Welding Yard Art : Tack the Metal for Yard Art

Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf
of Expert Village, I will be welding yard art. Now I would be talking about tacking
the material together. I would be tacking it before I actually weld it so I can know
exactly how I want it. If anything that I don’t like, all I have to do is break it in
half. I have already bent this round and I tacked it right here. But I would be tacking
all these parts to the outer end of the sun. It goes like this. You want to make sure that the material is
right up to the other piece of material so they can fuse together. If not, you have to
use a filler out to tack just in case. Now I got this side tacked; let me show you.
After I get that side tacked, I would tack the other one and I would do that all the
way around. If I think it looks good the way I want it, then I go all the way around and
weld it together.

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