What?! 10 Cent Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments! DIY DECOR

What?! 10 Cent Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments! DIY DECOR

Coming up on this episode of Designed to the Nines I’m going to show you how to make some dirt cheap yet still stylish Rae Dunn
inspired a farmhouse Christmas ornaments we’re gonna do it on a really tight
budget so if that sounds good to you stay tuned Welcome to designed to the nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel where I teach you the skills you need to renovate and decorate your home
and do it on the budget without sacrificing style so if that sounds good
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designed to the nines so you’ll notice behind me I’ve had this
tree in the background for the past couple of episodes and it’s looking a
little bare it’s a need of ornaments so when Heidi Sonboul reached out to me to
co-host her challenge to do Christmas tree ornaments I was so excited to
accept so that’s what we’re doing today so if you haven’t seen Heidi’s channel
before make sure you pop on by now as promised from last week’s episode I have
got some unbelievably cheap ornaments for you and when I say cheap I mean
inexpensive not cheesy now we’re talking less than 10 cents an
ornament up to no more than a dollar and you don’t need to rewind that you heard
me right less than 10 cents per ornament what I’ve done is I’ve created this
printable for you my little Christmas gift to you at the end of the episode
I’ll tell you where to get that each one of these is an individual ornament so
we’re gonna just cut them out we are using dollar trees tumbling tower pieces
for this DIY go ahead and add this to your ‘101 ways to make decor with this
little game’ list you are going to want to make sure you cut out each piece to
the width of a tumbling block leaving a little bit of room on top and bottom if
you can’t find the tumbling Tower you can use craft sticks as a substitute after you’ve cut everything out now we
are going to just hot glue a tumbling block to the top and one to the bottom then cut a piece of twine approximately six inches long you can get this twine
in a package of three at the Dollar Tree we will hardly make a dent in even one
roll hot glue it on the back and the shape of a loop and it really is that
easy all right so are extremely inexpensive
farmhouse ornaments are done less than ten cents apiece when you’re making
several of them the super fun super cute and most importantly budget-friendly now
it’s time to start our Rae Dunn inspired ornaments I discovered like the most
amazing product that when I saw it I was like where were you when I was making my
monogrammed lazy susan tray if you haven’t seen that episode it’s a really
good one but it’s a Scorch marker if you’ve seen these before let me know in
the comment section below and we’re going to use in the sweetest
little possible way but I have a feeling that there’s going to be more projects
using this scorch marker now this is not a sponsored post but I reached out to
them and they did send me some markers to try for free now you can do this
project without cutting Cricut vinyl but since its rae dunn inspired and I have
this Cricut machine and we’re using it for our second one as well
we are going to go ahead and cut some vinyl that we’re going to use as a
stencil on this project and you’ll see how I’m going to do that in just a
second we’re gonna cut the vinyl for both of our projects at the same time if
you don’t have a Cricut machine don’t worry I’m providing a free printable
that I’ll tell you how to get at the end of the episode to do an image transfer
process that you’ve seen me do here before but if you don’t have a Cricut I
would put it on your Christmas wish list because I am having so much fun with
this I’m totally obsessed so let’s go ahead and cut our vinyl
all of the supplies I will be using will be listed in the description box below
this video but I picked up these 1 inch wooden stars in a package of 20 from
Michaels and after you put on your vinyl template onto the little stars you
simply just take the Scorch marker and fill in your stencil if you don’t have a
stencil you can still take the marker and handwrite it on I brought us down to
the kitchen because I didn’t want to use the heat gun in my craft room on my wood
table it might have been fine but I just want to play it safe so we’re gonna do
this on my granite I’m pulling out my heat gun and we are going to see what
happens you’re gonna want to be really careful when working with a heat gun
because you can burn yourself so just be careful that takes a second how fun was
that I mean seriously so you just keep giving it heat until
it’s your desired level of darkness and then you can put a sealer on it or leave
it natural just think of the possibilities that we can do with a
scorch marker such a cool product I love it now we’re gonna put together our
little tiny mini wreaths and we’re gonna start out by taking I’m just going to
cut some off just because I think it’s going to be easier I’m going to take
some of this vine and we are going to just wrap it around after wrapping the
green Garland around the tiny wreaths I just cut off some of the berries from
the bushes that I picked up from the Dollar Tree and hot glue them on then I picked up some of this candy cane
twine Michaels for about a dollar fifty for the roll we’re gonna cut some off
and then we’re gonna fold it in half and hot glue it to the back of the star then
we thread the twine through the top of the wreath and make a knot so we finished our tiny little mini
wreaths with the rae dunn inspired star that was burned on into the wood again
you don’t have to burn it on you could handwrite something or use a paint pen
or just do vinyl lettering and it would also be cute but I really liked that
scorch marker now we’re going to just make a simple rae dunn inspired ornament
you’ve probably seen these around most of the ones that I’ve seen have chalk
painted the interior the exterior of the ornament but I found these ones at
Walmart for $3.97 (US) it’s a matte white finish so to make it easier on you we’re
gonna just use these I’ve got some Rae Dunn vinyl lettering now I have to tell you I
went through many different designs I had some really cute things that were
designed but the vinyl lettering was tiny and so it didn’t cut well they were
so cute and I’m a little deflated to be honest with you these are still gonna be
great but what I had designed was awesome but it wouldn’t work with a vinyl so if
you have any tips for me on cutting really fine vinyl lettering maybe you
just can’t do it I don’t know let me know start out by taking one of your
ornaments and your vinyl lettering and simply place it in the center of the
ornament now be careful and strategic because it is round I probably made mine
a little too large at two inches tall again if you don’t have a Cricut you can
either do the transfer method or you can just buy premade labels off of Etsy
they’re actually pretty reasonably priced apply your vinyl and then all I
did was make some little tiny bows and hot glue them on including the ornament
vinyl and the bow I have like a dollar in to each one of these ornaments it’s
such a great deal all right that’s it we’ve finished our
ornaments I haven’t really decorated the tree yet but if you want to see me
decorate the tree then you’re gonna want to stay tuned to the end of this month
I’m doing at an extreme Christmas makeover on my master bedroom and I’m
going to take this tree in there and we’re gonna decorate it up really cute
so you’ll have to stay tuned for that if you don’t want to miss it make sure you
hit that subscribe button and turn the Bell notifications on so you don’t miss
that one now I promised you I would tell you how to get those free printables
I’ve provided a link in the description box below if you click on that then you
can get the free printables there now that you’ve watched my episode make sure
you pop on over to Heidi’s channel check out our episode and make sure you buzz
through the playlist and see all of the awesome Christmas ornament DIYs I hope
you enjoyed this episode I hope you learned something new today and had a
little fun along the way now go have an awesome day yes I’m
cheesy like that see you later

70 thoughts on “What?! 10 Cent Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments! DIY DECOR

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