What Happens If You Spend 24 Hours Sinking in Oobleck (Oobleck Bath Challenge)

(energetic music) – So today is a beautiful day. I mean it is absolutely gorgeous,
just look at this, look. Barely a cloud in the sky,
oh my god it is gorgeous. I mean we don’t get many
of these days in England, so I thought what shall I
do on this luxurious day? So I got myself a paddling
pool, eight four, really big. We’re gonna have a good day. And then I thought, well ya
know that’s not Kill’em’s style. That is not Kill’em’s style. So I bought 200 kilo of corn flour. Corn flour, corn starch, maize starch, whatever you want to call
it, I bought 200 kilos of it. What? Oh my god it fell off. 200 kilos, which is like
15 stone, 440 pounds. That is a lot of corn starch. I think I bought too much. So if you don’t know what corn
flower is, it makes oobleck. So Oobleck is like a weird substance. It’s like hard when you
punch it, but it’s, it just it turns to liquid and, I’ll show you, I’ll show you, I’ll show you. Totallies like a solid, it’s
a ball, and then you let go. – [Moon] Whoa, it’s like cheese. – Do you know why it does it? – [Moon] Do you want to
know the science behind it? – Do you know? – [Moon] Yeah, I googled it up. You know there are,
there are these particles and little nano particles,
they’re called, um, you know (audio becomes muted and unintelligible) – [Kill’em] Digby, ha ha ha ha, whoa. Ow, Digby! So we’re gonna make 200
kilos worth of oobleck. It’s gonna weigh more than 200 kilos just the corn flour is 200
kilos, plus like 1000 litres of water, this thing is
going to be so heavy. We’re gonna fill an eight
foot pool, aren’t we? We’re gonna fill an eight foot pool. We’re gonna fill an eight
foot pool with this stuff. Why would he be, how are you
gonna spend the night in there? I do stupid stuff like this every week. Once a week we do
something crazy like this, so make sure you smash that
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I like to go get my supplies so we’re gonna go to the
shop, but some supplies. You know, just food and
drinks and stuff I need to survive the night in
this bath full of oobleck. Not a bath, paddling pool. Bruh. Bath is so small, we’re going next level we got paddling pool, so we’re
gonna go, buy the supplies come back, make this
stuff and then get in. Let’s go. Bro, these tattoos won’t come off. Seriously I mean, I don’t mind tattoos, but I got a fairy on my face and it says “I believe wishes come
true” on my forehead. It’s so embarrassing, bro. Bro, I’m just gonna buy a bag of crisps or something and I’m going. (bass heavy techno music) – [Kill’em] Guess what changed? (game show music) – Smaller pool. My calculations were wrong
and I filled the old one up and then I realised it were wrong so I had to get the smaller one. (peppy upbeat music) – [Moon] It’s a fun video – Look at this, this is set up. – [Moon] At what? You said look at this. – This is so much fun. If I get my hands in really
slowly, put my hands in so slow. Right, and then just kinda grab and pull just do the old grab and pull. – [Moon] The old grab and pull? – [Kill’em] I don’t know, just go with it. – [Moon] You mucked the whole pool up. – [Kill’em] It’s liquid, okay
okay, yeah yeah right there. So weird, that’s so much fun. – [Moon] Ugh, do it, it’s like gloopy. – Oh. Do you think this will float or sink? – [Moon] Whoa – [Kill’em] Is it going in? – [Moon] Yeah it sinks,
slowly but it does. Just leave it until like,
just one corner is still on. – [Kill’em] I can’t get it. Moon. – [Moon] Do it slowly. – [Kill’em] I think we’re
gonna have to do the rest of the video with it in.
– [Moon] Look it’s in, – [Moon] Look it’s gone.
– [Kill’em] No, No. – [Moon] I think he’s just pretending. – [Kill’em] No. – [Moon] It’s going back in. – [Kill’em] No. Gah, I got it. (yells) – [Moon] Not doing a lot, doesn’t it? (grunting) – Scissor attack, will it cut? Moon, moon you have to
stay on me for good effect. – [Moon] Alright. – Will it cut? – [Moon] Whoa, oh yeah, wow
that’s awfully satisfying that. Just put that oddly satisfying
music under it Thomas. – Shall we do it? – [Moon] Yeah. – C’mon no let’s do it, c’mon, c’mon. (upbeat electronic music) – Oddly satisfying (laughter) – Taste test. – [Moon] Thomas you don’t
have, that’s not to eat. You don’t have to taste test it. – I mean it’s dead flies in it as well. – [Moon] Maybe that makes
it taste better actually. You gonna starve. Not to me, it’s on my face – That’s the worst feeling, you, cut it Moon cut it. – [Moon] It was just on your
lip, Thomas it was on your lip. – [Kill’em] I mean we’ve
tested everything, haven’t we we need to stretch the
video out a bit huh then? What is that? – [Moon] A hair – Is that it, we’re using that? – [Moon] No – Should I start again? And we’ve done everything, we’ve cut it we’ve smashed it, we’ve eaten it, I mean. We need to stretch this video out a bit longer don’t, don’t we? – [Moon] Yeah, that would
just get ten minute footage. (inspirational music) – Agh, ugh. (inspirational music) (yelling and laughter) – [Kill’em] Yeah, what if I stop? – [Moon] Yeah you’ll seep down. It just takes a bit. – [Kill’em] Help Moon I’m sinking, quick. Oh we’re at bottom, I didn’t realise Moon. – [Moon] It just rips a bit. Can’t ya lift, can’t ya lift one foot? Is your hair pullin out? (grunting) – [Moon] Pull, pull Thomas, pull. That’s it now, you have to stay. – Hello Moon, now what do I do? Help me Moon, pull me, Moon. Geronimo. (laughter) – [Kill’em] My legs are slowly sinking in, but my booty ain’t, my booty’s bloated. My fat, the fat jiggles
and it floats in the I don’t know, I don’t
know what I meant to say. The fat don’t. (laughter) – [Moon] Scoop whoop
the goop, scoopy doop. Like you’re a little plant
and I give you water to grow. Look at him in his oobleck bath. – Do it again. – [Moon] Look at him in
his oobleck bath, pathetic. It looks like you got a tiny body. Go on Thomas. – Is it, is it in my beard? – [Moon] No. First it was up to here,
and now it is up to here. – But we half an hour
just to sink to the bottom and then Moon’s added more in, I’m stuck. I cannot get out and can’t
get back in if I got out. Bah, the weather changed completely look. Where did Mr. Sun go? – [Moon] Well it’s really nice and warm. – It was beautiful, I’m
stuck in this freezing. This water, this is freezing. – [Moon] It looks liquid but it’s not. (groans) – I want to get out. – [Moon] You still got quite a bit to go. – Moon I’m hungry can I
have some food please? – [Moon] Proper or snack? – Snack – [Moon] Bag of crisps? – Bag of crisps. – [Moon] And you’re
gonna eat them yourself? – Yeah, I can manage. Thank you. It’s sinking, oh no, uh oh. – [Moon] Kinda bits. There you’ve got a big mouth. – No, no, Moon get it, quick. – [Moon] That’s it. – No. – [Moon] It’s getting eaten, look. – I need another bag now
cause of that missed one. – [Moon] Oh god. – No. (unintelligible screaming) (laughter) – [Moon] It’s air people, it’s air. – [Kill’em] My new air bubble. – [Moon] I put hundred pound in there. On the very bottom, somewhere. – In here? A hundred pound? – [Moon] Hundred pounds somewhere in here. – Are you serious? – [Moon] Yeah. – It’s getting dark, I’ve just managed to like get a hand out, I’m holding
the camera myself right now and I can’t move, it’s
gotta stay still like that. Moon’s going in now, she’s leaving me. It’s just going to be me and you. So before you go will you
get me a torch please, cause it’s gonna be dark real soon. – [Moon] Before I’m leaving I got that one I need to tell you. – What, one what? – [Moon] There was this bear
and his little like bear babies – No, no jokes, no no I’m going, no. Aye it’s so cold, it’s so
cold since that sun went down. It’s unbelievably cold. Wind keeps coming round this
corner it just destroy me. So cold, I just wanna get out. Moon, Moon, come back. I’ve got like a bit of
movement underneath here, like if I move really
slowly I can move a bit. If I move like really
slowly around under here I can feel around and
stuff, but if I move quick it grabs me, so but I’m
trying to find this money. I really want to know where
this hundred pounds is. It’s not anywhere near my hands or my feet so I need to see if I can
try and move my hands around. My face is so cold, this oobleck actually keeps you warm a bit, like between filming I put my hand back under and I just grab camera when I need to. I’ll keep you updated, oh
that wind keeps coming back. Alright so, Moon told me
this joke earlier today. She’s not here, but it don’t feel right without the Moon jokes so
I’ve got to tell a joke or I’ll just feel bad, I gotta do it. So, eh, what were it? Oh yeah yeah, no, okay so. Little Timmy had, no no
no, wait Little Timmy’s dad had a bath today with bubbles. Bubbles was a man. (laughter) I’m so cold this is unreal I’m crazy cold. I seriously just wanna get out here soon. I’m just I’m so hungry
and I really need a drink, but we did not think this through. We didn’t think this
through, Moon’s gone in no one’s here I’m on my own. I need food, I can’t get it,
I can’t physically get out of this, I’m pinned in I’m stuck. This is dangerous I
shouldn’t of I should not be here alone to be honest, oh Moon. I forgot I’ve not got my phone, I don’t know what time
it is, I can’t ring. I’m trying to find this money,
I’m really trying my best. Trying to find this money,
I really want to find it. Every time I move just a
little bit to try, to try and search for it, it’s just, it it’s like it, the bit I move into is really cold. So I need to keep still
as I can cause the bit that’s around my skin is
kinda holding my body heat in. But when I move, when I
move it, it just so cold. I really wanna find this money it’s like the only thing
keeping me going to be honest. I’m gonna find it, I will find the money. It’s gotta be around here somewhere. I mean it’s only a small
pool it can’t be too far. Find this money, oh but I’m cold. I don’t know if it’s because
it’s so cold out here but the whole, the whole of
the oobleck is stiffening up I do believe, I don’t know
if it’s liquids getting out of it cause it’s
cold it’s stiffening up. It’s restricting me, I can’t move I can barely move my chest to breathe. I don’t know like this. (grunting) I can’t get my toes, my
toes are completely stuck. It hurts so bad, I can’t get out of this here cannot get out, I
stay completely still I just sink back in, I don’t
want to do this anymore it’s no fun, this is not fun. I must of drifted off to sleep. I drifted off to sleep cause
I slowly started sinking in and it got right up to my nose I think there cause I breathe
and I breathe in and it it’s dangerous, stupid
should not of done this. Oh that frightened me, that frightened me. It’s starting to get
bright, must be closing in on about four AM I think still (mumbles) – [Kill’em] Oh the sun is
coming up, the sun is coming up. It is getting light. – [Moon] Thomas, it’s morning
Thomas. Get out, can get out. – Is that it? – [Moon] Yeah, you done it. – Moon. – [Moon] What? – I couldn’t find couldn’t
find the hundred pound. – [Moon] What hundred pound? – The hundred pound you put in. – [Moon] Thomas that was a
joke, I never put any money in. Thought you’d know, what, oh my god. (screaming) (bass heavy dance music)

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