What Does an Interior Designer Actually Do? | ARTiculations

What Does an Interior Designer Actually Do? | ARTiculations

I specialized in the Interior Design sector
of the architectural industry and over the years, I’ve discovered just how many people
don’t know what I actually do. I’m currently studying for professional
certification exams to become a licensed interior designer – which, in North America, requires
you to obtain an accredited university degree plus many years of in-field experiences before
you would be qualified to take a series of very challenging exams. Now many people are
confused by this because they think – couldn’t anyone be an interior designer? Well of course many people and actually I
would argue most people could have good design sensibilities and creative ideas. But to become
an interior designer, it requires much much more than that. Public safety is very very important when
it comes to built environments. After all – it’s where the majority of us spend our
time – in homes, offices, schools, shopping centres, bars. Well hopefully not the majority
of your time is spent in bars. And while engineers and architects are responsible for many important
building components – their responsibilities don’t always cover everything – especially
interior components such as interior partitions, corridors, circulation, suspended ceilings,
lighting, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and finishes. Someone needs to make sure all
these interior components meet egress, life safety, indoor air quality, and building code
requirements, while at the same time being functionally and economically designed. Fire safety is really really really important.
Most of us know about fire alarm and sprinklers but there are also many other steps taken
to ensure our safety in interior spaces that many people don’t see. Walls, ceilings,
windows and doors have to be built with the appropriate material and assemblies in order
to meet fire separation requirements. Materials such as wood, carpet, textiles and many other
things have to meet flammability and fire resistance ratings and designers need to know
what ratings apply in what situations. Corridors, aisles and doors have to meet appropriate
lengths, widths and clearances that adhere to stringent building codes in order to allow
for proper evacuation in the event of a fire. So unlike structural engineers, interior designers
are usually not responsible in designing load-bearing walls or structures, but we still have to
be responsible for the material and structural integrity of many things, such as knowing
where to put deflection channels and expansion joints in materials, knowing where to put
additional support and blocking for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted fixtures such as lighting,
cabinets, and heavy equipment, and where to install additional bracing and support for
things like suspended ceilings and demountable partitions in certain seismic zones When it comes to finishes, interior designers
needs to have extensive knowledge in standardized testing of materials and industry requirements,
sound absorbency or transmission levels of products in order to meet acoustic needs,
coefficients of friction, what they mean, and how to meet flooring slip resistance requirements,
and if the materials emits volatile organic compounds or toxic chemicals that could adversely
affect indoor air quality For instance, to you it may look like the
interior designer just picked out a nice looking window covering, but really he or she may
also had to consider factors like light control, thermal heat gain/heat loss, privacy needs,
acoustic transmission, operability, air circulation, material quality, durability, flammability
and fire resistance, while at the same time balancing those factors with the clients budget
and personal requirements. Every step of the way, designers also need
to ensure that the spaces we build are inclusive to persons with disabilities. Whether it’s
planning adequately sized accessible routes, clearances, doorways, and turning circles;
installing visual, auditory and tactile signage and alarm systems; and integrating automated
systems that can aid the access of people with mobility limitations. These a just a few examples of the types of
considerations interior designers have to make. And after doing all of that, we still
have to produce accurate construction drawings, put together contract document and bidding
packages so the project can be sent out to be built. Lots of people think design is all about making
something look beautiful. Whereas aesthetics is really only just a part of the equation.
Good design is about the ability to achieve safety, function, quality, and aesthetic beauty
while working in a set of programmatic and budgetary constraints. When I think about all these things – it honestly
makes me very excited. To know that interior design is such a wholesome, integrated discipline
that is the practical application of technical knowledge and creative thinking. It is also
an important responsibly to have – to ensure that people can live, work and entertain in
spaces that are safe, secure, healthy, comfortable and fulfilling. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions
about interior design or if this is a field that you are interested in pursuing and you
would like to know more, please let me know in the comments. And see you next time.

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  1. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  2. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  3. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  4. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  5. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  6. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  7. Which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  8. I want to be an interior designer someday, and im currently at 11th grade. This video really helped me pursue more interior design in the future and im feeling excited about it so thank you very much! ❤

  9. Hello My name is Nizigiyimana and I am interested in becoming a interior designer but at the school that I have been accepted to they don’t have interior design as a major I was wondering if it’s called something else or what classes should I register for?

  10. Hi this is jeevan ,I love interior designing but can we get good opportunities in this field when compared with structural designing.

  11. is interior design and interior decor the same ? and if it is not can you make a video telling us what's interior decor and how is it different from interior design cuz I'm so interested pleaase I'll appreciate it❤❤

  12. Hi there! Are the online interior design courses that can last up to 18 month and offer international certificates really worth it? Are they meeting fully the requirements to work as a certified interior designer in the field? For example: https://www.design-institute.com/. thank you!

  13. So I just graduated with my interior design degree. And watching this video is very interesting.

  14. Ok all those requirements made me think about constraint matrices. Do you have software tools to evaluate things like suitable material based on constraints?
    E.g. in material science there are tools for optimising based on stiffness vs density or thermal stability or max stress.
    If there isn't a tool like that, would there be a market for it?

  15. Interesting. Looks like this depends on the country. I study Interior and Spatial design and where I'm from(Bulgaria) it's very heavy focused on the aesthetic(we study a lot of visual related subjects graphic designers also study), functionality, ergonomy parts but not on technicality, especially stuff like fire safety(not much of a concern considering wood is only used for decoration and roofs). and things being up to code(but then again, here the laws are pretty lax about that). Also way more focused on residential and commercial rather than public design. Some of the things she mentioned are done by other processions, like architects, electricians, civil engineers, builders etc. Seems like Interior Design in the US it's more close to architecture and a lot more focused on the technical stuff. I wonder if the subjects related to the aesthetic part of interior design suffer(are less focused at) because of that. Anyway pretty cool to know, I plan on getting a master degree in Interior Design, and thanks to this video I'm definitely going to make sure I enroll somewhere where it's much more focused on the technical parts in order to have that covered too.

    Anyway, I find the gender imbalance in this field very weird. I blame the media and mostly those "soccer mom decorating shows" for that(and also giving interior designers in general a bad name). In my class of like 100 people only 10 of us are males. Also interesting is that the opposite is true for the teachers, mostly male, also any interior designers I personally know are also male. Seems like this field becoming a female dominated one is a recent thing and with the newer generations. It's cool when a field is not gender dominated and is balanced in that regard, otherwise it may lead to sexism against the gender that is a minority in that field. It's sad that his may already be happening in the US, again thanks to the media. Thank god Interior Design is not associated with any gender where I'm from so there are no gender related issues/discrimination when it comes to Interior Design and other related fields.

  16. Listening to that really made me want to know more about interior design .Ave wanted to do interior design from a young age and and i saw your video describe what it actually entails made me excited to do it . so that aside what ware the educational requirements for interior design like do you have to have a background in art or something?

  17. I think I can be an interior designer, I do have a sensibility to pick quality products I'll just need to add health and safety stuff to my list.

    Stringient?? in context I thought it was a fancy word for thorough but looking it up it's a little more percice than that.

  18. the video was really informative and it helped with just refreshing information on the field, but i have a question. Is a degree better than a diploma, when it comes to benefiting you in the future, or does it not matter?

  19. she vibrate when she talks!
    *What do you need to be a interior designer?
    58 years experience in interior designer
    17 PHD and master degrees.
    Salary 2$ an hour.*
    ”If you can’t explain something simple enough, you don’t understand well enough. -Einstein.”

  20. I like the aesthetics building part. like taking a box of living space (300-400 sqft) and make it beautiful with all the things needed for a daily life living. how can I proceed with learning this and making a living with this?

  21. One of my options is interior designing , my school is specifically for future engineers and architects so I'm learning alot .

  22. thanks so much for this information since it changes some of my thinking upon interior design , BUT i would like to know is an architectural is directly an interior designer

  23. Hello this video helped me a lot. I am a graduate of bachelor in education major in english and currently I just realized that I really want to become an interior designer. I am planning to take a course in line with it to pursue my real passion in life!

  24. Well right now I'm not sure if I want to go into architecture, interior design, or urban planning. They're all really interesting to me.

  25. Hello I'm Malaysian. I am a high school student. Now I am confusing the difference of interior design and interior architecture design in the field of study.

  26. I want to get into it. It took awhile to see what my passions are but I truly want this position. I'm serious about it. Do you have any advice other then what's displayed on this video?

  27. I found this to be extremely helpful. I’m in high school and trying to figure out what type of career I want to look into and learn about and I really want to come up with the way a house would look. I would like to come up with the actual design of the house and things like paint, flooring, lights, etc. would that be one degree or multiple? I really want to do it all but I don’t know how to get started or what I should start off with. Lol, I hope this made sense.

  28. hi! im a 16 year old student and i have always said that i was interested in architecture more so than interior design. i was just looking into architecture in depth when i noticed that something was off and that, that wasn't what i had imagined all this time. all of a sudden i felt the need to research interior design despite my past doubts and your video just showed me that interior design is in fact EXACTLY what i had in mind for my future. Turns out i was confusing design with decorating. Thank you so much for this!

  29. I'm in 8th grade and I'm very interested in this career but then I hope I would be good at the math part soon and I like designing and baking and fashion design drawing

  30. I know this is an old vid and maybe you won't see this but I want to ask.

    "Is taking interior design as a course worth it?"
    "Were you able to get a job quickly after graduating?"
    "Whats your salary?"

    Im currently in highschool and Im so stressed about my future. I legit keep on thinking on what course to take and sometimes I have a mental breakdown because of thinking too much. My parents want me to take up Law or Medicine (which I clearly don't like) but I want something related to art (which is Interior Design and some other courses) but they think I wont get a job with it nor a proper salary so Im really freaked out.

    I hope you (or another person) replies. Thanks! 🙂

  31. We also need to consider designing for sustainability, a huge factor in our design at this day and age. Kind of surprised this got left out or was not emphasized enough. But great video and everything is spot on! 🙂

  32. Im about to graduate as an interior designer, and to be honest i didn't think interior design is this hard, mainly you need to keep educating yourself through your university years and beyond because counting on teachers and professors will not make you a good interior designer and you're gonna feel confuse and frustrated, take the basics and improve upon them

    Plus you should be aware that you gonna spend a lot of money and time , and you will need to know how to work with many software's like 3Ds max ,sketchup and many more and your gonna need some strong to powerful laptops (buy a desktop its way better for the long run) and always have back ups (make saving everything a habit)

  33. awesome video! quick question, I'm studying industrial design, could I use my major to work in interior design? I know I'll still need to pass a test to be an accredited interior designer.

  34. Is it possible to take a one month course for specialistic training for interior designerbamd find a job? I mean without architecture degree?

  35. Hi. Thank you for this video. I'd like to know if there's any need to know physics or maybe chemistry. I'm good at math and art (drawing) , but I'm so bad at physics. And also approximately how much money interior designers earn?🙈 Thanks y'all in advance 😊

  36. Love your videos. I'm a architectural technician and have tried to argue with many people the value of interior designers and tried to justify their fees. You explain that really succinctly here. Thanks for your great work 🙂

  37. What interior designers are doing now is making Ikea floor plans and office furniture. Everything is boxy, boring, and geometric. I recently visited an interior design school and I saw no design aspect at all. Just learning about building codes in cardboard boxes. Whatever happened to artistry, creativity, craftsmanship, and style. Today's interior design has dramatically changed. It has left behind the design elements. There is too much focus on the building itself and not how it looks. Are we training interior designers to be construction workers now????

  38. I thinking of this career to start but I’m not sure if I will be successful in learning everything I’m only in 7th grade but that doesn’t matter

  39. What is the minimum salary in interior designing and what subjects must be taken in this job ???? Plss tell me…

  40. When most people think of interior Design they think of the tv shows and picking out pretty curtains but that’s interior decorator. It may sound like there is no difference but there is a big one. Interior decorators just make it look cute and it doesn’t require schooling ( in most cases ). When you are a interior designer you do the work of a decorator + more. You deal with math, codes of conduct, regulations and more. It’s not as easy as it seems on tv but I find it pleasing. It is a great career to go into if you are committed but if you don’t do well with commitments I would stick with interior decorator.
    Hope this helped!

  41. Its good for people to know that interior design is not about moving the couch or placing a picture on a wall

  42. I'm 15 And i'm already at grade 10th and i'm not quite sure yet what to get.. I've wanted to be an Architect but since it requires MATHS heck nah and now i wanna know if Being an Interior Designer requires maths? Also check out my channel I do Speed builds and stuff 🙂

  43. Well I have a question. I'm a student who is graduating in a year but I'm looking for what I want to be in the future and interior design is kind of interesting. But I have a problem, I'm not the greatest drawer in the world, I mean I'm not awful but not good, just average. Can I be an interior designer?

  44. You just opened my eyes wide open on a lot of things abput this field, thank you sooooo much

  45. Hey! Thanks for the video. So besides the things you mentioned in the video does an interior designer also work with the aesthetics and decorating? Or is it the decorators job only…because for me that's the fun part in interior design if it's not fundamentally there I might reconsider.
    iam a an art and design student trying to decide my major iam picking between ghraphic design and interior design.

  46. Hi! I am going into my senior year of high school and figuring out what I would like to do after graduation is overwhelming. I have been in love with designing rooms and I have so many ideas that go on in my head on how to make a space feel and look better. If I was to go in to interior designing what degree and how many years of education do I need to be successful. Will it be hard to make a good living in the industry?

  47. I live in the Philippines and Interior Designing is one of the courses I would want to pursue but my mom told me that I need connections to have many clients.Is it true?or does it only apply if your doing your job solo.And does not apply if your working for a company?
    I would like to know the answer to that😊

  48. Very nicely explained.
    And yup it's true ppl look down to this job saying what's d big deal…and what you guys do…I HV been in this field since 13 years….and it's really annoying sometimes to be on recieving end of such comments.
    In my country this happens due to many factors…first …lack of knowledge about this profession and other…every vendor ..be it a carpenter…civil…or shops selling tiles…n other material….write their name boards as interior decorator !!

  49. im twelve idk if this is too young for me to start looking at these videos. but i actualy was quite interested in either architect or interior designing. i thought interior was just figuring our where to put windows etc… didnt know it would be so complicated. thanks for the video!

  50. How does the everyday mother or just person make sure there own house is and stays fire safe? Not everyone hires an interior designer, so how do we make sure we are keeping our spaces safe?!?

  51. So if we re thinking about what you re saying, interior design is just about regulations and qualifications and trying to make stuff right…and nothing about really DESIGN and art…

  52. I really like the idea of designing and creating something with a broad range of imagination, but at the same time it seems so daunting because of all the information you need to know.
    And is there any need to worry that you won't be able to design what/where you want, or will you have to pick out what's on the market. Because seeing a lot of big and modern things don't really excite me(in the creative field) as much as thinking of how to create small spaces with compact living( such as housing, compared to big populated spaces).

  53. Actually i was looking for product design videos , but this video was so entertaining and you explain everything so eloquently I might purse interior design too

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