We Rehabbed Our Master Bathroom To Be A Farmhouse Spa | Home Improvement Project

We Rehabbed Our Master Bathroom To Be A Farmhouse Spa | Home Improvement Project

Hi I’m Philip and I’m Samantha and today
we’re going to show you how we transformed our boring bathroom space
into this soothing spa first let me show you how we’re going to do this by
building a shiplap wall and then I’m going to show you how I style the
shelves that you can see behind me alright let’s get started when it comes to shiplap there are many
products to choose from painted MDF particle board with a veneer
and solid wood these versions have their places it just depends on the type of
application and place that you’re installing shiplap for my bathroom I’m
deciding to use a solid wood product because I don’t want any veneer to be
affected by moisture that would be in a bathroom out of all the shiplap options
available I selected this whitewashed version to be used in my bathroom this
is my bathroom it’s a mess stuff has been sitting
around and my jacuzzi tub has been acting like a shelf but we’re gonna
transform this into an amazing spa ok so the first thing we are going to do is we are going to find the studs. To mount the shiplap to for some reason I really enjoy finding
studs in my wall I use the Zirocon e-50 I’ll put the link in the description for
you it works great Ok now that we’ve found the studs We are going to draw a line from the top to the bottom so we have a center to hold everything to I recommend using a large or long level for when you draw
your lines on your drywall and make sure you pay attention to that bubble you
don’t want your line to be crooked you want to follow that stud all the way
down to make sure that you’re nailing in the right spot later on now we can go cut our boards to fit the width of this space first we start
with the side frame what is a side frame well think of it as kind of like a
picture frame it’s the sides that are gonna hold in
the shiplap to your wall you make these because you want your shiplap to go up
evenly as it goes up the wall and right now I’m cutting the two I guess frames
if you will using my table saw right here I’m just cutting a 1 by 4 right in
half so I have it’s actually with the blade it’s a little bit less than
probably an inch and a half on either side but it does the job and here what I’m doing is I’m taking those strips that I just cut and I’m
test-fitting it and then I’m using some liquid nails to apply to the back
because there’s no stud that this is gonna attach to you want to make sure
that you use a level at this point because you want everything to be true
and what true means is right angles going all the way up as you attach your
shiplap which we’re gonna do here in just a minute before we can install the
shiplap I have to cut the boards to size at this time you know I just want to
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post new videos all right back to work okay so here what I’m doing is I’m
test-fitting the first shiplap board here you can see it’s nice and flush and
now I’m using my level to make sure everything is perfect now I’m nailing
the shiplap to the wall after everything’s nailed to the wall I had to
fill the holes with wood putty there were a lot of holes I had to take care
of once they were all filled I was able to sand everything and then prep it for
painting now because I purchased a pre painted whitewashed version of shiplap
it made painting a lot easier Samantha requested that I make some floating shelves for this space and this is what I came up with if you want to check out
that video I’ll put the link in the description installing the hardware was
pretty straightforward I just drilled straight into the shiplap and there’s
nothing really behind this but drywall it’s strong enough to hold the hardware
and the shelf so nothing to worry about the hardest part honestly was just
getting everything aligned make sure you have a good tape measure and level handy these shelves are pretty much strong enough to hold anything that my wife
wants to put on them now that they’re installed it’s ready for my wife to
start designing hi guys I’m here to talk about the shelves that Philip so nicely built for me I love decorating and designing shelves we have some
built-ins in our house that Philip also had built and I spent a lot of time
working on those and this bathroom presented another
design challenge for me so when I style shelves I tend to get a lot of items
together first so I go through the house I grab whatever items that we aren’t
using even some items that I am using in places and then I also love to buy decor
items at places like Target, Hobby Lobby Home Goods, TJ Maxx there’s so many
places now that have such cute items for your home so what I do once I have all
the items together I kind of lay them out on the floor and then I take turns
placing different objects on the shelf and seeing how they look together so it
can take some time to get the balance right you want each shelf to look
balanced and what I mean by that is you want a few tall objects a few smaller
objects and so I do this by changing out the items standing back and taking a
look taking a few pictures and then seeing which option looks the best so
here’s what I came up with for our ship lap wall with shelves I hope you guys
like how I styled them I think it gives the bathroom a very relaxing peaceful
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  1. Very well done! Great teamwork! We really enjoyed your project! and, yes… we do like your choice of design.

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