Well pump, Pressure tank, and Septic system

Well pump, Pressure tank, and Septic system

Chris and I planned on purchasing property
on which to have our homestead. But nothing even compared to what my Mom and Dad have.
Theirs became the gold standard for what we wanted in property. They’ve got pasture
and woods. They’ve got a slope thats perfect for permaculture. They’ve got two creeks,
its incredibly hard to find property with running water. So at my Mom’s invitation,
we’ve decided to build rather than buy. These weekly videos will be updates on the
progress of our house. So keep watching and look out for some of the innovative ideas
that we incorporate to be more sustainable and Earth friendly. Hey everybody, it’s a beautiful morning out here on the farm, and in this upcoming video
we are going to put in our well pump. We went with a 20 gallon per minute pump,
it’s a little bit more than the typical house would need, but it will provide us plenty
of water for irrigation when we set that up. Additionally you’re going to see us install
our septic tank. We went with 1,000 gallon two chamber poly
tank. It was readily available.
And that was really the main reason I went with it.
They um, leech field however, is kind of unique. We went with the infiltrator system.
They come in four foot links that just snap together like legos.
We put in 160 feet of the infiltrator leech field, which is I believe is equivalent to
close to 200-300 feet of the traditional 4 inch septic pipe.
You’ll see in this video those things going in. Additionally we put in a 90 gallon pressure tank. The pressure tank is like a water tank with a balloon in it.
The water is forced out by the air in the balloon and that gives you continuous pressure
in the house until it reaches a certain level, and then the pump inside the well will kick
on. So you’ll see all that and more in this video.
Hope you enjoy it. Lorella: So that’s all the pipe that’s going
down in the well, right? Craig: yes.In about 30 minutes we’ll be inside the house getting it set. Lorella: awesome. Lorella: Now the pump is running? Did it just
kick on? so the only thing we’re going to hear is if
we are in this room and we hear that little thing go.
We’re not going to hear the pump. Craig: And once you get this insulated, I
don’t think you’ll even hear that. Lorella: Unless you’re standing right here
looking at it? Chris: This is our pit for our septic tank.
Bob’s been helping us dig. The youngsters are putting on the finished
grade. We’re trying to level out the bottom.
So it will sit in nice and level. Then we’ll be ready to start gluing pipe up. Lorella: While I ran to town for some fittings the guys were busy at work digging a trench
and putting in this leech field. 150 feet of it. Carter: we were prepping it with the purple stuff. I forget what it’s called.
Ethan: Primer. Carter: primer.
Lorella: what does it do? Carter: it makes something for the glue to
grip to. then you put the glue on, slip it in place, and it makes it water tight.
Lorella: Very cool. utility sink, toilet, cold water shower.
Chris: Soon to be. it’s 90 something degrees downstairs, so a cold water shower sounds
real good right about now.

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  1. Looks like they put in a nice size pressure tank. I wish we had more room to increase the size of ours. Looks like some really exciting progress is being made. Thanks for sharing!

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