Wellmate Tank Replacement Instructions – English (USA & UK)

Wellmate Tank Replacement Instructions – English (USA & UK)

Quick Connect Tank Replacement Instructions.
This procedure highlights tanks that have the Quick Connect style connection. These
tanks are identifiable with the black drain assembly that uses a red clip to hold the
plumbing connection. Other styles that do not use a clip will follow the same procedure,
aside from the plumbing connections. Prior to performing any work, be sure to reference
the appropriate service manual and any caution or warning decals on the product. Be sure
to use all recommended personal protective equipment such as safety glasses.
Prior to beginning work, inspect the installation location for safe working conditions and inform
the customer that the system will be offline during the service.
To begin, turn off the water supply either with a water supply shut off or removal of
power to the pump. Use best practices to safely remove electrical power or water supply and
apply lock out-tag out procedures as required. Next you will need to drain the water from
the tank. This can be done by opening a faucet or other item connected down line from the
tank. Leave this open during replacement to relieve pressure. Once the water flow has
stopped we can then relieve the air pressure. Remove the black cap at the top of the tank
by pulling up. Under this cap is the air stem. Remove this cap as you would a car or bike
tire. Use a pressure gauge to find the current air charge setting. This will be the pressure
setting you adjust the replacement tank to during installation. Using the cap, a screwdriver
tip, or similar tool press down on the center of the air stem to evacuate the air cell of
air pressure. Allow all air pressure to be relieved to make sure the unit is safe for
removal. When all water and air pressure is relieved
we can then remove the tank. At the plumbing connection, there is an adaptor
held by a red clip. Press the drain assembly and plumbing adaptor together to remove any
pressure. Pry up on the red clip in the center using a flat blade screwdriver or similar
tool. Do not press up from the bottom as this may cause the clip to break. If the clip does
not pry up easily there is still pressure on the system. Return to the depressurizing
of the system and check that all supply lines are closed if the clip cannot be easily removed.
With the red clip removed pull the plumbing adaptor away from the drain assembly.
Remove the existing tank and unpack the new tank. Place the new tank into position to
line up with the existing plumbing. Make the appropriate plumbing connections following
all codes. If going from a quick connect to a non-quick connect tank you may choose to
use a plumbing union for the installation. If your new tank is a quick connect you should
just need to apply the Pentair approved silicone lubricant to the drain assembly O-ring and
re-insert the locking clip. With all the plumbing connections made, inflate
the air cell as required for the installation. Please note that high flow rate, high system
pressure, or elevated air or water pressure may require special pressure compensation.
Reference the recommended maximum operating pressure and temperature and compare this
with the installation. With the air cell inflated, turn off the water
using device that was turned on to relieve pressure.
Next turn the water supply and/or the electrical supply back on and check for any leaks.
If the unit is free of leaks inspect the system for proper operation and make adjustments
as required. This completes the Quick Connect tank assembly
replacement procedure. Should you require additional assistance please
contact your local dealer or Pentair Technical support at [email protected] or by
calling 1-800-279-9404 If purchasing tanks from Europe, please contact
Pentair at +32 14 25 99 11 or email [email protected]

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  1. Is there anything I need to know about installing a quick connect tank when my previous tank was not quick connect?

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