuing last season, new season, who knows it’s 2008 guys Happy New Year Happy new year. This is our first video of 2018. What did I say? I said it’s 2008. It’s 2018, it’s our first video of 2018. Hi guys We missed you. 2017 was amazing. It was amazing. It was a wild. It was crazy and this year is gonna Be just as wild and crazy, we have so many cool videos planned and we’re also like finishing our house Yeah, we’ve been in the house for four years. Today we are doing a little bit of redecorating actually, because Black Friday just happened let’s be honest I couldn’t resist the sales But it was also perfect timing because we’ve been decorating for other people for four years now so of course our Style has kind of changed Matured and we want to have that reflected in our house as well Guys make sure to subscribe you can see us put all that Black Friday stuff in Like today, I have a New Year’s cold. Sorry I sound a little Under the weather, but you are New Year’s cool. Oh, hey New Year’s cool and snotty mm-hmm. Shall we start? Let’s do this. Let’s do it so this one I Kind of think I like the lighter grey My issue with this one is that it’s like too timid we want this to be like a dark anchoring, So maybe, maybe the bottom one because it’s like I like a touch of brown and tint I thought you didn’t like that. Alright We are back in the living room you guys remember all the way back in the day this room was like painted a weird like kind of baby puke almost like a diarrhea-y Poopy brown color, and it was just really atrocious and we cleaned it all up. We painted it all white We brought in some furniture everything was looking good, but now that we’ve been living here I look at that wall all the time because that’s where we watch TV So I’m literally sitting on the couch staring at that wall. I’m like we need something on this wall. What do you want? I, like this one. Oh, the one that you did the bigger square on you’re leading, you’re leading the witness You love the off black Choose the off black Asking my opinion on these things is pointless because I know that Kate has a better vision for Aesthetics so she should just do it which I guess She kind of just did why you asked me you probably already bought one of those. What’s what did you buy? Did you buy one of those? You already got one of those colors, I quit. But Joey! But that was just for back-up, just in case. It was a test Don’t you like that one? Where is it? So? Here’s the deal? I went to go buy samples of these colors and One of the colors off black that I really wanted they didn’t have a sample size of So I was just like fine, I’ll buy the gallon of it because if we don’t use it in our house We’ll use it in a future project you guys know we go through paint like buttah so yeah, I pick the black color We got our drop cloths laid down we got our corners taped up we Applied a coat of the original white color to the tape That’s a trick so that once you go over with the darker color you get a clean tape line all right? Why are you going through cooking Really sure, I’m holding back. That’s how advanced move wow It’s actually kinda have to like Go over pretty. Well. Yeah, I know Yeah, it’s crazy Yeah, excuse me your side my side no no no you gotta go paint the shelves Oh, yeah, all right, so Joey’s got this Joey two rolls Joey two rolls in the crib in his house in his Habitat, I’m gonna leave him to this because I have a bunch of shells to paint let’s get this wallpaper So Joey you and I don’t get to go to Las Vegas much do me no We don’t but that’s alright because today’s episode is sponsored by heart of Vegas which is a fun app where you can win massive jackpots? Collect free coins every day on the daily wheel and you start with 2 million coins to keep winning? 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No wheel what we are Decorating we love deciding colors and stuff Ok so you guys remember those big shells that we brought in they’re basically an iron frame They’re modeled after a French library shelves obviously more towards the turn of the century industrial era iron rah-rah But they have wood shelves and they’ve been beautiful But because we’re bringing in some more wood furniture plus the paint on the wall is so dark We really want those shelf snow stand off of it, so what better to stand off of black then wait I Love this car I’m so excited a comfy couch You know we didn’t totally get rid of our old couch, and we now have that wall painted the color of the couch. Oh, yeah So we’re treating out our old couch, which Joey just didn’t like the couch I loved the look of it, but I agree with him that it was just not very comfortable, so don’t worry guys Yes, we’re getting rid of some of our furniture, which you only had for four years, but we are either selling it or Reusing it in other rooms or in other designs. Don’t worry. We respect the life of furniture. Let’s all get up All right, well you got to do it last time My turn please be my guest cue the heavy metal Kickert my fake watch says you’re taking a little long on the plastic wrap Yeah, well I need a scissor We can do it together you get that side. I’ll get this side okay, Betty. You can play at this game So it’s a little shorter than our old couch You didn’t get the size that you can touch on what does that feel like does it kind of be like you have a permanent? Footrest no. It’s it’s actually uncomfortable, and it’s very Tightest I can’t bid on any furniture guys. You know I’m a small my femurs are short They don’t make furniture my sides don’t mean you take the legs off It’s actually very bad for your back to just have your feet floating in the air. Thank you for asking ten years later Okay, so I have this which is furniture protector this whole redesign is informed by our life And what do we deal with often cat barf right? They barf on the furniture, it’s just a reality we live with our two kids which are two furry Lovely beasts that love to puke everywhere Because they’re cats and that’s what cats do which means that I want to treat this new couch with a furniture protector kind of like an oil that repels water And I am just smoothing this all over the couch using a soft cloth So Kate’s gonna apply that and I’m probably just gonna sit and watch you’re going to apply in Vertical motion, it’s scary because it does look like It changes the color a lot, but it will dry and you won’t be able to tell the difference But we’ll be able to clean up the cat work a lot easier Okay, well you are doing zilch There what spoil is a coffee table you gotta put the legs on okay cue the legs alright Well Kate finished is that I’m gonna grab the legs with a coffee table So if you guys remember in our dining room we were on this really hefty solid wood dining Joey had this idea. I had the genius idea of why don’t we just make the world’s largest coffee table? And I was like normally wouldn’t put that big of a coffee table in this size room But then I thought about our lifestyle again, and we eat off of it we work off of it I’ll spread out like art projects. I’ll paint on it so why not have it be a big expansive surface I am approving this idea so we are gonna take that mirror out take the legs off We’re gonna hang that in the other room, and I took out my circular saw, and I just started chopping at the legs Okay, what can I just go all the way around it. I’m just gonna give it a little bit of a rounded corner Okay That’s up, what coming in wait. Let me help you I got it. Oh scuse your but Allowed it used to be this table is so heavy Solid Russian oak, I don’t know if you guys have ever picked up a Russian oak tree But they are very heavy So I’m going to put down the solid Russian oak table if I can have Kate assist me upon turning Australian or something I don’t know what I am Alright ready. Yep here. I’ll let you direct What if it flattens me don’t let it flatten you I Do all that I can oh you don’t have it Okay, I think look at that Solid Russian oh guys it looks so good wait this is so Do this on it, it’s longer than you are it’s like you know if we have guests over We could put a blanket on this that could be someone’s bed there should be a guest bed guys Joey We didn’t get to do a row cuddle is where you get this rug – we do a coffee table cuddle I think the solid Russian dog can handle all of our You know it’s not as cozy them being honest. It’s a little hard We were you oh Thank you so emotional Alright so the wall has dried. It’s got two nice coats on it, so we’re putting the metal Surrounds for the bookshelves back in and we are putting the original hutch back in because we like that piece I wanted to keep that one wood tone because it is a bit lighter than what the shelves were let’s pull this wall together shall we white show white shows From which way so the idea with this is we have a couple different wood tones in here What are we putting this bad boy in here this YouTube what a million black? But don’t you think we should put the YouTube plaque over there up top of course we have to place our 1 million YouTube subscribers And we’re so proud of it So of course you want to put it up on the top shelf Where the light from the sconce can shine down on it? And we can really show that off and also just appreciate it every day and appreciate you guys every day And then I kind of like the idea of doing her Over here like she’s like looking. She’s like damn You ways did that a million subscribers? Oh, what’s on TV. You know and then I’ll put like plants around and stuff, so she’s like not like super creepy Just like a little creepy like peeking creepy, okay So I really wanted to bring some plants over on the shelves I love nothing more than plants against black and white it Just is such a beautiful contrast So I’m placing the two really long post those plants on the top shelves and then I’m placing various decor items like vases and just Objects and you guys know I love crystals and just really bringing in a layered look This wall is awesome this wall so but I’m so happy with it It’s like a perfect combo kind of chic but vintage Eclectic so because we have the barrel ceiling and we’ve created the symmetry with the shelves we need something over the TV which obviously When we moved in we did three animal heads Then we took down two of them and just had The Rhino so question is are we put in Old Faithful backup so since we’re ready to revamp We have some other options beside the rhinoceros, but let’s try him I feel like he might be a little too much now Let’s just see I mean he looks pretty grand you want to take a photo you can show me He’ll Work it Rhino the Rhino is freaking cool. Like I like him I could do that Rhino work, you are showing me a whole new glow our new number two is this macrame Since she was shining. I like that It’s asymmetrical because we have so much symmetry with the shells kind of nice having that it’s pretty boho I’m not really feeling the yarn thing. It’s like a little too bohemian Yarny, I don’t know I don’t know I’m just not really feeling that and I think it’s just a little too flimsy Because those shelves are so heavy and anchored it. Just looks a little too airy We need something a little bit heavier, so not feeling this one Finally option number three big Susie the clock Big Susie this clock is pretty dope it’s like a minimalist, but like sturdy bold Young cousin curious I take the photo oh that is chic, that’s Come on Joey hold it up there big Susie isn’t that heavy my fall into the TV, okay, okay? I mean probably big Susie right. We’ve had Rhino We’ve had Rhino big Susie’s super. Chic it has the black background big Susie Great, I mean whatever you’re just putting one nail up there everything Changes all the years. Oh, you’ll heart is the fever faded black six inches for big Susie In me her and he still dwells Yeah Well looks great big Suzy you Rockin because the shelves have so much going on. I really want to simplify So I found this rad slice of a crystal And it comes like a stand and the stand was the perfect height for this alcove over by the window we wanted to simplify again And I just wanted to do two larger plants in some nice simple planters They’re white with a little bit of wood And I think that just highlights the curtains that we have going on which again are the curtains that we’ve hung For years ago the velvet curtains on the outside, and then the linen sheers that hang on the inside And it’s very complementary to the busyness. That’s then going over on the shelves we only want one moment of busyness and Placing a gold toned metal basket in the corner by the couch and then placing this Really cozy throw blanket that has like tassels on the end because I love having a throw blanket nearby when we’re on the couch Watching a movie or something and you want to get cozy under a throw blanket, it is a must Alright, final pieces So these go like yeah, and then the little side table. Let’s do it for this chair alright so in this living room We’re gonna continue with the same layout the same conversation area we had those older chairs It was a thrift store chair and a vintage chair that we got recovered so they were obviously Mismatched in our talks about what kind of style we wanted to do we both really wanted to kind of simplify and streamline So in an effort to make sure that happened I chose two matching accent chairs love it! take a seat yeah, Can I get you some thing? How cool is this detailing? Because these two chairs are matching I want to kind of throw them off a little bit and give one of them a side table It’s ceramic. There’s some cool like black designs on it. It’s just a really cool look next to this very composed looking chair cool so You didn’t get the ones that touch either. I’m telling you this is it’s an epidemic. They do not respect the people with Short femurs They don’t respect smalls oh My knight in shining poof Thank you sir No, but these chairs are so gorgeous. We’re just kind of like refining the design These are definitely way more mid-century in line right yeah, but we’re super eclectic in here We have like the industrial shelving. We’ve got the mid-century chairs My favorite thing is this coffee table like that. Oh, my gosh this was Such a good idea. I give credit. When credit is deserved. It was all your idea You were like well actually It was like your inkling you were like what if we use a dining table as a coffee table, and I was like approved Giving credit, where deserve guys there’s no place like home? I’m clicking my millennial pink Sneaky’s together, and it’s not taking me anywhere because guess what I am home And I gave you credit, I gave you credit for the coffee table I think it looks really think I’m not feeling like I’m getting the credit. I really go partial at better today The wall looks amazing I picked out the perfect color It’s such an evolution of style from four years ago Yeah, I think that we I love that we were able to let the four years of our life in this house Inform the design like it’s rare that I get to do that you know a lot of times I’m decorating for people that are just moving in so it’s like making a room that they like Want the room to look like but then sometimes the functionality of things changes the design so I feel like We’re fully Functional now with the biggest coffee table you’ve ever seen in your life. Oh now that that is no longer our dining table That means we got two Dining room yep Because you’re gonna see the dining room And thank you guys so much for watching always we love you Remember stay creative see wonderful stay weird and we’ll see you on the next Episode love you create weirdo so much 2018 rah rah rah Oh It’s so echo in here no rug down whoa Right so this will anchor the wall, and then we have our house is a Copy right if I change the lyrics. It’s not copyright that the rule Sorry Julie Andrews

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