Well water disappearing in Southern Colorado

Well water disappearing in Southern Colorado

test two freshwater in parts of southern Colorado is becoming more and more scarce in some places wells are drying up and water is restricted or unavailable News fives bill Folsom explains how some living in rural areas fear it won’t be long before they have no nearby access to water tanks on trucks and trailers filled at Wallenberg city halls water hauling station it’s the fresh water source for many living on the edge of the small town a lot of the whales that they have the water is no good for drinking wells with questionable water and a lot in the area going dry water’s getting short everywhere and we can’t live that water there Wells is going dry jokin sylia has a water hauling business he’s getting a lot more calls these days he’s also not happy with the city raising fees and more enforcement of laws restricting who can get water from the hauling station they’ll give them marijuana people all the water they want but people have houses and kids and going to school they want to cut them off there the more than 10 miles out of town the city did update water halting statutes last year it raises the price to just over four cents a gallon and based on the city’s water rights limits access to the city zip code or within 10 miles of the city’s border this is one of Wallenberg’s reservoirs another reservoir and Lolita is also low Levitas mayor is also the state water commissioner for this area this area of Colorado hasn’t received a significant amount of moisture widespread moisture since May of last year 2017 the dry conditions factored into the devastating Spring Creek wildfire burning hotter and faster this past summer the fire is out but the dry streak shows no signs of stopping it’s a bad situation the water commissioner has 30 years experience in this region and says there’s no doubt it’s why wells are going dry many make mistake of thinking their well water comes from an aquifer he says there’s not an aquifer here instead underground water is from rivulets they are the underground equivalent of a stream they’re hard to tap and so narrow they are rarely shared with other Wells its water that’s generated in mountains it’s what as its generated in higher elevations that are seeping into the ground traveling rather rapidly through the ground wells drying up the underground water gone so people look to the surface only depending on where you live in this county options maybe few and if there are options they’re expensive Church River through La Veta is running at just two cubic feet a second more than low it’s nearly dry reservoir storage is best at two to three years in storage here it’s at one year those numbers are probably at an all-time low they’re as low as I’ve ever seen them over the last 30 years the town of La Veta is on restrictions walsim Burt is getting tougher about rules many residents in the county with dry wells who can’t get water think the towns are being unfair only town leaders have an obligation within their borders to make sure there’s water for homes businesses fire protection and sewer systems there’s going to come a time when they’re just going to have to say to all external customers that we can no longer service you it took until times get better that time has arrived for parts of the county we need a winner we need a wet winner I got 22 inches of snow I keep track of it and usually we’ll get a hundred inches I’m hoping we’ll get 150 inches this year the only lasting solution no one can control watching out for you we’re for no County go Folsom News 5

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  1. Well water is not disappearing. The wells in the area counties have to be cleaned out because there is lots of sediment that builds up inside the well casing. Watch as this young man (My son) cleans out what he thought was a dry well too. Now, he has clean water coming out of his well. Brandon Treadwell of Mesita, Colorado in Costilla County is giving away his airlift pump design so, that everyone can have clean water; he wants everyone to have clean water. He designed this airlift pump himself with parts that can be bought at Lowes. He has posted the airlift pump on his YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzhNWv1BsBbanVj6epbTEkQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=1

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